JA Delmas becomes Neemba: Transition to a New Vision and Identity.

The JA Delmas network marked a decisive turning point in its history last October, when it officially revealed its new name at a high-profile event in Dakar.

Jean-Luc Konan, who took over the reins of the Cat dealer network in West Africa a year ago, proudly presented ‘Neemba’ as the company’s new name, marking the start of a new chapter for the Neemba Group.

This strategic shift reflects the company’s relocation to its roots in Africa, in line with the continent’s growth dynamics, while maintaining European units to facilitate international transactions. The inspiration for the name ‘Neemba’, which derives from Mount Nimba, the highest peak in West Africa, underlines the company’s determination to contribute actively to the continent’s development, while remaining in line with international requirements. Four values – Leadership, Innovation, Vivacity and Exemplarity – guide this renewed ambition, for the long term.

A key element of this transition is the reaffirmation of the Group’s commitment to African governance. Neemba has united its 11 subsidiaries under an integrated vision, emphasizing its dedication to innovation, partnership, and operational excellence in line with its mission statement: Build a land of excellence. Central to this strategy is the empowerment of our employees. By focusing on continuous learning and development initiatives, we acknowledge that our people are our most valuable asset in driving innovation and excellence throughout Africa.

The event was also an opportunity to give guests an exclusive preview of the world-class Component Rebuild Centre currently under construction, due to open in 2024. This major investment is tangible proof of Neemba’s commitment to innovation, geared towards customer service excellence. It also illustrates the company’s determination to remain at the forefront of the industry, adopting methods that are both modern and eco-responsible.

With a solid partnership spanning more than 90 years with Caterpillar, complemented by collaboration with other manufacturers such as Epiroc, Manitou, Trimble, Sullair and Teksan, and a network of more than 2,500 employees, including 850 technicians, Neemba is reaffirming its commitment to consolidating its position as a leader in services for the Mining, Construction, Energy and Industrial Sectors. The Group is moving towards a model based on high value-added services with more than €700m of assets in Africa, thereby strengthening its customer proximity, while adjusting its commercial offering to proactively integrate local content requirements with its 4,000 existing customers, while facilitating the entry and development of new players.

To find out more about Neemba and its renewed commitment to Africa, visit their website at www.neemba.com.