David Leal: Pioneering Innovation and Sustainable Solutions in Technology Leadership

The 10 Most Innovative Tech Leaders Shaping the Future, 2024

In the dynamic landscape of technology and innovation, leaders like David Leal, CTO / Head of Innovation, L&G Technologies, are not just shaping the future—they’re redefining it.

With a passion for creating impactful solutions and a vision for leveraging AI to address pressing environmental challenges, David exemplifies the spirit of modern entrepreneurship. His journey at L&G Technologies is not just about developing products; it’s about fostering a culture of innovation, resilience, and balance.

Through his experiences and insights, David offers a glimpse into the mindset of a forward-thinking leader, highlighting the importance of purpose-driven work and strategic collaboration in achieving long-term success.

Forging a Path Through Technical Excellence and Inspiration

Before his journey with L&G Technologies, David Leal’s career as a software engineer spanned nearly a decade, working with industry giants like Airbus, Intel, and Orange. These experiences ignited his passion for technical challenges, irrespective of the sector. “Each of us builds ourselves over time through the people we interact with every day,” he reflects, acknowledging the individuals who inspired him along the way.

David believes that his immersion in various technical environments has provided him with a unique perspective on conducting activities across different sectors. “Whether it’s a project or managing a company, it operates on the same fundamental principles,” he notes, emphasizing the universal nature of his experiences.

One pivotal moment in David’s career was a one-year project at Intel, which he describes as complex but instrumental in realizing his capabilities. “It demonstrated that I could work for large companies, propose coherent solutions, and modestly do my job well,” he recalls. This experience also exposed him to the US business culture, instilling in him the belief that anything is possible with effort.

Through his journey, David has embraced technical excellence and drawn inspiration from those around him, shaping his approach to challenges and opportunities in the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Crafting Success: A Perspective on Achievement

David defines success through various lenses, each offering a unique insight into his philosophy. “Success for me is about achieving things that I find important and useful,” he reflects, emphasizing the significance of personal fulfillment. This sentiment is echoed in his approach to challenges, where success is derived from setting and accomplishing daily goals.

In his professional domain, David finds success in the joy of dedicating himself to projects and the anticipation of each workday. “There’s never a dull moment, always something new to experiment with,” he enthuses, highlighting his passion for innovation. For David, a key aspect of professional success lies in orchestrating and leveraging individual talents toward common goals, fostering enthusiasm and collective satisfaction.

From a business standpoint, David emphasizes the importance of considering multiple global factors, such as market dynamics, competitor actions, and internal/external production capacities, in the pursuit of success. He acknowledges the challenges of excelling in this dynamic environment, where success is often reliant on fortuitous opportunities and the ability to create new pathways.

Through David’s perspective, success emerges as a multifaceted concept, blending personal fulfillment, professional passion, and astute business acumen. His journey underscores the value of setting meaningful goals, embracing innovation, and seizing opportunities to chart a course toward success.

Navigating Life’s Challenges: A Journey of Growth and Adaptability

David reflects on the nature of challenges, distinguishing between those self-imposed and those imposed by life. “Self-imposed challenges allow for continuous improvement,” he notes, highlighting their role in experience capitalization and self-development. However, he emphasizes the importance of setting achievable challenges to maintain motivation and minimize the risk of failure.

Remaining realistic about one’s capabilities and limits is crucial, according to David. He believes that before undertaking challenges, individuals must understand their capabilities, and motivations, and remain humble. On the other hand, challenges imposed by life, though not sought out, often bring the most satisfaction. “These are the kinds of challenges that bring the most satisfaction,” he explains, noting that they are the ones we often smile about years later.

David illustrates this with a vivid scenario of arriving at the office in chaos but ultimately organizing the resolution of the day’s challenges, breaking routines, and interacting with new people. He describes how such challenges can lead to unexpected outcomes and personal growth.

Sharing a personal testimony of facing challenges during the coronavirus crisis, David recounts how his company adapted its software to offer a social distancing solution, turning a potential catastrophe into an opportunity. This experience taught him the importance of discerning opportunities in every negative situation and possessing the adaptability to succeed.

Through David’s perspective, challenges become not just obstacles but opportunities for growth, adaptation, and ultimately, success. His journey underscores the value of resilience, humility, and the ability to find opportunities in adversity.

Innovating Security Solutions: The Story of L&G Technologies

L&G Technologies, founded in 2019 by David Leal and Mr. Loïc Gorlier, took a significant step forward in 2022 with the investment of the US capital fund, LT Capital Group. Their flagship product, Securoom, revolutionizes security by offering advanced solutions without the need for expensive hardware.

“Our concept is simple,” David explains. “We offer a SaaS solution that acts as a security network, connecting humans and machines to trigger real-time alerts in case of a risk.” This innovative approach positions Securoom as a multi-sector crisis management tool, applicable across various industries including military, construction, personal services, and civil security.

One of the key features of Securoom is its advanced detection capabilities. “Thanks to advancements in AI, our clients can configure and define their own risk detection without the need for AI specialists,” David notes. This flexibility allows the software to be tailored to specific needs, whether it’s monitoring stock levels in a kitchen or distinguishing between civilians and military personnel in a military setting.

At the core of L&G Technologies’ expertise is computer vision, encompassing personalized recognition, object detection, expression and emotion detection, and biometric facial identification. These technologies form the backbone of their crisis management solution, which offers customizable audio alert instructions, communication shutdown in case of emergencies, walkie-talkie functionality, and seamless communication with emergency services.

The company’s commitment to understanding its clients’ needs is reflected in its diverse clientele and personalized approach. “We have chosen to be committed to our clients, to understand each issue, and to provide the best possible support and personalized solution,” David emphasizes.

Collaborations with organizations like the French Red Cross have further validated their position as a trusted security solution provider. Through innovation and dedication, L&G Technologies continues to redefine security solutions, offering cutting-edge technology that adapts to the evolving needs of its clients across various sectors.

Driving Collective Success Through Expertise and Innovation

David reflects on the role of an individual within an organization, noting that success is not about playing a part but contributing to a collective goal. “I see it more as each person bringing their expertise towards a common goal,” he explains, emphasizing the importance of achieving the mission and fulfilling objectives together.

As a product designer and innovation manager, David’s role revolves around developing products and tackling technically complex topics. “My area of expertise lies in product development and, to a lesser extent, assisting with marketing efforts,” he shares. His contribution to the company, he believes, lies in identifying unexpressed needs and surprising customers with innovative products. He finds satisfaction in seeing customers amazed during product demonstrations, likening it to a child with a new toy.

Drawing from his experience working with technology leaders on major projects for almost a decade, David feels well-equipped to solve technical challenges. He believes that staying vigilant, monitoring competitors, listening to customer feedback, sharing information with the team, and finding enjoyment in the process are key aspects of successful product management.

From David’s perspective, success is not just about individual achievements but about how each person contributes their expertise to achieve common goals. His journey underscores the importance of innovation, customer focus, and continuous learning in driving organizational success.

Fostering Innovation and Transparency: A Blueprint for Success

David emphasizes a culture of transparency within teams, believing that early awareness of problems is crucial for success. “We view our employees as responsible adults who are paid to do a job and do it very well by addressing issues promptly,” he explains, highlighting the importance of open communication in ensuring smooth operations.

When it comes to innovation, David believes in demonstrating its value to maximize engagement from team members. “They need to be interested, validate the concept, and be involved by the manager,” he notes. In his view, showcasing the advantages of innovation is essential in a sector with multiple possibilities and solutions.

David advocates for shared goals and vision, providing meaning to decisions, and enhancing people’s skills to empower them to drive initiatives. He involves the team in strategic product decisions, valuing their opinions and impact on decision-making and cohesion.

To maintain interest in innovation, David has implemented “Innovation Fridays,” where team members can work on technological topics of interest related to the project. This initiative encourages continuous learning and engagement with new technologies.

Through David’s approach, innovation and transparency become pillars of success, driving engagement, collaboration, and continuous improvement within teams. His strategies underscore the importance of involving employees, valuing their contributions, and fostering a culture of curiosity and learning.

Navigating New Horizons: A Vision for Expansion and Innovation

L&G Technologies specializes in innovative concepts, with a short-term plan to expand into new markets and popularize Securoom. “Our one-year plan aligns our system with the North American market and its requirements,” David explains, highlighting the company’s strategic focus.

Led by their partner in the USA, LT Capital Group, L&G Technologies has been diligently preparing to enter the US market. “The US market has specific characteristics, and we must modify our product accordingly, adapt our communication, change the product name, etc.,” David notes. Based on initial tests, the company plans to focus on biometric protection, specifically facial recognition, to meet the demand for direct connections to local criminal databases in public spaces.

In the medium term, L&G Technologies plans to shift away from directly commercializing this product, outsourcing marketing and customer support to industry professionals. This strategic move will allow the company to refocus on its core expertise: innovation. While inquiries have been received, a suitable partner for international promotion has not yet been found.

Looking ahead, L&G Technologies aims to embark on a second project focusing on societal issues where AI can provide significant advantages. “We aim to be useful by offering solutions to environmental problems,” David explains. The company has identified emerging markets in pollution control, where AI and automation could revolutionize the sector.

Through strategic planning and a commitment to innovation, L&G Technologies is poised to navigate new horizons, expanding its reach and impact in the field of technology and beyond.

Navigating Complexity: The Multifaceted Role of an Innovative Product Manager

As the CTO/Head of Innovation at L&G Technologies, David wears many hats, but he sees himself fundamentally as a product manager. “I manage the product roadmap based on customer feedback, market competition, and current trends,” he explains, highlighting his role in driving product development and strategy.

Collaboration is key for David, who works closely with marketing and sales teams, particularly in responding to requests for proposals or quotes. He also manages relationships with international suppliers and oversees product development, ensuring a coordinated effort across all facets of production. Additionally, he takes charge of sensitive developments, particularly in proof-of-concept projects involving high-value or innovative features.

David’s workday is far from typical, with varied activities that keep him engaged and challenged. From creating quotes to demonstrating products to prospects and addressing customer challenges, he finds the diversity of tasks fascinating. “I never get bored,” he notes, emphasizing the dynamic nature of his role.

When asked to define himself in one word, David chooses “resilient,” highlighting his ability to thrive in challenging situations and find motivation in complex contexts. Through his role, David exemplifies the essence of an innovative product manager, driving forward-thinking solutions that meet the evolving needs of customers and markets.

Empowering Future Innovators with Technology Education and Mentorship

David believes that fostering a love for technology begins with learning and understanding its potential dangers. “Technology can be dangerous if used incorrectly,” he notes, emphasizing the importance of teaching respect for technology’s capabilities from an early age.

In his view, making a meaningful impact in technology goes beyond occupying media space. “Simple actions, such as supporting young entrepreneurs, giving them advice, guiding them, and helping them develop their skills, are very beneficial,” David explains. He personally mentors several entrepreneurs at different stages of their businesses, aiming to help them avoid challenges he has faced and to reinvigorate their pursuits.

One of David’s most significant recognitions came during the coronavirus pandemic when his team collaborated with a renowned physician to develop a social distancing device using a smartwatch. Their system was presented to the President of the Republic, and they were recommended by administrative circulars as one of the solutions to combat the virus. This experience highlighted the impact of their innovation and solidified David’s reputation as a leader in his field.

Striking a Balance: The Evolution of Work-Life Harmony

David reflects on the challenge of balancing personal and professional life at L&G Technologies, especially during the early days of Securoom. “During the first two years of Securoom, this was not the case—let’s call it the enthusiasm of the beginnings. There were times during this period when I worked over 70 days straight without a day off,” he admits, attributing this to the enthusiasm of the early days and highlighting the challenges of finding equilibrium in the early stages of a business.

However, as the product became commercialized, a more sustainable pace emerged, allowing him to find a work-life balance. David reflects on the factors that contributed to this shift, questioning whether it was the release of pressure as the product became market-ready, his body’s tolerance to the pace, or the desire to spend more time with loved ones.

Despite the uncertainty, he found a natural rhythm and balance between personal and professional life. David attributes his motivation to having a job he is passionate about, where he thrives and enjoys working fully. Additionally, being a shareholder in the company fuels his motivation, as he is deeply invested in its success.

L&G Technologies embraces a horizontal hierarchy, involving teams in decisions within their areas of expertise. This approach strengthens their sense of belonging and ownership of the project, fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment.

Working remotely has been a successful model for L&G Technologies, allowing them to tap into skills beyond their borders, enhance work-life balance for employees, save on office space rental, and reinvest these savings to ensure employee well-being. Through these strategies, David and his team have found a harmonious balance between personal life and professional pursuits.

For David, motivation stems from having a job he is passionate about and being a shareholder in his company. “Being a shareholder provides natural motivation,” he explains, highlighting the intrinsic drive that comes from being deeply invested in the company’s success.

To maintain team motivation, L&G Technologies has implemented an unlimited vacation system, similar to practices in the USA. This system allows team members to take time off when needed, ensuring they remain motivated and refreshed throughout the year. Additionally, the company embraces remote work, tapping into skills beyond their borders and fostering a satisfied and healthy team.

Through these strategies, David and his team have found a way to achieve work-life harmony, ensuring that both personal and professional lives are fulfilling and sustainable.

Vision for the Future: Innovating with AI and Creating Positive Impact

David’s personal goals are grounded in creating solutions that address real-world problems and have a positive impact on the environment. “I see work as self-fulfillment,” he notes, emphasizing the importance of feeling useful in his endeavors.

Looking ahead, David believes that the future of their company lies in new concepts based on AI. “It’s a true ‘Eldorado’ where everything is to be done,” he enthuses, highlighting the vast potential for innovation in this field. He sees their visual recognition technology as a valuable tool for addressing environmental issues, envisioning numerous applications for this technology.

For future industry leaders, David stresses the importance of not neglecting the business aspect of their ventures. “No matter what innovation you propose, make sure to surround yourself with trustworthy individuals,” he advises, underscoring the significance of a strong support network.

In closing, David shares a valuable piece of advice from their partner in the US: “To build a successful business, you need an idea, talent, but above all, a good accountant and a good lawyer.” This advice underscores the importance of having a solid foundation in business operations to support and drive forward innovative concepts.


As David looks ahead to the future, his commitment to innovation and sustainability remains unwavering. With AI as their guiding beacon, L&G Technologies is poised to embark on a new chapter of groundbreaking solutions and meaningful impact.

David’s advice resonates not only with aspiring entrepreneurs but also with established leaders, reminding us that success is not just about the idea—it’s about the team, the strategy, and the unwavering belief in the transformative power of innovation.

As we navigate the complexities of the modern world, David Leal’s story serves as a testament to the endless possibilities that lie ahead when we dare to dream and act boldly.