Women's Day Special Edition 2020

Women Thought, Women Led, Women Conquered

There was a time when the man would earn the bread and the woman would stay home and cook, take care of her home and perform her daily domestic duties. Appreciated or not, she would relentlessly continue to do her job with love and dedication. That was the tradition. However, women started realizing that they too have the potential to develop a software, travel to space, manage a team of 100 or lead a company of thousands, along with fulfilling their duties as a wives, mothers or daughters. With this realization, women started stepping out from the four walls of their home into varied fields. Not selecting the stereotypical job types but expanding their horizons and reaching out for what is beyond.

Well, it is no hidden fact that today women have excelled in every industry. Their interpersonal skills, instinctive wit, powerful intellect, multi-tasking ability and decisive attitude has outshone in their works. From the healthcare field to education, from robotics to digitization, from software to information security, every industry has witnessed the power of women. They have also captured male dominated industries like manufacturing and franchising.

Women have phenomenally proven their worth and are finally living their dreams. In this progressive age today, women have received equal rights, equal opportunities, the platform to voice their opinion and the motivation to reach for the sky. Yet, while we agree that the mindset is changing there are still many denominations in our society that still disregard the abilities of women. Ergo, we can conveniently conclude, we still have a lot to do for the empowerment of every woman. And kudos to women who are doing their part of influencing this change.