Dark Rhino Security Enables SMBs Stay Threat-Proof

The 10 Best Enterprise Cyber Security Solution Providers 2021

Companies, irrespective of size and industry, are vulnerable to cyber security threats. Security challenges that a small-and-medium-sized business (SMBs) face are no different from that of a large enterprise. The latter are also prone to malware, phishing, viruses, and other cybersecurity threats. And, when compromised, they too face the same risks as that of their larger counterparts.

Owing to the smaller size, SMBs often have weaker cyber security capabilities in place. Often technologies, processes, people, and costs in cybersecurity are all geared towards enterprise clients leaving the SMB customer to make do with the limited resources available to them. And that makes them more vulnerable.

“There are not many security providers in the marketplace, who understand what SMBs need and offer them solutions catering to their business needs. Moreover, implementing cybersecurity that provides defense in depth, with all the components coordinated, integrated, and executed is an extremely difficult problem,” says Kevin Casey, Co-Founder, Equity Partner and CEO.

This is where Dark Rhino Security (DRS) comes into the picture. DRS, a network security firm, brings enterprise-level cyber security and risk mitigation to SMBs.

“We help enable a standards-based approach to security that provides a reliable, repeatable framework for managing multiple types of security incidents across your systems of choice,” adds Kevin.

Dark Rhino Security Helps SMBs Stay Cyberthreat-Proof

Organizations of all sizes should have access to affordable world-class solutions to protect their data, their operations, and their reputation. Dark Rhino offers 30% lower than comparable programs and can work in a hybrid model to compliment in-house security teams.

Founded in 2017, Dark Rhino Security helps businesses accelerate detection, reduce false alerts, and improve response times with an intelligent use of automation and orchestration, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

When it comes to consumer identity and access management (CIAM), DRS can align companies to capture, manage and administer a consumer identity program. And, in terms of identity and access management (IAM) it can make logging in easier for users and secure for an organization with single sign-on and risk-based multifactor authentication.

“Our fully hosted OKTA MFA platform is priced @ $12.00 per user per month.  In the sub 2000 category there is not a better price to be had,” notes Kevin.

DRS’ email security-as-a-service is powered by IRONSCALES. It allows DRS to deploy advanced multi-point inspection email security that is driven by AI.

“In practice this solution has caught phishing emails missed by other anti-phishing solutions. We are IRONSCALES first partner in North America and act as a license aggregator and distributor for them in the Americas,” adds Kevin.

DRS can inspect MS365 settings to ensure they meet security benchmark standards set by CIS. These are settings that are not widely known to people when they purchase Microsoft 365 email service. DRS can inspect the email admin settings and offer steps to remediate issues uncovered. Once that is complete, the team regularly inspect these settings and can alert when something changes that would open the organization to greater risk.

What We Offer:

OKTA: The Okta™ Identity Cloud offers one trusted platform to secure every identity within an organization and manage access and authentication.

MSSP: Managed Security Services Provisioning offers monitoring and management of devices and systems to equip companies with a solid cybersecurity posture.

Governance, Risk and Compliance: Services to assist organizations align their business objectives with technology while simultaneously managing risks and meeting compliance requirements.

I𝜋&r(MDR): A proactive approach to prevention, identification, and response to keep environments compromise-free and isolate threats, preventing legal, reputation, financial and data losses.

Association Solutions: Web solutions that standardize and automate processes with the help of modern management and coordination tools. Designed for associations with multiple chapters and members located around the world.

Services to MSSPs: White Label services for MSPs and MSSPs that require added security expertise and staff.

DRS Helps a Major Trade Company Implement IAM Solution on Legacy System with Minimal Operational Downtime

A major trade company that facilitates North American cross-border trade and has service locations along the Canada-U.S. border wanted to implement a comprehensive Identity and Access Management (IAM)/ Okta™ solution. The company largely relied on its legacy systems for day-to-day operations and wanted them to be accommodated during the integration.

The impacts of integrating Office 365 with Okta™ and switching the domain from managed authentication to federation were unknown. Several of these tools lacked official Okta™ documentation detailing how they would function after the changeover. Moreover, if not done right, there were chances of disruption to daily operations.

DRS offered flexibility and willingness to accommodate the existing systems. DRS could install the clients’ tools in a lab environment and accurately detail the process and down time associated with the switch from legacy authentication (username and password) to single sign-on (SSO) for their VPN as remote access was critical to their business.

DRS also offered 100% clarity regarding the changeover to migrate authentication schemes while minimizing business impacts. Additionally, DRS’ Okta™ Level 3 certification made them ideal candidates to train the client’s in-house IT staff and ensure a smooth transition post-mortem.

DRS orchestrated extensive troubleshooting to synchronize the client’s tools with SSO and developed a comprehensive report on the timelines associated with the integrations. Most application integrations were straightforward once DRS laid the foundations and configured the client’s Okta™ tenant to match security best practices.

Dark Rhino Security Leadership

Kevin Casey, Co-Founder, Equity Partner and CEO

An organizational behaviorist by education, Kevin’s career has been spent rising the ranks of one of the leading management consulting firms, to helping IPO a 3 billion company to starting no less than seven start-ups.

His vision is to build companies following the tenets of the Blue Ocean Strategy, which helps enable strategists “to ask a fundamentally different sets of questions,” the answers to which, in turn, have helped him and his team create true “value innovation”

Manoj Tandon, Co-Founder, Equity Partner and CSSO

An Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineer by Education, Manoj’s career has spanned Design Engineering and Consulting, helping venture backed startups and large conglomerates establish sales programs in new markets, and being involved with 5 startups, and being a founder and executive in three of them.

His goal is establishing a strong valuation for Dark Rhino Security through a strong sales model built on recurring revenue driven by services conceived with Value Innovation. He strongly believes the only opinion that matters, is the customers. It is only through having great customer support that a great company can be built.

Future Outlook
The threat landscape is constantly changing. Dark Rhino, built on providing value innovation through the execution of Blue Ocean Strategy, has been constantly evolving its products to meet the changing demands.

DRS shares information with clients, security community, and law enforcement on new threats. This information sharing provides a critical element of the feedback loop to keep cybersecurity services in alignment with the new threats.

“DRS has never been satisfied with the status quo in security, that’s why we exist. It shows in our further development of robust opensource based service solutions that address todays needs with automation and our commitment to the creation of new technologies that will help offset the ever-widening shortage of security professionals. All the while striving to bring true enterprise security solutions and services within reach of the SMB market with innovation service-driven value,” Kevin concludes.