Greg Price: Pioneering Laser Cleaning & Restoration with Cutting-Edge Innovation

Greg Price, CEO of Advanced Laser Restoration, believes that in the journey of life and leadership, two profound truths emerge: there are no failures, only lessons, and there exist three kinds of people—those who make it happen, those who watch it happen, and those who wonder what just happened. This encapsulates the essence of resilience, action, and learning that drive individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness.

Unveiling Success Through Resilience and Innovation

“Success is not just the mere accomplishment of goals; it’s deeply rooted in the journey of overcoming obstacles that many perceive as insurmountable or too risky to undertake,” says Greg. He sees success as a journey marked by resilience, innovation, and courage, challenging commonly accepted limits. “Success, in this light, is not just about reaching a destination, but about the resilience, innovation, and courage displayed in the face of adversity.”

“For me, success is not merely a personal triumph but is like a light that guides and motivates, making the seemingly impossible, possible,” says Greg, emphasizing the role of success in personal growth and inspiring others by example. “Such a path inevitably leads to personal development, equipping us with lessons and strengths that are invaluable not just in our future pursuits but in inspiring others to push past their initial limitations.”

In his extensive industry experience, Greg has contributed significantly to market development in the LED lighting sector, similar to the challenges faced in laser cleaning. Today, LED lighting is widespread, reflecting the potential for Advanced Laser Restoration to achieve similar success.

“As industry pioneers, we are charting new paths. My previous experience in product and market development within the LED lighting sector has significantly contributed to our current market position, demonstrating many similarities,” Greg notes. “Initially, much like with laser cleaning, the LED lighting industry was relatively unknown, necessitating a concerted effort to educate the market on its applications and advantages. Today, LED lighting has become ubiquitous.”

Greg draws parallels between his past experiences and the potential for Advanced Laser Restoration to achieve similar success, stating, “In the same vein, I am confident that Advanced Laser Restoration will soon play a pivotal role in our industry, drawing on these parallels to achieve widespread recognition and adoption.”

Revolutionizing Surface Cleaning: The Advanced Laser Restoration Franchise

Advanced Laser Restoration stands as the premier franchise in laser cleaning, offering an innovative and environmentally friendly solution for surface cleaning and restoration. This franchise opportunity provides entrepreneurs with a unique business venture in a burgeoning industry, serving clients across the industrial, historical preservation, automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing sectors.

At the heart of ALR’s services lies laser cleaning, a cutting-edge process that utilizes laser technology to remove contaminants, rust, paint, graffiti, oil, soot and other materials from surfaces without causing damage. This non-contact, precise, and efficient method is favored for its ability to preserve original surfaces while adhering to environmental and safety standards by eliminating the need for secondary waste or chemicals.

Franchisees of ALR receive state-of-the-art laser cleaning systems and comprehensive training in their operation, maintenance, and safety protocols. This ensures that franchisees can deliver top-notch services and expert guidance to their clients. Moreover, ALR supports its franchise network with marketing resources, technical assistance, and ongoing research and development to stay at the forefront of laser cleaning technology.

Leading Innovation and Growth at Advanced Laser Restoration

Greg wears many hats as CEO of Advanced Laser Restoration (ALR), where he oversees various operations within the company. “Growing a franchise brand in a new technology space like laser cleaning is challenging but also rewarding, and I have a great team that makes it possible!” he declares. “My focus is on growth, R&D, manufacturing, and improving the overall system. I really enjoy the chance I get to talk with each new prospective franchisee and learn their background and what about ALR intrigues them.”

Greg reflects on his overall work toward the company’s development and service evaluation, stating, “The development started way before I realized it. Having built multiple businesses before, the collective knowledge and skills were instrumental in building the Advanced Laser Restoration Brand.” His strong product development and manufacturing background, along with his involvement in laser safety enclosure manufacturing, paved the way for the creation of ALR. “Looking at the current processes like chemicals, sandblasting, and hand sanding, this was a no-brainer! So, I pivoted during COVID and launched this new venture.”

Cultivating Integrity and Innovation: A Commitment to Excellence

Greg ensures a culture of integrity and innovation within the company and the Advanced Laser Restoration franchisee network by fostering open communication, promoting transparency, and encouraging constructive feedback. “We promote transparency and encourage constructive feedback at all levels, ensuring a foundation of trust and integrity,” says Greg. “Continuous learning is a cornerstone, providing professional development opportunities and valuing the lessons from both successes and failures.”

The team upholds the highest ethical standards, guided by a clear code of conduct and a commitment to accountability. “Our innovation-focused environment allows time for employees and franchisees to explore passion projects, leveraging diverse backgrounds to foster unique solutions,” Greg explains.

Leadership by example is central, acting with integrity, fostering curiosity, and celebrating achievements and innovative solutions. “We act with integrity and foster curiosity, laying the groundwork for an innovative mindset throughout our network,” Greg emphasizes. “Recognition and rewards are pivotal; we celebrate achievements and innovative solutions, fostering a merit-based culture of appreciation.”

Collaboration is encouraged, and embracing adaptability and change is viewed as an opportunity, incorporating agile practices for dynamic responsiveness. “We encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration and equip our teams and franchisees with state-of-the-art tools, fostering innovation through shared perspectives,” Greg notes. “Embracing adaptability, we view change as an opportunity, incorporating agile practices to remain dynamic and responsive.”

This approach supports the internal team and strengthens the entire franchisee network, attracting individuals passionate about learning, research, and leading-edge restoration techniques. Greg stays abreast of the growing competition in the industry through a team effort. “Insights from the field from franchisees, in addition to our continued R&D department, give us valuable information on the direction we need to be moving in based on the fast-paced growth of this industry,” he says.

Navigating Roadblocks: Lessons in Humility and Perseverance

Reflecting on the challenges he has faced in his professional journey, Greg observes, “The ‘you only know what you know’ is the ever-moving roadblock. The more you learn and overcome, the more you realize you have a lot more to learn!”

But, for Greg, these roadblocks have taught him the importance of humility and relying on and seeking out the knowledge of others when appropriate. “If you can do that, then you can keep moving the roadblocks and achieve anything you put your mind to,” he insists.

Greg highlights his greatest achievement as a transformational leader in the industry, stating, “Introducing laser cleaning and restoration at scale as a franchise opportunity had never been done before! Now growing internationally and bringing awareness as the only brand to have done this is very satisfying.”

“There are no failures, only lessons.”

Shaping the Future: Influencing the Next Generation in Sustainability and Innovation

Reflecting on his views on influencing the next generation, Greg points out that making an influential impact on the next generation, particularly as a pioneering brand in a niche market like laser cleaning, offers a unique opportunity to shape industry standards, promote sustainability, and foster innovation. His approach centers around sustainability, education, and technology.

“As the first laser cleaning franchise brand, there is a significant opportunity to set a high standard for environmental stewardship,” Greg notes. “Laser cleaning technology itself is inherently more eco-friendly than traditional cleaning methods, as it often requires no chemicals and produces no secondary waste.” By emphasizing these green credentials, the brand can influence the industry and the wider community to adopt more sustainable practices.

“Education is another crucial pillar,” Greg emphasizes. This involves training franchisees and their employees on the technical aspects of laser cleaning and educating customers, industry partners, and the general public about its benefits over traditional methods. Workshops, seminars, and content marketing strategies can highlight case studies, the science behind laser cleaning, and its diverse applications, building awareness and understanding to drive demand and adoption.

“Staying at the forefront of technology and innovation is essential,” Greg explains. This includes continuously improving the technology itself and how the service is delivered. Implementing software solutions for better customer service, leveraging data analytics for operational efficiency, and exploring new applications of laser cleaning technology in various industries can inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, engineers, and environmentalists to pursue careers that contribute to a more sustainable and technologically advanced society.

Navigating Entrepreneurship and Leadership

A regular day at work for Greg consists of various activities, including team check-ins, sales updates, market analysis, state registrations, legal paperwork, product development meetings, vendor collaborations, and franchisee training and development. Despite the busy schedule, he finds time for lunch.

“Anyone who’s a growth-oriented entrepreneur knows this is a fine line that we walk,” Greg reflects on maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. “I wish I had the perfect answer, but there are sacrifices that are made on both sides.” While balance may be elusive, Greg believes compromise is key in navigating this delicate balance.

Greg’s personal goal is to one day mentor up-and-coming leaders and professionals, inspired by those who have helped him. “To help them the way some have helped me. Pay it forward!” Greg emphasizes the importance of prioritizing safety in the field, advising, “In the field of laser cleaning, SAFETY FIRST! Don’t cut corners to get ahead. Lead by example.”


Greg Price’s innovative leadership and groundbreaking contributions in the field of laser cleaning and restoration have not only shaped industry standards but also inspired a new generation of entrepreneurs and environmentalists. His relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a commitment to sustainability and innovation, has set a high benchmark for the industry.

By fostering a culture of integrity, continuous learning, and technological advancement, Greg has not only achieved remarkable success but also left a lasting impact on the industry and the community at large.

“There are only three kinds of people: The ones who make it happen, the ones who watch it happen, and the ones who wonder what just happened.”