Demetra Davis: Leading with a Vision, Creating Precision

Top 10 Empowering Women Leaders of the Year, 2023

Demetra Davis CEO of Gordavi, LLC

“Success, in my opinion, is finding your place of happiness,” says Demetra Davis, the CEO of Gordavi, LLC. As one of the “Top 10 Empowering Women Leaders of the Year 2023,” she is renowned for her talent in guiding others to create businesses that can make a lasting impact, with her primary objective being to contribute to their achievement.

When discussing success, Demetra points out that we often encounter individuals who possess wealth or power but openly express dissatisfaction with their lives. She emphasizes that money and power alone cannot bring happiness. Therefore, each person must define happiness for themselves. For Demetra, happiness is finding your purpose in life, and fulfilling it. Accordingly, success involves safeguarding her legacy by bequeathing something to her descendants, ensuring their comfort, and passing down material wealth, knowledge, wisdom, and, most importantly, a love for Christ, which they can, in turn, pass on to future generations.

Demetra earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, a Master of Science in Healthcare Administration from Columbia Southern University, Orange Beach, AL and a Master of Science in Nursing from Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA.

Having served honorably in the United States Air Force and worked in service-oriented fields for most of her career, Demetra entered the healthcare profession directly after completing her nursing degree. She spent the beginning portion of her career in the medical and surgical intensive care units and then transitioned into Nursing Administration. With over 25 years of experience as a registered nurse, she became a certified case manager in 2000, a certification she has maintained, establishing herself as an expert in case management.

In 2018, Demetra launched Gordavi, LLC, a business consulting firm dedicated to helping other enterprises establish and fulfill their aspirations. According to Demetra, she assists people in launching their businesses and aids prior-established enterprises that are not reaching their full potential through rapid gap and process analysis to identify areas for improvement.

Professional Affiliations and Achievements

Demetra boasts an impressive array of affiliations and accolades, reflecting her commitment to

excellence and contribution to various fields. She is a lifetime member of the National Asssociation for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP),  a distinguished member of Sigma Theta Tau, the National Honor Society of Nursing, National Society of Leadership and Success Alumni Chapter Columbia Southern University, the Disabled Veterans Association. She is also a published author across multiple genres, including children’s books, inspirational works, and poetry.

Her professional credentials include being a Certified Case Manager accredited by the Commission for Case Management Certification and a Certified Professional Coach with IPEC Coaching Certification. Demetra is actively involved with the Women’s Veterans Network (WOVEN) and has earned induction into the Marquis Who’s Who Legacy 125th Edition. Furthermore, she has been recognized as a 2023 Top CEO by the International Association of Top Professionals and as an inductee in the “Who’s Who The Circle” for Top Business and Healthcare Professionals in 2021.

Demetra’s contributions to the field have been acknowledged through her feature in Nashville Voyager in 2023, and she has also shared her expertise as a guest on Fractional Entrepreneur in April 2023 and OceanDrive Magazine in Florida as one of the “Top 8 Inspiring Business Leaders to Follow” October 2023. Demonstrating her commitment to service, she co-hosts the “Pledged to Serve” Blog Talk Radio Talk Show, exemplifying her dedication to positively impacting her community and beyond.

CEO Roles and Responsibilities at Gordavi, LLC

Demetra’s role as CEO extends far beyond conventional boundaries, reflecting her commitment to the success and growth of Gordavi, LLC.

“As CEO of Gordavi, LLC, I am actually the one who creates the budget and the one who empties the trash at night,” she shares.

As a solo operation overseeing a team of 1099 contract employees, her duties encompass a broad spectrum. Firstly, it includes Contract Procurement, which involves identifying contracts and solicitations suitable for Gordavi’s expertise and bidding on them. She looks after Proposal Development, which entails reviewing solicitations and crafting comprehensive proposals to secure business opportunities. Her responsibilities in Financial Management demand her to oversee the financial aspects, from reviewing invoices to managing expenses and payroll.

Another crucial area which falls under duties is Client Coaching. In this segment, she must provide valuable coaching and guidance to clients, facilitating their growth and success.

Mr. Bronx Washington is an esteemed client who expresses gratitude for Demetra’s coaching expertise. He cites: “A lot of people go in circles trying to figure out business endeavors by themselves. I personally have found a well of wisdom, coaching, and support through Demetra Davis. She has firmly established coaching skills that are easy to understand and apply. These have catapulted my perspectives in the right direction, proving to work in my personal and business life! Thank you, Demetra!” 

She is in charge of Strategic Planningand under it, she creates essential documents such as marketing plans, policies, procedures, strategic plans, and pitch decks tailored to clients’

specific investment needs. Professional networking is another aspect of her set of duties. For this, she actively cultivates and nurtures relationships through outreach, follow-ups, and maintaining connections. Likewise, Demetra engages in meetings with senior leadership teams, collaborating on mutual partnerships and goals. She is also vested with Communication Management, and in this segment, she handles all email correspondence, ranging from requests for new websites to meeting arrangements. As the CEO, she develops and manages the budget as well as payroll administration to ensure smooth financial operations. For Business Maintenance, she provides the upkeep of existing businesses, including serving as a registered agent, maintaining records, and facilitating meetings. Above all, Demetra prioritizes prayer as a guiding force, seeking divine wisdom and guidance in her leadership journey.

Overview of Gordavi, LLC and its Comprehensive Services

Gordavi, LLC is a multifaceted consulting and coaching firm with a distinctive approach. This versatile company also operates as a government contractor, extending its expertise to various domains. The comprehensive range of services Gordavi, LLC provides encompasses Business Consulting and Coaching, Leadership Development, Personality Assessment for enhancing Team Building and group dynamics within office environments, Communication Training, Credit Repair Services, Marketing and Business Plan development, Process Improvement strategies, and policy and procedure development.

The reasoning behind this extensive service portfolio, according to the CEO, is to position Gordavi, LLC as a one-stop solution for people and businesses alike. Whether you are an established business experiencing a decline in productivity or a newly launched enterprise, Gordavi, LLC offers tailored assistance. For firms with a strong presence, services include team-building initiatives, process enhancement, and long-term business planning spanning three to five years. This eliminates the need to engage multiple entities for these tasks, streamlining the process for efficiency.

Furthermore, for aspiring entrepreneurs who may not fully grasp the challenges and sacrifices inherent in running a business, Gordavi, LLC offers invaluable Business Coaching. This guidance proves especially beneficial as it imparts insights into the time, financial, mental, and emotional commitments required for successful entrepreneurship. Its diverse services work as a holistic support system for budding entrepreneurs and established brands at various stages of their journeys.

Navigating Setbacks and Gaining Wisdom

Demetra acknowledges that the company’s journey began with a different vision—a mobile app for wedding planning. However, after approximately 18 months of unsuccessful attempts, the app was shelved, and Gordavi “proper,” specializing in government contracting and business consulting, emerged. This candid revelation underscores that Gordavi’s foundation was built upon overcoming setbacks.

She recognizes that failures and obstacles are fascinating topics of discussion, mainly when speaking with business owners.

I say this because going through challenges actually helps you personally redefine “difficult” with each successful journey. It equips you with authentic experience relating to overcoming potential setbacks and distractions; gaining strength and wisdom along the way.”   Demetra articulates.

However, she also emphasizes that business impediments can be disheartening and overwhelming, mainly when one’s livelihood and family’s well-being are at stake.

Demetra further highlights the tangible impact of obstacles, including transportation barriers resulting from her vision impairment. The inability to meet clients in person, a resource that others may take for granted, becomes a significant challenge in competing effectively.

Moreover, she addresses the toll on confidence and the need for continuous education as a sole proprietor striving to stay updated in a dynamic business landscape. Her approach involves breaking challenges into manageable parts and recognizing that ongoing education is integral to remaining cutting-edge in her field.

She also highlights the importance of identifying and addressing mental barriers that impede an organization’s natural growth over time. Through her experiences, Demetra exemplifies the resilience and adaptability necessary to surmount setbacks and emerge more potent in business.

A Leader Committed to Giving Back

Demetra’s journey as a woman in leadership is defined by her pledge to give back and positively impact her community. This value was instilled in her from a young age by her mother. She views herself as both a giver and a leader, believing that helping those in need, even when facing personal challenges, is a fundamental principle. Her contributions to the healthcare industry reflect this commitment.

Demetra’s career in nursing led her to a profound fascination with Diagnostic Related Groups (DRGs) and how they influenced patient outcomes. Her desire to understand and improve patient care pathways led her through various healthcare roles, before returning to the acute care hospital setting. Along her journey, she discovered her calling in Case Management where she spent the majority of her nursing career helping patients navigate the the complexities of the healthcare system, ensuring they received the care they needed. Her dedication and leadership blossomed in her role as a Director overseeing a team of 50 nurses and social workers. Unfortunately, her vision loss led her to leave this role, but she didn’t let adversity deter her.

This dynamic doyen’s determination drove her to pursue a Masters in Nursing Education from Drexel University in Pennsylvania, envisioning a future in teaching nursing. While her career took a different turn, her education became a valuable asset. It ultimately laid the foundation for the establishment of Gordavi, LLC, where her expertise and educational background continues to play a pivotal role in the services offered.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Demetra’s philanthropic persona is evident through her non-profit initiatives. Take20ForLife, Inc. addresses suicide intervention and prevention, while Tennessee Urban Outdoors, Inc. aims to promote and facilitate outside activities amongst the black and brown populations, increase overall health while decreasing healthcare costs in the state of Tennessee for these populations. Incarcerated Lives Matter, Inc. provides a platform for those reintegrating into society after prison, giving them a voice they may have long felt was denied. Within this initiative, Incarcerated Fathers Matter focuses on the unique challenges formerly incarcerated men face and their relationships with their children.

Childhood Dreams and Aspirations 

Demetra had childhood dreams of becoming an attorney, fueled by her skill in making persuasive explanatory arguments to her Mom to get herself out of trouble when she was young. Simultaneously, she nurtured a passion for writing, composing poetry and short stories from a young age. Her aspirations also included having a harmonious family life with children, a dog, and an idyllic home with a fenced yard, along with the pursuit of a college degree, which she successfully achieved.

Motivating the Team at Gordavi, LLC

This seasoned female leader fosters and sustains motivation within the Gordavi, LLC team by clearly focusing on the bigger picture and shared goals. In times of adversity or when the team faces discouragement, they turn to their vision board, which is thoughtfully compiled in a 3-ring binder. This visual representation is a constant reminder of their mission, encompassing their commitment to helping women and children, their current and future objectives, and a profound belief that their work aligns with the abundance of life promised by Jesus. This powerful visual tool reinforces their collective purpose and ignites the team’s determination to overcome challenges and achieve their aspirations.

Demetra draws strength from the Bible’s passage, asserting, “I had fainted unless I believed to see the Goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” This deep faith, passed down through generations from her grandmother and mother, serves as a foundational source of motivation for her Gordavi, LLC team.

Balancing Act: Demetra Davis’ Day-to-Day Routine

“Achieving balance is difficult in any career field,” Demetra acknowledges. “I maintain balance with prayer and taking time throughout my day for myself. Those are must-haves for me on a daily basis. And the time out must include time outside. It keeps my mind steady, calm, and at the ready to perform.” 

Her day begins with an early start, a cup of coffee, and precious moments spent outside, immersing in prayer and meditation. Her firm faith in Jesus Christ is a guiding light, empowering her with the foundation for a balanced life. Her spiritual practice is grounded in John 10:10, underscoring the promise of an abundant life. Her approach to faith is not merely transactional; it’s about fostering a mutual relationship with the Lord. Aligning her spiritual well-being with other aspects of her life is crucial, as she believes that being off-balance spiritually can affect every other facet of her existence.

Once her spiritual connection is fortified, Demetra checks her calendar and dives into her professional responsibilities. It includes managing emails, handling phone calls, conducting coaching sessions, attending meetings, and responding to various tasks that arise throughout the day. The demands of her role as CEO and her involvement in multiple organizations require her to stay organized and adaptable.

However, Demetra is mindful of taking mental and physical breaks. She recognizes the importance of stepping outside, enjoying the sun, and listening to the birds chirping to rejuvenate her mind and regain clarity. Maintaining mental equilibrium is essential in her line of work, which often involves solitary tasks.

Demetra’s art of balance extends to her interactions with clients and organizations she represents, ensuring she approaches each engagement with positivity and presence. Her daily routine exemplifies how faith, mindfulness, and a connection with the outdoors help her navigate the complexities of her professional life while staying grounded in her personal beliefs.

Gordavi, LLC’s Vision for the Future: A Standard of Care and Innovation

Demetra envisions an ambitious future for Gordavi, LLC, one where it becomes a household name synonymous with excellence and care. The company, carrying the legacy of its name, will evolve into a go-to destination for businesses of all sizes, offering comprehensive services encompassing staff onboarding, leadership development, 360-degree evaluations at various management levels, executive management coaching, and procurement and distribution of technology and mobile wireless solutions.

In the future, Gordavi, LLC will be an employer and a beacon of workplace satisfaction, embracing technology and best practices to modernize performance and enhance hybrid work environments. The company’s commitment to environmental responsibility will see it employ recycling practices and promote work-from-home arrangements, reducing emissions and environmental toxicity.

Furthermore, Gordavi, LLC aims to partner with experts, think tanks, and leaders in the fields of coaching, technology, government contracting and business consulting and enterprise to enable continued best practice in each field in which we endeavor. It will drive innovation in coaching, technology, and government contracting, ensuring they remain at the forefront of their respective fields.

Demetra emphasizes, “We will continue our certifications as a woman-owned, service-disabled veteran-owned, and minority-owned organization as it is important that Gordavi, LLC not only represent these populations because they are me – but also that we edify these populations and give them their causes.”

Likewise, Gordavi, LLC will continue its philanthropic efforts by setting aside ‘10% of each dollar’ of its earnings to support women and children in need. Demetra’s personal journey as a single mother, alongside her mother and grandmother, underscores the importance of helping those facing adversity without judgment. In essence, Gordavi, LLC aspires to set the standard as an organization that genuinely cares for its employees and the wider community it serves.

Demetra Davis’ Vision for the Coming Years

Demetra is setting ambitious goals for the future of Gordavi, LLC, and its affiliated initiatives.

The CEO enunciates: “Gordavi, LLC just started a DBA Gordavi Tech. We have partnered with Dell and Verizon. One of my goals for this next year is to expand Gordavi, LLC into the tech business as a reseller.”

A primary objective for the upcoming year is to expand Gordavi, LLC’s presence in the tech industry as a competitive procurement and distribution asset for companies nationwide. They aim to become the preferred choice for federal, state, and local IT and mobile contracts, cementing their position in the tech sector.

Furthermore, Demetra envisions substantial growth in Gordavi, LLC’s core business consulting and coaching services, particularly in Wiley DiSC and 5 Behaviors of Team offerings. Demetra will also be adding a DBA Gordavi Tech, as she has entered into partnerships with both Dell and Verizon. The goal is to expand the breadth of the government contracting.  In the future, she believes there may be a construction LLC added to the portfolio as well.  She derives personal joy from life and transition coaching, notably supporting individuals transitioning from prison back into society. She seeks to expand this aspect of their business, furthering the mission of Incarcerated Lives Matter.

As for Take20ForLife, Inc., Demetra’s goal is to establish brick-and-mortar treatment facilities for individuals with mental health conditions, ensuring they have physical locations for in-person support and therapy while expanding telehealth services nationwide.

Similarly, Tennessee Urban Outdoors, Inc. aspires to have brick-and-mortar locations for after-school outdoor programs and retreats, where structured outdoor activities, campsites, and possibly even horseback riding can be offered. These facilities will cater to various groups, including marriages, singles, youth, and church groups, to encourage outdoor activities and improve community health.

Finally, Incarcerated Lives Matter plans to launch podcasts featuring guests who share their stories to inspire others. The organization aims to collaborate with re-entry programs, work initiatives, and training programs to provide essential tools and resources for young men and women transitioning out of incarceration, ultimately helping them successfully reintegrate into society while reducing recidivism. Demetra’s vision is to encourage, educate and provide actionable steps toward a brighter future for those who have faced the criminal justice system.