Hudi Shehu – A Technology & Software Professional Helping People Transform Their Data, People, And Organisation

Hard work is the most important key to success. Achievements without hard work are impossible. We tend to put in hard work and dedicate ourselves to something we are most interested in and love doing. Hudi Shehu, CEO of Postjer Group believes that success is defined as being able to say, ‘I love what I do.’ He states that every day, he is reminded of this statement because, no matter how arduous the journey to his objectives might be, he is successful because he does what he wants, creates digital products, and follows his passion. “I am following my passion and making my entire dream a reality,” says Hudi.

Leading a company to success isn’t an easy road to take

Prosperous companies owe their success to a truly distinctive way of providing value, a powerful set of capabilities, and coherence between their strategy and their capabilities. Postjer was born as an idea in 2020 but the decision to become part of this industry came in 2021. “I knew that digital transformation would become part of every business development strategy, although it wasn’t going so fast. Hence, looking at current digital systems which at the moment are very complex, we thought about coming into this field with new innovations where the main goal would be a better experience for users of any platform that Postjer will create,’ explains Hudi. It is not very difficult to lead a company to success where the spirit of the whole team and the motivation is so high.

Challenges amplify your achievements

When you have to overcome multiple challenges to reach your goal, you appreciate your achievement all the more; these challenges serve as amplifiers for your success. At times certain accomplishments wouldn’t feel as valuable if they were less challenging. “The challenges I went through may not have been the toughest, but they have taught me a lot,” states Hudi. He has learned that running a business is a very big responsibility. You have to withstand the pressure and keep the balance between running a team and selling. Hudi has always tried to be a leader to his team while sharing his vision with them.

The growth of Postjer under Hudi’s leadership

Postjer’s idea and the concept were developed with his team through everyday learning of what clients needed. Their growth initiated when they started designing and coding for Postjer CMS and the website builder, which will include CRM and Marketing Tools for all users as well. “What I am trying to implement together with Postjer’s vision is a platform where you can find the service you want, for both individuals and businesses,” Hudi explains. Creating a website today is very complex and they are doing their best to make it simpler, but a website without marketing and data management is almost nothing.

Postjer will come with new plans for the Postjer CMS platform, for CRM and Marketing tools but also with platforms that will automate many processes for small and medium businesses, which have a limited budget for technology. “What I can say is that Postjer will be part of the Mobility industry with an application for booking taxis and vehicles with renewable energy as well as a platform where it will connect all businesses to work with each other on different projects,” he explains.

Best recognition received as a leader

Hudi’s passion for technology started at the age of 6 after his family created the first radio in the city where he was born and raised, so he grew up with these devices. In addition, to exploring everything while being part of the everyday life in the business they had, he gradually learned how to sell a product and how to gain a customer at a young age, and those were his first lessons in entrepreneurship.

The best knowledge he claims to have received as a manager was when they had just created their clothing brand, in meetings with business executives from the Chamber of Commerce, and after the opening of Postjer Ltd where many successful entrepreneurs have congratulated and eagerly awaited Postjer projects.

Responsibilities as CEO and leader at Postjer

Before Postjer was created Hudi, who describes himself as a ‘Relentless’ person, was active in the field of technology and clothing. Sometime in 2015, he started creating online sites for local businesses, and in 2016 an information media portal for his city. “With the great support of my family in 2017, one of my dreams started to come true when we started producing different clothing items under our family brand ‘Gerid Clothing’ through some partners we had,” he says. For him, it was one of the most beautiful periods as he learned more about how to run a business and Hudi put into practice all the lessons he had learned at a young age.

At Postjer the responsibilities are bigger, every day he tries to do his best to create a product that will be flexible for the customers. One of his biggest responsibilities is to make sure that all the data and customer information is as safe as possible. “I have achieved and grown a lot professionally, but I have not yet reached what I dream of. We will continue to build more digital platforms that will bring powerful and simple interactions for individuals and small or medium businesses,” states Hudi.

Maintaining work-life balance

“It has never been difficult for me to maintain a balance between my personal and professional life,” Hudi claims. The time when he was working with his family and studying prepared him for the stage where he is now. He managed to schedule his day to give himself time for all the other activities outside of work. “What I say to myself, and the entire Postjer team is that we are the ones who will change the way many businesses operate, market products as simple as possible, and have harmony between customers as if they were part of our family,” he says.

Hudi states that he will always tell young business leaders to never stop chasing their passion. He thinks that the moment you think you cannot go further, new ideas and new solutions arise, in this moment give yourself and your brain more time to relax and look at situations from a different perspective.