Best Places to Visit in the Swedish Capital

Swedish Capital

Nordic country Sweden is a destination with a rich culture and breathtaking scenery. The progressive and peaceful history of Sweden provides plenty of incredible landmarks for travelers. The top tourist destination of Sweden is Swedish Capital city Stockholm. There is no question that this place is popular for its world-known world-class attraction. So let’s know Stockholm more.

Stockholm, the Swedish Capital is located at the junction of Lake Malar and Salt Bay, which is an arm of the famous Baltic Sea. It is also located opposite of the Gulf of Finland. This whole city is built upon many islands as well as the mainlands of Uppland and Sodermanland. Judging by its location, we can surely say Stockholm, the Swedish Capital is one of the most beautiful Capital Cities in the whole world.

Stockholm is like a magical place for every tourist. There are some things for everyone. It is loaded with things to do, but first let’s know some of the best attractions that you should never miss when visiting the Swedish capital, Stockholm.


It’s the most popular attraction in the Swedish Capital for a good reason. It is fun and informative as well. The Swedish Music Hall of Fame is in the same building as the ABBA section (ticket price is included).


It was called the Mightiest Warship of the past time. It is popular as The World-renowned salvage operation.  This Museum is where you can sit and take a look at fascinating Swedish history.


Stockholm’s Royal Palace is the residence of the king. But there are a number of attractions open to the public and tourists.  Royal Apartments, Royal Treasury, Antiquities Museum are some of those. If you want to spend one full day, then this place is the best option for you.


More than 150 buildings- churches, homes, schools,  shops- transported from the different parts of the country,  Skansen is the mini historical Sweden. With native animals like bears, wolves, seals,  the world’s first open-air museum is located here. There are many mini workshops like glass or pottery as well. Lots of activities options in this place will never disappoint you and your family.


It is the best amusement park in Sweden. This place is not only filled with rides and games, it also has a large number of good restaurants and bars who host some of the best summer concerts that attract many people. It is an incredibly popular place. So, plan everything ahead.


This city is filled with some of the best award-winning restaurants, bars, cafes, shops in Stockholm. It is also one of the best-preserved cities in Europe. In this place, you will find the oldest street in Stockholm, Kopmangatan and the narrowest street, Marten Trotzigs Grand.


This photography museum was opened by Annie Leibovitz in 2010 in Swedish Capital. Each year many big exhibitions are staged here. It is one of the most popular attractions in the city.


It is located on Skeppsholmen Island. It is an art museum for Swedish modern and contemporary art. Some excellent restaurants and an amazing gift Shop is complete the whole offerings.


Stadshus or City hall is one of the most famous buildings in the city and it is also the seat of Stockholm’s government.  Plus it is also where the annual Nobel Dinner is held. This building offers a fascinating tour of the building.


It is the home of Prince Eugen, the best-known landscape painters. Spectacular architecture and exhibitions are the top most attractions of this place.

Here are some facts you need to know before you visit Swedish Capital, Stockholm –

  • The best time to visit Stockholm is during summer. In this season the sun hardly sets, so as a tourist it is best to travel.
  • Swedish Capital, Stockholm is connected through two airports internationally – Stockholm Arlanda International Airport and Stockholm Bromma Airport.
  • It is best to use Stockholm’s bus service for transport. For this, you will need SL Access.
  • In Swedish Capital, the most wildly spoken language is Swedish. But also other languages like English, Turkish, Arabic, Bosnian, Spanish, Croatian, Syriac, Kurdish, and Persian are also spoken by the people here.
  • For the best experience in Swedish Capital and for the best knowledge you will need a tour guide in many places.