Navigating Leadership: The Journey of Ross Huartt

Ross Huartt, the CEO of MBC Group and Founder and Chairman of EcoClaim, is an outstanding example of leadership in the insurance industry. With over fifteen years of experience in the insurance industry, Ross has cultivated a distinguished career and developed an exceptional network of insurance professionals. His journey from humble beginnings in northern England to the helm of MBC Group and Founder of EcoClaim is a testament to his commitment to excellence and innovation.

Success: A Holistic Perspective

Ross’s journey in defining success reflects an evolution shaped by personal growth. Initially, success was equated with achieving financial milestones, but the birth of his two children sparked a transformative shift in perspective. Today, Ross’s definition of success extends far beyond monetary gains; it encompasses the positive impact created for clients, teams, and the broader community. Success, to Ross, is about the journey over the destination. His new podcast, Lessons of a CEO, explores this journey through meaningful conversations with like-minded leaders.  He says “My definition of success has changed over the last 10 years. Early in my career, I viewed earnings as the measure of success, but building a young family changes a lot of your perspectives in life.  Success, to me, is not measured solely by market share or financial milestones, but by the positive impact we create for our clients, our team, and the broader community. It sounds cliché, but you must have a real reason that gets you out of bed every morning and it can’t be a dollar value. True success is about leaving a legacy of innovation and integrity, fostering an environment where people are inspired to reach their full potential. This holistic approach fuels our company’s growth and ensures a brilliant future. “

MBC Group: Redefining Industry Standards

MBC Group has emerged as a trailblazer in the insurance sector. Leaning in to a culture of innovation and disruption of industry standards, MBC redefines standards in excellence and sustainability. Ross’s dedication to championing initiatives like EcoClaim proves the company’s commitment to leaving a significant mark on both the insurance industry and the environment.

Serving as the Founder and Chairman of both MBC Group and EcoClaim since its transition to a standalone entity in mid-2023, Ross is deeply passionate about EcoClaim’s ambitious mission of converting avoided carbon emissions into a viable currency while helping insurers to measure, track and reduce GhG emissions.

At the heart of MBC Group’s success lies a steadfast dedication to fostering open dialogue, embracing diverse perspectives, and nurturing a culture of continual learning and growth. This collaborative ethos not only fuels internal innovation but also solidifies MBC Group’s position as a forerunner addressing the dynamic needs of the insurance realm. The recent addition of Michelle Groulx as MBC Group’s President in late 2023 has further strengthened the team’s adaptability and resilience. By cultivating an inclusive workplace where every voice is valued and heard, Ross and Michelle fortify MBC Group’s ability to navigate the complexities of the insurance landscape. This commitment to collaboration and diversity isn’t just good for business – it’s what sets MBC Group apart as a leader in meeting the ever-changing needs of the industry.

Harnessing Technology for Sustainable Growth

Today, technology is a fundamental driver of success, particularly in industries like insurance. At MBC Group, technology isn’t used simply as a tool – it drives innovation and progress. On technology, Ross states, “Modern technology has been a game-changer, providing us with tools to enhance efficiency, creativity and connectivity. It has enabled us to offer cutting-edge solutions to our clients, transform our internal processes and engage with our community in meaningful ways. Our approach is to harness technology, not just for innovation, but for sustainable and inclusive growth.“  Take, for instance, the ongoing use of state-of-the-art engineering software, specifically calibrated measurement and testing tools and the embracing of remote working capabilities. Our teams are dispatched across the country and nationally when called, with a strategic focus on harnessing these advancements, MBC Group stands at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge solutions to boost efficiency, encourage creativity, and foster seamless connectivity.

EcoClaim serves as an additional example of MBC’s commitment to technological innovation. This comprehensive platform equips insurers with the tools needed to measure, verify and reduce emissions across their supply chains and on claims. From sustainability training to GHG management software and a carbon exchange platform, EcoClaim empowers insurers to track Scope 3 emissions and earn verifiable carbon credits, thus driving tangible environmental impact alongside financial gains.

Ross understands the transformative potential of technology; the possibilities for advancement are vast and ever-expanding. However, he emphasizes the need not only to embrace these innovations but also to adapt and evolve in response to the rapid pace of technological change. By remaining proactive and leveraging technology effectively, MBC Group ensures its continued growth and relevance in an increasingly digital world.

Fostering a Culture of Integrity, Innovation, and Collaboration

At the heart of MBC Group and EcoClaim’s success, lies cultures deeply rooted in integrity, innovation, and collaboration. Under the guidance of Ross Huartt, these core values permeate every aspect of the organization, shaping its identity and driving its growth. Ross’s unwavering commitment to integrity sets the tone for both MBC Group’s and EcoClaim’s operations, instilling trust and confidence among clients, employees, and stakeholders alike.

Innovation is not just encouraged but celebrated within MBC Group and EcoClaim. Ross is a firm advocate for cultivating an environment where creativity flourishes, empowering employees to think innovatively and explore new avenues. By embracing innovation as a driving force, MBC Group maintains its position at the forefront of industry trends, continually pushing boundaries and reshaping standards.

Collaboration is another key pillar of MBC Group’s culture, exemplified by Ross’s belief in the power of teamwork.  Through strategic alliances and partnerships, MBC Group harnesses collective expertise and resources to address intricate challenges and capitalize on growth opportunities.

As MBC Group progresses and extends its footprint in the insurance sector, its commitment to integrity, innovation, and collaboration remains steadfast. Under Ross’s guidance, MBC Group is primed to sustain its trajectory of success, driving positive transformation and leaving a lasting imprint on the industry.

Fostering Change: A Glimpse into a Transformational Journey

As the CEO of MBC Group, and both Founder and Chairman of EcoClaim, Ross navigates each day with a clear sense of purpose and determination. His roles encompass a diverse array of responsibilities, from strategic planning to team collaboration and client engagement. As a driving force for positive change, Ross epitomizes the spirit of fostering growth and creativity within MBC Group and EcoClaim.

Ross begins his day before the sun rises and uses meditation, physical exercise and professional experience to plan out MBC Group’s next strategic initiatives internally and externally.  Ross believes in the power of teamwork and actively fosters an environment where ideas are freely exchanged, and creativity flourishes. He regularly meets with existing clients to address their evolving needs, connects with teams to gather feedback and celebrate successes and forges new partnerships to expand the reach and impact of MBC Group and EcoClaim.  Drawing upon his extensive expertise in the industry, he evaluates market trends, identifies opportunities, and devises actionable strategies to propel the company forward.

Pathways Through Challenges

Motivated by the prospect of leading companies that not only excel in their services but also set new benchmarks for social responsibility and innovation, Ross began his entrepreneurial journey. His rise to leadership was driven by a compelling vision to challenge the norms and effect tangible change within the industry.  He was, and still is fueled by a commitment to confront challenges head-on, embrace change and collaborate with other leaders.

Throughout his career, he has encountered numerous obstacles, each serving as an opportunity to learn, evolve, and innovate. Instead of recoiling from adversity, Ross embraces it with an open mind and a problem-solving attitude, viewing each challenge as a chance to refine his skills and broaden his horizons. He says, “Challenges are indeed the crucibles that strengthen our resolve and sharpen our ingenuity. Each obstacle is an opportunity to learn, grow, and innovate. My philosophy is to embrace challenges with an open mind and a problem-solving attitude, ensuring that I / we emerge stronger.”

While these challenges may have initially seemed to present hurdles, Ross now views them as invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth. They compelled him to confront his limitations, think outside the box, and adapt to new circumstances, ultimately emerging stronger and more resilient. Ross acknowledges that adversity often unveils hidden strengths and untapped potential.

Harmony in Life: Ross Huartt’s Approach to Balance

For Ross, the pursuit of balance between personal and professional life is an ongoing journey filled with challenges and triumphs. The demands of leadership often blur the boundaries between work and personal time, yet he remains steadfast in his commitment to achieving balance as best as he can.  Even when he is in a constant stream of airports or on the road, Ross continues his daily practice of exercise and meditation.  He says, “If I didn’t work out on the road, I’d never work out!  It’s important to me to maintain balance, including sleeping hours and routines, even amidst a busy travel schedule.”

While the demands of running a company can sometimes overshadow personal commitments, Ross places utmost importance on his family and community. Despite the sacrifices inherent in his role, Ross is motivated by a deep-rooted desire to create a brighter future for his loved ones. Whether attending family gatherings or carving out quality time for his children, Ross ensures that his personal life receives the attention it deserves.

Charting the Course of Visionary Leadership for Tomorrow

Under his visionary leadership, both MBC Group and EcoClaim are not only shaping the present but also steering a path towards a brighter tomorrow. Committed to cultivating a culture of creativity, integrity, and impact, Ross is guiding MBC Group with unwavering passion and purpose. As MBC Group and EcoClaim extend their reach internationally and propel further advancement, Ross remains resolute in his mission to drive positive change. His enduring dedication ensures that the legacies of MBC Group and EcoClaim continue to thrive and leave an enduring imprint on the industry.

Moreover, Ross recognizes the vital importance of nurturing the next generation of leaders. Through mentorship and guidance, he imparts upon them the values of innovation, integrity, and social responsibility, empowering them to lead with confidence and conviction.

Inspiring Aspiring Leaders

For those aspiring to leadership roles in business, Ross Huartt shares invaluable insights gleaned from his own journey of experience and development.

“To aspiring leaders, remember that leadership is not just about vision; it’s about action. It’s about making the tough decisions with integrity, inspiring your team with your passion, and never stopping learning. Your journey will be filled with challenges, but it’s through these challenges that you will find your greatest opportunities for growth.”

By embracing the principles of integrity, innovation, and social responsibility, aspiring leaders have the potential to effect positive change and leave a lasting imprint on their surroundings.