Jenny Huang: Crafting Harmonious Success in Brand Marketing and Music

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Jenny Huang is a name that needs no introduction in the world of marketing. Honored as Campaign Magazine US’ “Inspiring Women,” she is a visionary brand marketing executive with a track record of success. Jenny is not only an award-winning brand marketer but also a concert pianist, DEI advocate, and public speaker.

Moving to the US from China at the age of 17 to study music, she quickly made a mark for herself as an internationally acclaimed concert pianist, performing in over 10 countries across North America, Europe, and Asia. Later, she transitioned to the business world, becoming one of the most well-respected marketing leaders, spearheading marketing and communication initiatives for Fortune 500 companies, including Bayer, Mars Wrigley, Brown-Forman, and more.

Recently, Jenny was appointed as the Director of B2B Brand Marketing at Gannett USA TODAY Network, the nation’s leading local-to-national publisher reaching 1 in 2 American adults. In her role, she pioneers and oversees the inaugural B2B brand marketing practice for USA TODAY Network’s national media and marketing solutions business, increasing brand awareness and directing brand transformation that fuels brand growth.

Jenny’s career is marked by a unique blend of creativity, strategy, and empathy. Her multifaceted approach to her craft sets her apart as a trailblazer in the industry, as she tirelessly advocates for a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive future.

Journey into Marketing and Advertising

Growing up, Jenny found the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” rather challenging. It seemed impossible to predict a specific career path. However, she was always driven by the desire to explore her full potential and lead a fulfilling life. During her journey of exploration, which included activities like playing the piano, chess, art, and sports, she discovered that she had a strong affinity for both creativity and logic. Additionally, her empathetic nature makes her a great connector for others. It was almost by accident that she found herself in the world of marketing and advertising, but she soon realized that it aligned perfectly with her values, skillsets, and personality.

Delivering Media Excellence

Gannett USA TODAY Network (NYSE: GCI) includes USA TODAY, its flagship publication, and more than 200 local media publications across 43 states as well as brands including Reviewed and Golfweek, while connecting with audiences at its world-class events. USA TODAY Network is the nation’s leading media publisher representing a diverse audience with varied interests. A trusted partner to its clients, it provides curated full-funnel marketing solutions that deliver key performance objectives.

Transition from Music to Brand Marketing

Jenny believes that setbacks are indeed an inevitable part of any journey. One significant challenge was transitioning from a career in music to brand marketing. Through perseverance and a willingness to learn, she found that the core principles of discipline, creativity, and emotional connection in music were transferable to marketing. This experience taught her the power of adaptability and the importance of embracing change.

Driving Change Through Marketing

Throughout her career, Jenny has had the privilege of spearheading impactful brand marketing initiatives for numerous Fortune 500 brands such as Bayer, Mars Wrigley, Brown-Forman, and more. Currently, she leads the transformation of B2B brand marketing for the USA TODAY Network, one of the most prominent media outlets in the United States. Her approach to brand marketing is characterized by a harmonious blend of creativity, data-driven insights, and a commitment to delivering measurable results. This dedication has led to the creation of award-winning marketing campaigns that not only captivate audiences but also drive tangible business outcomes. Moreover, her dedication to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has played a pivotal part in fostering inclusivity within the industry. She firmly believes in harnessing the potential of marketing as a catalyst for positive change, advocating for the amplification of diverse voices and perspectives.

Trailblazing Journey

Jenny’s journey as a woman in leadership has been marked by both gratifying achievements and formidable challenges. Earlier this year, she was honored as one of Campaign Magazine US’ “Inspiring Women.” This recognition has provided her with a platform to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion, along with the responsibility of inspiring and mentoring the next generation of leaders. Embracing her unique perspective has become a cornerstone in driving innovation and fostering positive change within the industry.

Mentorship Journey

Empowering the next generation of women is a deeply personal commitment and a guiding principle that drives Jenny’s daily pursuits. She believes the best way to accomplish it is through mentorship, advocacy, coaching, and fostering a community of empowerment. Leading by example, she aims to demonstrate that excelling in diverse fields while championing inclusivity is not only possible but essential. Currently, she has the privilege of mentoring over 20 young women, and being a guest lecturer/mentor at 5 universities. Through shared experiences and dedicated support, she strives to embolden them to wholeheartedly pursue their passions and ensure they are provided with opportunities and recognition.

Beyond Success to Lasting Impact

Even though Jenny has been on magazine covers and won many awards, she considers her greatest accomplishments to be in the service and support extended to under-recognized communities. The positive impact she’s been able to create for women, API communities, emerging talents, artists, and musicians holds a special place in her heart.

Success, to Jenny, is about making a positive and lasting impact on the world while finding personal fulfillment and happiness. It’s not just about achieving professional milestones but also about making a meaningful difference in the lives of others and building connections and communities. She feels successful when she sees her work contributing to positive change and when she can inspire and uplift others to reach their potential.

Prioritizing Well-being

Maintaining balance for Jenny is all about setting clear priorities. The concept of “balance” varies from person to person and is deeply rooted in individual perspectives. Personally, she places a high value on overall well-being. She ensures to allocate time each day for exercise, meditation, and preparing her meals. Additionally, she ensures to set aside time each day for piano practice. During work hours, emphasis is placed on task prioritization, capitalizing on her team’s strengths, and fostering a collaborative work environment.

Championing Arts, Women, and Diversity

Looking ahead, Jenny’s personal goals include continuing her advocacy for the arts, women, and underserved communities. Mentoring and coaching the next generation will remain a central focus. She encourages individuals to embrace their unique strengths and perspectives, recognize the immense power of resilience, adaptability, and lifelong learning, and surround themselves with a supportive network and seek out mentors who ignite their inspiration. She believes unwaveringly in one’s capacity to shape the narrative of their industry and reminds that every challenge is a gateway to growth. Jenny sees boundless potential and envisions the path she forges serving as a beacon for generations to come.

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