The tradition behind the birthday surprises

The tradition of celebrating birthday surprises goes back to centuries. The idea of celebrating the date of your birth comes from the pagan tradition. Birthday celebrations weren’t very popular among Christians back then because of its link to paganism. The history of birthdays came as pagans thought the evil spirits lurked around with malicious intentions during major days of changes, like the time you grew a year older. There were also ancient Greek philosophies that believed that spirits attended one on their birthdays to keep a watch. The spirits were believed to have a mystic connection with God in the days an individual was born as narrated by the booklore of birthdays.

Birthdays and the various events surrounding it :

As time progressed, many inclusions have changed the way birthdays are celebrated. From birthday candles to birthday surprises, here are some of the most famous customs and the history behind them.

The significance of blowing candles on one’s birthdays.

This initially began as an attempt to ward off evil spirits. A light into the darkness, they are the gateway to hope. The Germans were credited with the involvement of the kid’s birthday tradition. With the pop culture inclusions on the rise, came the happy birthday to you song which has been on the run ever since then.

Birthday surprises

As times have progressed, birthdays have become one of the most interesting and exciting days that people wait for all around the year. From having a cake as a birthday surprise to the wildly decorated backdrop to vacations to throwing away lavishly themed parties, people have gone wildly creative with the ways that birthdays are celebrated. From the modest celebrations of cutting a cake in pyjamas to the extravaganza of celebration like flying your whole family to a private island like the Kardashians, birthday celebrations have notched up various global variations.

Some ideas for celebrating a birthday this pandemic.

 Let’s talk about virtual hangout.

This pandemic has made us aware of the varied amount of video calling apps that are present on the internet. Google Hangouts, Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp are namely some of the most popular ones. With the advantage of choosing over 100 people at once, choose a close circle and celebrate a small virtual get away with them. Set up the mood lighting, and order a cake and feel as close as possible to your loved ones. What better birthday surprise can one have than having a blessed birthday encircled in the warmth of their loved ones.

Hand-made birthday surprises.

In the hard times of the pandemic, everything that matters now is a little show of love and care. These hard times have already taken a toll on the lives of many and the uncertainty is indeed gloomy. But having a handmade birthday surprise embedded in some special thoughts is more than enough to have someone’s spirits uplifted during their socially distant birthdays.

 What about a celebrity shout-out?

We are sure most of you were unaware of it. What’s more exciting a birthday surprise than having a personal shout-out from your favorite day. For anywhere from $2 to $2,500, you can request a birthday video message via cameo from celebrities making it a birthday celebration that’s hard to forget.

Send them a tasty treat:

While we know there are hardly people out there who would not jump with joy once gifted from their favorite takeaway. Rightly so, make your loved ones jump with delight as you send them a birthday surprise filled with the joy of helping them dig into a great mood as you send them contactless deliveries of their favorite food. And bingo! You’re the angel that’s needed in these hard times.

Birthdays are a reminder that life is beautiful.

Your birthday only comes around once a year, and it has a lot of power to transform and help you come out of any battle that you’ve been holding onto. Birthday comes with a list of never-ending reasons as to why you should celebrate your birthday. Spread across various cultures, birthdays are a blessing and a reminder that God still wants you to go out and do everything that you haven’t done as of yet.