Chris Carter: Changing the SAP Industry with the Power of Passion and Technology

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Passion has been an essential factor in catapulting the radius of technology. It has always been the relentless efforts of zealous technologist that have paved the way of innovation. Exemplifying this thought is the inspiring journey of Christopher Carter, Chairman and CEO of Approyo Inc., a leading SAP service technology company. Chris has been a veteran in the SAP industry, having spent more than 30 years in this field. His love and passion for technology and entrepreneurial mindset laid the foundation of Approyo Inc., that has grown exponentially over the years. Under the profound leadership of Chris, Approyo has scaled to greater heights redefining the conventional SAP solutions.

Approyo was founded with a vision to make it easy for customers to embrace SAP HANA and other SAP solutions. With a goal to deliver quality service to their client, Approyo has achieved a milestone in the SAP industry, with an out of the box thinking. Chris guides and inspires his team to innovate and ensures that they work together to keep their customers happy and satisfied. This exclusive article profiles the phenomenal experience of Chris Carter as a business leader, an entrepreneur and as a technology enthusiast who has reshaped the SAP industry.

Passion is the Foundation of Technology

Chris recognized his passion for technology at an early age in life which led him to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology where he pursued a degree in Computer Science. After graduating, Chris began working with SAP, and his passion continued to grow. The more experience he gained, Chris realized that he had found his vocation and wanted to create something unique that would change the IT landscape. His zealous attitude and entrepreneurial mindset worked as a perfect blend in the founding of his first company. Chris later sold that company and took a hiatus from the world of technology. He may have decided to retire for a short period, however the emergence of SAP HANA put an end to his technology interlude bringing Chris back into the SAP industry with the founding of Approyo Inc. in 2013. “The opportunities surrounding SAP HANA were endless and given my past experience with it, I decided I wasn’t ready to be done yet, and I dove back into the SAP world”, Chris shares.

With an enormous experience of more than 30 years, Chris was ready to turn over a new leaf in his professional journey. The biggest challenge Chris and his team faced was finding the right clientele. Initially, it was difficult for them to build a client base while offering cloud solutions when many were yet to learn about cloud. Chris was sure about the positive outcome of cloud technology which kept him pressing ahead despite the challenges. With trial and error, proper education of the staff and prospective clients, and improvements of their services, Chris and his team were eventually able to help many companies in their journey to cloud. “It really is all about understanding your customer. You’re not just selling a product, you’re fixing a problem for your client.”, Chris adds.

The Life of an Extraordinary CEO

As the CEO and Chairman of Approyo, Chris oversees the day-to-day operations and ensures that their clients are always happy. Chris likes to be a part of every project and communicates with every team to make sure they are providing efficient services to each client. Approyo has won many awards for its exceptional services and Chris feels extremely proud about it as a business leader. Approyo has been named in the ACQ5 global awards three times and has won multiple awards listing them as a top SAP solutions provider. Every accolade demonstrates the exceptional work that Chris and his team have put together through the years. On a personal front, Chris has won the Bravo! Entrepreneur & I.Q. Award from Milwaukee’s BizTimes and has been recognized as an innovative CEO multiple times, which is a great achievement. “But the biggest achievement of my career is building this company from the ground up and watching the growth we have experienced. I am excited for the future and what it will hold.”, Chris proudly shares.

Although Chris is a hardworking businessman who can never take his work off his mind, he always ensures to make time for his family and create some unforgettable memories by either travelling to their lake house in Florida or any other place in the world. Chris loves spending quality time with his family which also gives him the motivation to keep going. As a leader, he makes relentless efforts to create a healthy and positive work environment for his team. Fortunately, Chris has a team of motivated individuals who genuinely care about their jobs. “All of those who have been hired have proven that they are driven to provide amazing service and take responsibility for the success of our customers. I am blessed to have an amazing staff that care about the trajectory of this company as much as I do.”, says, Chris. Chris credits his team for the growth and expansion of Approyo. He cares about the progress and well-being of his team and offers learning opportunities for their development which helps them grow as individuals and add value to the company.

Products and Services of Approyo Inc.

With the founding of Approyo, Chris wanted to create something different from the normal technology companies. Hence, the services of Approyo are innovative and unique. Approyo is a global cloud-centric solutions provider, specializing in SAP solutions and services. As a managed service provider, Approyo provides its clients with deployments, migrations, and upgrades of SAP HANA, SAP S/4HANA, or any SAP core instance. Creating tailored roadmaps to fit the needs of their clients’ goals, they bring companies to the next level through digital transformation. After projects are finalized, they offer ongoing basis support, monitoring, and hosting of SAP environments. Approyo’s global team of experts is available 24 x 7 x 365, to take care of requests and questions, ensuring client satisfaction and their SAP environments are operating efficiently.

Approyo stays ahead of their competitors by simply providing great service. Hiring the right staff with experience and more potential for growth is what helps the company to provide extraordinary service. The team of Approyo ensures that they stay up to date with any updates SAP releases and are constantly working to learn and grow in new ways. “When we provide quick implementations, ease of communication, and simple roadmaps for our clients, they are more likely to recommend us to their own partner networks. Having great word of mouth is important today. We also are always on the lookout to expand our partner network. Partnering with other Solution providers allows us to give unique service offerings to clients.”, Chris asserts.

The Growth of Approyo and the Changing Technology Landscape

Since its inception, Approyo has scaled in staffing, customers, and partners. Currently, they have over 13 global partners, done over 300 migrations and have a broad client base across all industries. The company is growing as the technology landscape is evolving. With new discoveries and innovation in AI, blockchain, cloud, etc. Approyo has more technology than ever before. The cloud computing market has projected to grow from $371.4 billion to reach $832.1 billion in 2025. Approyo is just one of the companies that makes up this market. They contribute to the growth of the technology industry by providing services that use all these technologies and more.

The Future of Approyo Inc.

Approyo Inc. is already a global company, with their staff spread throughout the U.S., Brazil, India, and the UK. The company is also global in terms of their partner network and customers. In the future, Chris plans to increase their remote staff, adding more global partners and clients through countries they have never served before.

Chris’ vision for Approyo is to become a leading large enterprise trusted MSP company. He shares, “I see us taking on more and more clients, thus adding more staff and just growing in every way possible. At the end of the day, my vision is to help those wanting to digitally transform their business, and if we can do that for our customers, I am happy.”

The one word that best defines Chris as a business leader is, “guide”. He endlessly tries to guide his staff to bring out the best in them and simultaneously helps his clients to make better business decisions. Technology inspires Chris and he believes that innovation is endless and there many more possibilities that are yet to be discovered.

The success of Approyo depicts the work of a genuine technology enthusiast because when it comes to world of technology, Chris Carter loves to take on any challenge it has to offer.