Anna Gräbner: A Visionary Leader Transforming Healthcare with Innovation and Inclusivity

In a world where innovation is key to progress, Anna Gräbner, CEO of the Genolier Innovation Hub, stands out as a visionary leader dedicated to transforming healthcare. Her goals not only focus on advancing medical and technological advancements but also in fostering a supportive environment for all professionals in business.

Through her vision and actions, Anna embodies the qualities of a successful businesswoman, inspiring others to aim high and pursue their passions with determination.

From Hospitality Integration to Startup Engagement

Anna’s background before leading the Genolier Innovation Hub spanned innovation, medicine, and management, involving projects across various sectors. She states, “From the start, and above all, what has always motivated me deeply is the integration of hospitality standards into the hospital setting, convinced that it can significantly improve the patient’s experience by humanizing care.”

This perspective led her to explore initiatives where fundamental principles of hospitality are integrated into the strict and often impersonal context of hospitalization, promoting holistic healing by considering patients’ emotional and physical needs.

Anna’s engagement with the startup ecosystem broadened her insights into business development, networking, and fundraising, which are vital for navigating entrepreneurial challenges. Her varied experiences, pursuit of excellence, and passion for innovation have equipped her to steer the Genolier Innovation Hub towards becoming a leader in medical innovation.

Redefining Success with Impact, Innovation, and Integrity

Anna’s vision of success is built around three essential pillars: impact, innovation, and integrity. She believes that success is not measured merely by personal achievements or profits, but rather by the lasting impact one has on the world, the ability to innovate responsibly, and the commitment to act with integrity.

Anna emphasizes, “Impact reflects our ability to generate positive and tangible change in society, particularly in the fields of health and technology. Innovation represents our ongoing quest to push the boundaries of knowledge, in order to meet future challenges. Finally, integrity emphasizes the importance of transparency, respect, and honesty in all our actions and interactions.”

A Hub for Translational Research and Development

The Genolier Innovation Hub is a significant project aiming to be recognized as a unique location in Switzerland for research and development. Spanning over 25,000 sqm, this scientific and medical platform will welcome global health stakeholders, encompassing the fields of MedTech, pharmacology, digital technologies, and biosciences.

Its primary mission, as Anna explains, is “translational research, the promotion of innovations, their acceleration and development, as well as training and education.” The Genolier Innovation Hub aims to be the focal intersection for clinical application in a real-world setting, meeting the needs of the medical community, startups in their launch phase, health industries, hospitals, and academic institutions, both on a national and international level. This Hub is set to open its doors in September 2024.

Anna emphasizes that carrying the name ‘Innovation Hub’ mandates constant innovation in every imaginable aspect, noting, “Therefore, self-reflection is essential for success, highlighting the need to continually reassess and adapt our strategies.” The vision of the Genolier Innovation Hub, as Anna describes it, is rooted in the ambition to become a global center of excellence.

She states, “Our goal is to build a unique innovation ecosystem in Europe, where translational research, the acceleration and development of innovations, as well as education, are seen as fundamental levers for progress.”

“Carrying the name ‘Innovation Hub’ mandates constant innovation in every imaginable aspect.”

Transforming Healthcare with Collaborative Innovation

As CEO of the Genolier Innovation Hub, Anna works to create a synergistic environment where teamwork and innovation in healthcare and related fields are prioritized. Furthermore, she and her team take an active part in developing and expanding partnerships both locally and internationally to broaden the impact and scope of their initiatives.

Her responsibilities are not limited to daily operations but also extend to shaping the long-term aspirations of the Hub. They are dedicated to exploring the intricate intersection of healthcare and technology, with a goal to keep them at the cutting edge of innovation and contribute meaningfully to the progression of these sectors.

Anna’s role as CEO involves guiding the operational and strategic direction of the Genolier Innovation Hub, focusing on collaborative innovation in healthcare. The Hub aspires to be a catalyst for profound and positive change, facilitating a fruitful exchange of ideas and resources for the good of all. It offers a unique added value by wishing to work hand in hand with all actors of the health ecosystem, including incubators, hospitals, and academic institutions.

Contrary to a traditional approach focused on competition, Anna explains that their strategy is based on collaboration and openness. She believes that collaboration is crucial for progress and the key to advancing together in the health domain and welcomes the emergence of other medical innovation hubs.

“Our approach aims to complement and enrich what already exists without reinventing the wheel or breaking the valuable links with these actors. We firmly believe that, instead of working in silos, we enrich each other to overcome the complexities of the health domain. Should other medical innovation hubs emerge, we would welcome them with enthusiasm, convinced that collaboration is the key to advancing together. This collaborative approach is, in our opinion, the only way to make progress in a sector where access to innovation is crucial and sometimes hindered. Thus, the Genolier Innovation Hub aspires to be more than just a player in the health innovation landscape, but a catalyst for profound and positive change, facilitating a fruitful exchange of ideas and resources for the good of all,” she elaborates.

A Leadership Journey Focusing on Human Impact and Innovation

Anna describes leading an organization to success as a continuous learning process, involving navigating challenges, adapting to change, and fostering a culture of innovation. She believes that each obstacle encountered has been a stepping stone, shaping their path forward.

Anna believes that the greatest achievement for a leader is the human aspect, including having a motivated team committed to optimizing patient health, stating, “Above all the objectives a leader might set, in my view, the human aspect constitutes the greatest achievement. Not just in having a motivated and fulfilled team by their everyday experiences, but also in the entire team’s commitment to optimizing the patient’s health.”

Anna emphasizes the importance of placing the patient at the center of concerns, noting that, “Patient” is a paradoxical term that gently reminds us that life’s unpredictable nature touches us all, leading to moments when we may seek for care and support. Therefore, it’s fundamental for the whole team to feel that they have an impact, no matter how small, on placing the patient at the center of our concerns.

Anna sees this focus on human impact as a fundamental aspect of leadership, highlighting a collective commitment to advancing health and research. “It goes without saying that the creation and development of the Hub represent the realization of an ambitious vision, marking a significant achievement in leadership. This underscores a collective commitment to advancing health and research, providing a supportive framework for innovation and the development of tomorrow’s health solutions,” she observes.

Anna approaches challenges as opportunities to discover new ideas, rather than as barriers. She views roadblocks as creative opportunities to interact with the world from a different angle, reflecting her belief that challenges can lead to better outcomes than if the journey had been smooth.

“I approach every new situation not as an obstacle, but as a direction to take or to navigate around. This perspective stems from my upbringing and my approach to life: I do not see challenges as barriers, but rather as opportunities to discover new ideas, which sometimes turn out to be better than if the journey had been smooth. Therefore, what one might call ‘roadblocks’ are, in my eyes, more like creative opportunities to perceive and interact with the world from a different angle,” Anna explains.

Breaking Barriers: Redefining Leadership in Healthcare

Anna sees challenges as opportunities to redefine norms, especially regarding gender and age in leadership. She emphasizes, “While challenges exist, I see them as opportunities to redefine norms. In my role, I strive to support the next generation, by breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity.”

At 30 years old, Anna brings a fresh perspective and an unwavering commitment to demonstrate that age and gender are not limitations in the pursuit of leadership roles. “I believe that impact comes from authenticity and determination, and I am dedicated to highlighting the strength and capacity of each person can bring to the forefront of the professional world. Through my journey, I hope to contribute to a future where diversity is celebrated and everyone is encouraged to lead with confidence and resilience, without distinction of age or gender,” she asserts.

Anna believes that impact comes from authenticity and determination, and she is dedicated to highlighting the strength and capacity of each person to bring to the forefront of the professional world. Through her journey, she hopes to contribute to a future where diversity is celebrated, and everyone is encouraged to lead with confidence and resilience, without distinction of age or gender.

A Multifaceted Leader Prioritizing Personal Activities for Inspiration

Anna’s workday is anything but typical, filled with challenges and discoveries that fuel her passion for innovation in healthcare. She appreciates the multitude of roles she gets to play, actively contributing to the Hub’s mission of transforming scientific and medical discoveries into concrete applications that improve healthcare.

Anna approaches the challenge of maintaining a balance between her personal and professional life with a well-defined strategy focused on time management, demarcation of life spheres, and sustained attention to her well-being. Her weekly schedule is balanced to include professional demands and dedicated periods for personal activities.

“The key lies in prioritization and effective delegation of tasks to concentrate on strategic decisions, while allowing my team to grow and flourish,” Anna emphasizes, “I do not have a typical day, which for me is a source of motivation and fulfillment. Each day is a new adventure, rich in challenges and discoveries, fueling my passion for innovation in the healthcare sector. What I particularly appreciate is the multitude of roles I get to play on a daily basis. Each role I assume enables me to actively contribute to the Hub’s mission: transforming scientific and medical discoveries into concrete applications that improve healthcare.”

Anna finds that sports, music, and culture play a crucial role, offering her the opportunity to step back from work and draw new inspiration. However, she acknowledges that her main source of energy and inspiration comes from her family and friends, who form the foundation of her motivation, inspiration, and strength.

Anna considers her profession not just as a job but as a passion. Going to work is a pleasure and not an obligation, a privilege she fully appreciates. She feels that the word, “multifaceted” best describes her, highlighting her dedication to innovation, adaptability, and the drive to establish the Hub as a nexus of excellence in healthcare.

“I am sincerely grateful to have the opportunity to consider my profession not as a job, but as a passion.”

Promoting Equal Opportunities and Mentorship for Women

Anna’s priority as a businesswoman is to ensure that the Genolier Innovation Hub remains at the forefront of progress and serves as a springboard for technologies and discoveries that can transform health and well-being. She states, “The ambition to make medical and technological advancements accessible to a broader range of stakeholders in this field, from startups to academic institutions and patients, guides my daily actions.”

Anna’s second goal is to create an environment that promotes equal opportunities and mentorship for women in all aspects of the business world, particularly in STEM and healthcare, where women are often underrepresented. She believes it is crucial to build spaces that encourage diversity, inclusion, and are primarily based on skills.

Anna also aims to instill a culture of excellence, open innovation, and collaboration, acknowledging that great achievements stem from teamwork, knowledge sharing, and interdisciplinary synergy. To women aspiring to a career in the business world, Anna shares this inspiring message:

“Don’t be afraid to aim high and pursue your passions with determination. Be ready to take calculated risks and learn from every experience, whether it is a success or a failure. Every obstacle is an opportunity to learn and grow. With perseverance and resilience, it is possible to reach impressive heights and leave a lasting, even if small, imprint.”


Anna’s story is a testament to the power of perseverance and resilience in the face of challenges. Her dedication to advancing healthcare and promoting diversity and inclusion serves as an inspiration to aspiring businesswomen everywhere. As Anna continues to lead the way in innovation and collaboration, her message remains clear: with determination and a focus on excellence, anything is possible.

“With perseverance and resilience, it is possible to reach impressive heights and leave a lasting, even if small, imprint.”