Ayesha Mubarak Ali– An Innovative Fusion-Tech Artist and Space Enthusiast Pushing the Boundaries of Possibilities in the Metaverse

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The Co-Founder and Creative Director of Metavisionaries, Ayesha Mubarak Ali, is an Internationally acclaimed Fusion Tech-Artist, Wearable Art Designer, Researcher and Entrepreneur. Ayesha’s work often explores the synergy between humans and machines, the intersection of technology and identity. By combining sci-fi themes, and the hidden mysteries of fractal worlds, she creates interactive and hybrid experiences through her multi-layered visuals and VR concepts.

The journey from artist to an influential metaverse enthusiast

Ayesha used to be a fine artist who graduated from IVS in 2018. Her main medium was painting, and she created large-scale canvases with portraits that addressed issues with beauty standards and the stereotypes associated with body image.

Eventually, Ayesha transitioned to digital art and began experimenting with various types of technology in my practice. Diving into the world of digital art and fusion media practices was definitely the beginning of Ayesha’s career as a fusion-tech artist. She created mixed media costume designs and realized the potential of the emerging virtual reality and metaverse industries. This realization inspired Ayesha to turn her passion into a business, and co-founded Metavisionaries, where they created a space metaverse.

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”- Edgar Degas

In 2020, Ayesha started her own phygital company called Oshii Brownie, which addresses themes of visibility for brown skin in the global art scene. Oshii Brownie quickly became a proper creator studio for custom wearable art.

Recently, she completed a project for Karachi Biennale that utilized AI, light, and sound integration in her costumes. The project aimed to raise awareness about light pollution and the species affected by it, such as fireflies, moths, bats, and zooplankton. This project utilized cutting-edge technologies like 3D printing, fashion, science, and machine learning.

Introducing Metavisionaries

Metavisionaries is a dynamic community of changemakers, thought leaders, and industry experts committed to driving positive change through the power of space technology and frontier innovations.

At Metavisionaries, they believe that access to the space economy and frontier technologies is critical to building socially inclusive competency and human capacity required to meet immediate and future sustainability challenges. Their unique approach combines the virtual MetaEduVersity and space campus the Metaship, which leverages web3 and the metaverse, with their physical SPACE INNOVATION LABS in partnership with ICE Cubes. These strategically placed labs provide socially inclusive access to resources, tools, and networks of industry experts to build purpose-driven organizations focused on solving sustainability challenges.

Through their innovative approach, at Metavisionaries they aim to facilitate collaboration and knowledge-sharing among individuals from diverse backgrounds and locations, creating opportunities for them to develop the skills and knowledge needed to address the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time.

“We are committed to using frontier technologies and interdisciplinary approaches to build a more sustainable future,” explains Ayesha.

Success is No Accident

As an artist and entrepreneur, Ayesha believes that success is not just about achieving a certain goal or reaching a certain level of recognition or financial reward, it is a constant journey of learning and self-satisfaction.

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse

Continually challenging herself to improve her craft, explore new techniques and ideas, and push beyond her comfort zone is success to Ayesha. She strives to create work that is meaningful, inspiring, impactful, and that resonates with her own vision and values.

At the same time, success is also about finding personal fulfilment and satisfaction in the creative process itself. It’s about the joy and the sense of accomplishment that comes from bringing a vision to life, and the connection that is forged between artist and audience.

“Success in creative careers cannot only be measured externally. It is a subjective and deeply personal experience. It comes as a result of constant commitment to growth, self-expression, and a willingness to embrace the challenges and opportunities that arise along the way,” says Ayesha.

Building a legacy with science and technology

Embarking on a space initiative like Metavisionaries requires a great deal of courage, vision, and dedication. The decision to take such a step of faith for Ayesha was inspired by a variety of factors, such as a passion for space exploration, the desire to push the boundaries of human knowledge and technology, and a commitment to improving life on Earth through advancements in space research and technology.

One critical aspect of success in space initiative companies is an interdisciplinary approach that integrates knowledge from various fields such as engineering, physics, computer science, biology, and environmental science. Working together with experts from different fields brought unique perspectives and insights that lead her to become a Co-founder along with a team that believes in the collective vision.

Ayesha believes that collaboration is a crucial factor in space or tech companies and research requires significant investments of resources, time, and expertise, which no single individual or organization can provide.  Furthermore, her love for technology and space innovation led to her integrate with the metaverse.

“My proudest moment was collaborating with NASA chief scientist Dr. Tara Ruttley on a science/art project for JWST launch and sending it to the International space station through Project Maleth II, SpaceX rocket launch!” Ayesha exclaims.

Determined to overcome roadblocks to reach success.

Interdisciplinary collaboration & working on cross-disciplinary initiatives can be challenging, but equally rewarding. In the beginning, it was quite tough for Ayesha to convince other field experts and bring them together, but with time, everything led to unique and impactful solutions to complex problems they were addressed globally.

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”
– Thomas Merton

“As an artist, working on a cross-disciplinary initiative can be challenging,” states Ayesha. Artists often have a unique perspective and creative approach that may not be easily understood or shared by other disciplines. However, collaboration enriches an artist’s practice and expand their horizons. Ayesha’s journey has taught her to always seek knowledge outside art because real-world issues can bring more depth and be relatable to the audience.

Ayesha believes that it is important to recognize and address the challenges that come with working across different fields – like communication barriers, differing priorities, and conflicting perspectives. Finding a shared vision, mutual respect, and effective communication can help overcome these challenges, eventually leading to successful collaborations.

Innovation, Diversity & Inclusivity

Innovation can be fostered by creating a culture that encourages experimentation, risk-taking, and learning from failure. It is important to provide resources, tools, and support for employees to explore new ideas and technologies.

A diverse and inclusive team helps bring different perspectives and experiences that can lead to more creative and effective solutions. Integrity is crucial to build trust and credibility in the industry. This involves being transparent about company values, ethics, and decision-making processes. It also involves holding employees and stakeholders accountable for ethical behavior and upholding ethical standards in all aspects of the company’s operations.

“By bringing together diverse perspectives and experiences, encouraging experimentation and learning, and upholding ethical standards, companies can create a culture that drives sustainable and socially inclusive solutions,” Ayesha states.

Plans for the future of Metavisionaries.

The plans for the future of Metavisionaries are quite ambitious. The company will continue pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the metaverse by creating immersive and engaging virtual experiences that bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds.

One of their main focuses is creating innovative and interactive spaces that encourage creativity and collaboration. To achieve this goal, they plan to leverage emerging technologies like virtual and augmented reality, as well as artificial intelligence and machine learning, to create engaging and personalized experiences for their users. They also plan to expand their team and network of collaborators to include a diverse range of artists, designers, and developers who can bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to their projects.

Metavisionaries’ sees huge potential in creating immersive and interactive spaces that blend both worlds of physical space innovation labs and the metaverse. By leveraging technologies like AR and VR, they aim to create virtual experiences that enhance and extend the physical space, creating new opportunities for learning, collaboration, and innovation.

“We believe that the combination of physical and digital spaces has tremendous potential to drive innovation and creativity in the years to come,” states Ayesha.

Responsibilities & work-life balance

Ayesha’s responsibilities include overseeing the creative direction of the company, managing their team of artists and developers, while ensuring their projects align with their overall vision and values.

A typical day at work for Ayesha begins with checking emails and responding to any urgent requests or messages from their team or clients. Then, she usually attends meetings with their artists and developers to discuss ongoing projects and to brainstorm new ideas. Ayesha also spends a significant amount of time working on designs and concept art for various virtual worlds and experiences. Ayesha also works closely with the marketing and business development teams to ensure that the brand and messaging are consistent and effective.

Maintaining a work-life balance can be challenging, especially when working in this field that Ayesha is passionate about. However, Ayesha tries her best to establish clear boundaries between work and personal time. She makes sure to take breaks throughout the day to recharge and prioritizes spending time with friends and family outside of work hours. She stays motivated by setting ambitious but achievable goals and regularly reflects on her progress and areas for improvement.

Advice for aspiring businesswomen

As a woman leader and creative thinker in the tech world, Ayesha’s personal goals are to inspire and empower other women to pursue their passions and break down barriers in the industry. I strive to be a role model for other women and to show them that it’s possible to succeed in a male-dominated field by being authentic, innovative, and collaborative.

Ayesha advice aspiring businesswomen to never give up on your dreams and always stay true to yourselves. It can be challenging to navigate the obstacles and biases that exist in any industry, but by staying focused and working hard, women can achieve great things.

She also encourages women to seek out mentors and role models who can provide guidance and support along the way. Networking and building relationships with other women in the industry is essential for success, and it’s important to surround oneself with people who share the same values and vision.

“The tech industry is constantly evolving, and there is always room for new ideas and innovations. By staying curious and open-minded, women can make a meaningful impact and achieve their goals. So be fearless, be authentic, and never stop learning and growing” – Ayesha Mubarak Ali.