Generative AI in Brazil: how law firms are innovating

Generative AI, a powerful subfield of artificial intelligence, is unlocking value for businesses. It empowers teams to optimize workflows, innovate more effectively, and achieve greater productivity in cross-functional activities.

To stay ahead of the curve and leverage new technologies, a leading Brazilian law firm, Machado Meyer, partnered with Dataside, a Brazilian data and AI consultancy. Their goal was to develop an ambitious solution using Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, Microsoft’s generative AI solution, to improve the daily routines of its office employees.

Let’s delve deeper into this solution and explore how this custom-built tool empowers Machado Meyer to achieve better results in the legal field.

Next, we’ll dive into the main objective of the solution…

In partnership with Machado Meyer Law Firm, Dataside’s team of experts worked to develop a proprietary solution, a GPT-like tool tailored to the specific needs of the firm. This robust tool empowers lawyers to enhance their daily activities.

Based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service technology, our AI and development specialized team joined with Paulo Silvestre de Oliveira Junior, Machado Meyer Advogado’s Innovation Specialist to guarantee a solution capable

Leveraging the technology available through Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, our team of AI and development experts has partnered with Paulo Silvestre de Oliveira Junior, an innovation specialist at Machado Meyer Advogados, to deliver a Generative AI solution that can enhance business outcomes by improving efficiency and optimizing operational processes.

The tool is currently capable of receiving files in different formats, allowing users to query these files through questions within a custom-designed chat interface tailored to meet the needs of lawyers. It also enables the translation and review of files that would often take many days to fully read and interpret.

What are the key benefits of such a solution?

The introduction of this GPT-based solution offers a range of significant benefits for legal professionals and their teams, including:

Efficiency: Reduced time spent on manual and repetitive tasks, allowing lawyers to focus on higher-value activities.

Accuracy: GPT’s ability to analyze large volumes of data quickly and accurately helps to prevent human errors and omissions.

Cost savings: By automating processes and increasing efficiency, this solution can lead to a reduction in operating costs for law firms and legal departments.

Additional considerations: ethics and responsibility

It is important to recognize that while AI can be a powerful tool, it does not replace human judgment and legal expertise.

Lawyers should use these solutions judiciously and ensure that they continue to exercise their professional diligence when applying AI-generated insights.

In addition, ethical issues related to data privacy and security should also be considered and addressed appropriately to ensure compliance with applicable legal regulations.

Why invest in generative AI?

According to a Bain & Company survey, approximately 80% of Brazilian executives consider generative artificial intelligence (AI) an investment priority for the coming years.

Investing in generative AI is no longer about the future, but about the present.

For different segments, from law to industry, AI has various possibilities to enhance processes, optimize productivity, and boost results.