Fernando Murias: The Tech Titan Taming the Spectrum Frontier for DGS

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The world of wireless technology is ever-evolving. Nevertheless, as it transforms, during its vulnerable stages, security threats loom large. But fear not, Fernando Murias, the visionary CEO of Digital Global Systems, Inc. (DGS), is on a mission to safeguard our critical assets and optimize networks for the dawning age of 5G. Earning his rightful place among “The Most Inspiring Tech CEOs to Follow in 2024,” Fernando spearheads a company at the forefront of wireless innovation. This interview dives deep into DGS’s cutting-edge solutions, its approach to navigating an industry in flux, and the steadfast passion that fuels its mission to revolutionize communication networks.

Digital Global Systems: Innovation Under Fernando’s Leadership

Digital Global Systems (DGS) has undergone a significant transformation under Fernando’s leadership. The company has evolved from focusing on automating interference detection to becoming a world leader in spectrum monitoring and optimization.

This shift has been driven by DGS’s impressive portfolio of over 180 issued patents. These patents grant DGS a leading edge in autonomous spectrum management techniques. DGS’s solutions provide near real-time spectrum observability, generating valuable data that aids in:

  • Facilitating the rollout of 5G services
  • Enabling the next generation of Radio Access Networks (RAN)
  • Ensuring the scalability of private wireless networks using Citizen Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) bands
  • Enabling Dynamic Spectrum Sharing

How is DGS Optimizing Networks?

DGS offers core solutions that go beyond simply detecting signals in the wireless environment. By processing signals at the edge and evaluating them across multiple dimensions using advanced AI, they provide actionable data tailored to specific customer goals. This unique approach offers valuable insights, enabling more efficient spectrum utilization within a given environment.

“DGS offers a comprehensive solution for persistent spectrum monitoring and autonomous spectrum optimization, fitting squarely in the trajectory of 5G communications, dynamic spectrum sharing, and new wireless services that will drive the digital economy,” explains Fernando. “One of the promises of 5G is the ability to support ultra-reliable, low-latency services. DGS RF Environmental Awareness provides the real-time spectrum feedback needed for these services.” By leveraging advanced machine learning and AI, DGS can classify signals and identify anomalies based on continuous monitoring and historical data, providing a comprehensive spectrum solution.

Unlocking the Potential of LTE & 5G: DGS Paves the Way for Seamless Connectivity

As LTE and 5G technologies become increasingly prevalent, ensuring optimal network performance and robust security measures are paramount. DGS tackles these challenges head-on by continuously adapting its solutions to meet the evolving needs of the wireless infrastructure.

Their secret weapon? Fernando explains that the company is helping traverse this transition through enhanced spectrum observability. By precisely analyzing spectrum usage, DGS can determine if a specific environment can support services requiring low latency and high reliability—a critical factor for emerging applications in the new digital economy. This capability, coupled with their dynamic spectrum-sharing technology, uniquely positions them to empower the next generation of wireless services.

Challenges and Solutions: DGS in a Shared Spectrum Future

The shift towards a shared spectrum environment, including upcoming auctions and potential future government reallocations, presents new complexities for the wireless industry. Incumbent carriers express concerns about the time and cost involved in this transition.

DGS recognizes these challenges. Fernando points out, “We’ve spent almost 7 years and $100 million to develop this technology and get it ready for deployment.” Their significant investment underlines the effort needed for a successful shift.

Furthermore, the veteran emphasizes the limitations of current data sets for AI-powered spectrum optimization. He argues that existing KPIs and market data are insufficient to achieve the expected gains. Here’s where DGS shines: “We have positioned our platform to deliver this information,” he concludes, highlighting their technology’s ability to provide the necessary data for effective AI solutions in a shared spectrum environment.

Fernando’s Formula for Success: Balancing Innovation, Partnerships, and Growth

Steering a company through the ever-altering tech domain requires a delicate touch. At DGS, Fernando prioritizes a three-pronged approach to ensure their continued success.

Innovation as the Engine: Business model development takes center stage. Here, the focus is on strategically expanding R&D efforts and constantly pushing the boundaries of their technology platform. This ensures that DGS remains at the forefront of the wireless industry, offering cutting-edge solutions to address emerging challenges.

Strength in Numbers: Strategic partnerships aren’t an afterthought. Fernando recognizes the power of collaboration. By forging strategic alliances, DGS bolsters its credibility and gains access to valuable resources. Partnering with industry leaders allows them to leverage complementary technologies and distribution channels, accelerating their reach and impact.

The Ultimate Goal:  While innovation and partnerships are essential, revenue growth remains the ultimate objective. However, this pursuit is a consequence at DGS, not the sole driver. They cultivate a fertile ground for sustainable revenue growth by prioritizing robust technology and strategic alliances. This ensures the company’s long-term viability while continuing to deliver best-in-class solutions.

Patenting the Future: How Fernando’s Foresight Secured DGS’s Innovative Edge

“Building a robust patent portfolio was a commitment from day one,” says Fernando, his eyes gleaming with the conviction of a pioneer. He wasn’t just building a company. This entrepreneur was forging a path into uncharted territory. He envisioned technology so groundbreaking that it wouldn’t be a quick win but a revolution.

Instead of chasing immediate profits, he made a crucial bet on the future, recognizing the paradigm shift that was to come from moving from a monolithic RAN to a virtual RAN based in the cloud. This new architecture paves the way for new wireless services, but it requires real-time knowledge of the wireless environment. Additionally, DGS saw the need for true dynamic spectrum sharing as a way to overcome the challenges of an ever-crowded spectrum long before it became a pillar in the US’s National Spectrum Strategy. It wasn’t merely about protecting ideas but securing a war chest of innovation. Just like a sculptor needs the right tools to craft a masterpiece, Fernando knew DGS needed a solid foundation to capture and process the intricate signals that would reshape the domain of spectrum monitoring and RF data management.

This foresight, combined with their ingenious data handling style, has transformed them into the industry’s Rosetta Stone. They aren’t just a company; they’re the key to unlocking a new era of communication—and that’s a quality that makes them a goldmine for potential partners.

DGS: Seeing the Spectrum Clearly for Flawless Communication

Wireless spectrum is a finite resource. With the advent of IoT, private wireless, more mobile phone users, and new applications that consume more bandwidth and drive more usage, spectrum crowding is becoming an untenable problem. Interference from adjacent networks can disrupt communications, creating a dangerous situation.

This is where DGS comes in. Using real-time awareness of the signal environment, they determine sources of interference and whether the setting will support low latency or high-reliability requirements. This ensures smooth operation for all users. Fernando notes: “Determining whether disparate signals can coexist in the same frequencies is a critical need when operating in a shared spectrum environment.”

DGS’ Contribution to Critical Asset Protection

DGS enhances Critical Asset Protection solutions by providing comprehensive Radio Frequency (RF) threat detection capabilities. Their solution offers several advantages over traditional methods:

  • Advanced Threat Detection: The company’s system goes beyond simply matching pre-defined drone signals. It leverages machine learning and AI to identify a wider range of RF threats, including novel drones, ensuring continuous protection against evolving threats.
  • Reduced False Positives: The automated alarming function minimizes false alarms, allowing security personnel to focus on genuine threats. This improves efficiency and reduces the risk of overlooking critical security events.

Message for Budding Entrepreneurs

In a message to aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to disrupt the wireless industry, Fernando, a prominent leader in the field, emphasizes the importance of perseverance. He acknowledges the slow pace of change, even when presented with superior technology. So, what’s the key to success? This stalwart leader suggests building strategic partnerships with established brands to amplify their value proposition and gain visibility.

Nurturing Talent and Fostering Innovation at DGS.: Insights from the CEO

In response to inquiries about DGS’s approach to talent development and fostering a culture of innovation, Fernando shares insights into the company’s strategies and achievements. He highlights, “My CTO (Chief Technology Officer) loves to teach and holds regular sessions on various technical topics for employees over pizza after hours.” This commitment to continuous learning cultivates a culture of collaboration and development throughout the organization.

Moreover, this industry veteran proudly asserts, “We lead every company in the world in the cornerstone areas that enable spectrum optimization, and we are all very proud of that accomplishment.” His remarks underscore DGS’s data-driven approach to creating an innovative and high-achieving environment, a model for the tech industry.

The Inexorable Drive for Bridging the Communication Gap at DGS

Fernando, a key leader at DGS, isn’t just driven by success. He’s fueled by a mission to improve communication networks. This dedication is evident when he talks about DGS’s early challenges. From radio placement shifts to the rise of small cells and 5G, this accomplished executive describes how the market threw curveballs, but DGS never struck out. Their success mantra? Anticipation and agility. By constantly talking to clients, they understood evolving needs and stayed ahead of the game. This perseverance and its unique technology platform place DGS perfectly to usher in the new era of the digital economy.