Kristy Guo – An Award-Winning Leader & Entrepreneur Possessing a Powerful Ability to Inspire People

Kristy Guo is a hardworking businesswoman who is thriving and persistently climbing the ladder of success. She holds multiple designations that include being a Business Owner + Author + Professional Speaker + Life Influencer + Changemaker.

As a best-selling author on Amazon for her book ‘The Joyful Leader in You,’ Kristy is one of the 25 amazing female authors of ‘change-makers: volume 6,’ the number 1 Amazon International Best-Selling book. She is also a volunteer and leader in Church, Spiritual-life Influencer/Speaker, and Speaker in Book-boon learning.

As the Owner & President of Signature Global Network PTY LTD – a global network that brings future of logistics, E-Commerce and Supply Chain; Kristy has humbly achieved high recognition and awards in the industry. With worldwide business traveling experience and a strong network in leadership world, Kristy built up strong networks and teams within her company.

Success equals feeling happy & accomplished

According to Kristy, success is a deeply personal concept, and is often synonymous with a sense of accomplishment. She also associate’s success as a synonymous with happiness. Ultimately, our pursuits, whether in our actions or our choices of sustenance, revolve around the quest for happiness. “When you find happiness, you can genuinely consider yourself successful,” she states.

To grow as a person and become successful, one has to overcome hurdles and roadblocks along the way. There are many lessons that Kristy has learned on her way to success, but mentioned below are the top lessons learned:

  1. Don’t fear failure when venturing into new endeavors. The sooner you explore, the sooner you’ll discern what works and what doesn’t.
  2. Maintain unwavering focus. With a multitude of aspirations, begin one at a time. Success comes through dedicated attention to each goal. The rest can wait once one is achieved.
  3. Avoid going solo. Teamwork is the cornerstone of enduring success. Exceptional results, whether 10x, 100x, or 1000x, are only attainable with a strong team.
  4. Cultivate a clear and resolute vision. Clarity and determination are vital to steer your path.
  5. Seek multiple motivations and many WHYS to keep you moving forward when confronted with setbacks. Life invariably presents challenges.
  6. Consistency is the key.
  7. Never cease dreaming and never give up! Belief accounts for 99% of the journey to success.

As an accomplished businesswoman and empowering leader, Kristy’s top leadership achievements are:

  • Empowering and inspiring people in my life. There are so many people had massive transformations compared to before I came into their lives.
  • Leading by example: there are many people who are good at preaching great theories but when it comes to real life, not many of them reflect what they say. I am very focused on leading by example.
  • Believing in others, show compassion, and always giving people opportunities to find the best in them.

“Working the 9 to 5 grind, limited by self-doubt, and fearing our own potential, we unwittingly stifle our dreams. While we do make a difference in people’s lives, it often feels like the stage is too confined,” says Kristy.

She believes that opting for the security of a steady paycheck, we sometimes squander our power to instigate meaningful change. Numerous exceptional ideas remain dormant, yearning for a chance to flourish.

Signature Global Network PTY LTD and its services

Signature Global Network PTY LTD serves as a global logistics network, uniting leaders and innovators from the logistics industry on a worldwide scale. Their primary aim is to offer a platform and service that empower their members to achieve growth and success. To facilitate this, the company organizes annual conferences to foster valuable networking opportunities.

As a network owner, Kristy and her team bear a significant responsibility in guiding the network towards becoming a thriving, supportive, and prosperous community. Their role encompasses connecting all members, facilitating effective communication, fostering collaboration, improving quality and trust, nurturing relationships, and promoting mutual synergies.

At SGN, they firmly believe that the key to success lies in uplifting others. Kristy embarked on this journey with this belief, starting from scratch. Along the way, she experienced victories and failures, multiple times. Each failure became a valuable lesson, propelling her toward success.

“This journey has been nothing short of remarkable. Our business has flourished, and so have the individuals who have joined us on this path. We continue to grow daily, learning from our mistakes and working toward even greater success,” she states.

Vision for the future of Signature Global Network PTY LTD

For Kristy, SGN represents the birthplace of dreams, and it will continue to foster countless dreams in the future.

The vision at SGN is clear: to connect the world and empower dreams. They are committed to making a significant impact not only in the logistics industry but across all sectors, contributing to the betterment of the entire world. Logistics is the lifeblood of global connectivity.

They don’t view other businesses as competitors; rather, they see themselves in competition with their previous selves. “We continually strive to improve, drawing inspiration from those who operate similar businesses. Learning is our priority, not competition,” states Kristy.

Kristy shares that SGNC 2024 is scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of Cebu, Philippines. Anticipating the participation of 150-200 leaders from across the globe, this event is poised to create a significant historical impact. Don’t miss out—register now and find additional information about the event at

By adhering steadfastly to their core values and vision, SGN is dedicated to continuous improvement. The company’s focus remains on the pursuit of their dreams, and they are determined to get better with each passing day.

Influencing women to learn and unleash their true potential

Kristy claims that navigating her career has been challenging at times. She often possesses the skills and experience required, yet due to her gender and age, opportunities haven’t always been equitable. However, as she says that despite the bias, she has grown and evolved in her role as one of the few female leaders in her industry, both in her previous workplaces and during international leadership conferences.

“I’ve come to realize that I can indeed seize more chances to express my ideas and have my voice acknowledged,” she states.

To truly inspire and impact the next generations, Kristy believes that we must lead by example, empowering women recognize the privileges and advantages that come with being a woman. “No one can impose limits on us unless we impose them on ourselves. While the environment and circumstances may be tough, we are tougher,” she declares.

“In fact, as female leaders, we often possess a heightened ability to listen and connect with people, providing us with a substantial advantage in the leadership realm. Additionally, our authenticity in expressing emotions and compassion, along with our multitasking skills, make us highly effective leaders. Embracing diversity, we excel in fostering harmony and uniting teams,” Kristy further explains.

Kristy also believes that it is essential to acknowledge the power of masculine energy as well. The synergy between diversity and teamwork contributes to making our world a better place. By creating and sharing more podcasts, videos, and social media articles, we can help bridge the gap and reduce extreme disagreements.

Maintaining a fulfilling work-life balance

Kristy defines herself as a “Dream Achiever.” She firmly believes that belief holds immense power. With unwavering faith in her capabilities, Kristy understands there’s nothing she cannot accomplish. “I dream audacious dreams and work tirelessly to turn each one into a reality,” she exclaims.

To achieve a harmonious balance between her personal and professional life, Kristy recognizes the importance of establishing clear boundaries and priorities. It’s essential to set firm guidelines and stick to them unwaveringly.

Kristy’s disciplined morning routine begins with an early wake-up, followed by exercise, reading, and tuning into podcasts, all preceding a satisfying breakfast. After getting the kids ready or seeing them off, her day kicks off with a focus on learning, planning, studying, and preparation.

Next, she engages with clients and participates in numerous meetings, often scheduled to accommodate international demands, whether at 6 am or 11 pm. “I cherish my daily catch-up with my exceptional dream team, whom I affectionately call ‘unicorns,’” she states.

Kristy’s self-motivation is a driving force in her life, rooted in the belief that when she consistently pursues excellence, the rewards will follow. Maintaining a high level of motivation to deliver exceptional service goes hand-in-hand with her commitment to becoming the best version of herself.

“For me, excellence entails wholehearted dedication, giving 110% effort in everything I do, and maintaining this attitude even when no one is watching. This commitment not only shapes my character but also defines my ethical principles at the deepest level,” she affirms.

Other than work, Kristy’s favourite thing is to spend time with her amazing husband and lovely daughters. Her hobbies include bible study, writing, fashion, art, singing, dancing and music.

Being inspired and being an inspiration

Kristy’s personal aspirations are to inspire and make a positive impact on every individual in the world. She strongly aims to demonstrate that we are a united human race, each possessing immense potential for greatness. Her vision includes becoming a billionaire and effecting substantial change on a global scale, transforming countless lives along the way.

To all women out there, Kristy says: You are inherently leaders, and you are natural mothers, each with limitless potential. Refuse to make excuses; instead, forge your own path towards your desired destination. Success is within your grasp; you need only embrace it and accept it. Never relinquish your dreams due to your gender or your role as a mother. Your shining example influences your children to become the best versions of themselves, empowering them to reach for their own dreams.

Kristy is extremely passionate about inspiring and helping people to change and become a better version of themselves every day while achieving their big dreams. As an advanced leader, Kristy has magical Passion, Intelligence, Resilience and is a Fearless Spirit. Throughout her work and professional journey, she has inspired many people to find their joy and value.