Gian Marco Bronzato: A Resilient Leader with a Positive Mindset

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Gian Marco Bronzato

Gian Marco Bronzato is the “resilient” CEO of Americas of myWorld International AG, responsible for setting the direction and overseeing the financial and business operations in the Americas. As an exemplary representative of the company, he does his best to support, lead, and inspire his team to execute strategies that can help realize the company’s vision.

“I like to be involved in all the different activities and projects, learn from each other, and find solutions,” Gian Marco says. “As a leader, I also resolve problems, make critical decisions, and take risks.”

And, he intends to keep contributing to the global success of myWorld, along with expanding the company’s business opportunities. Gian Marco aims to create a larger, more dynamic, and efficient team, which possesses the ability to easily adapt to transformation and quickly respond to the needs of customers.

What Led to Joining myWorld

Gian Marco spent the early years of his professional career at a top, fast-moving consumer goods company. At this large global company, he acquired knowledge of sales, marketing, logistics, and business operations. But at some point, he began to feel limited due to the restricted and saturated market and opportunities. “I was eager to grow with a business opportunity that could take myself and the company to the next level,” Gian Marco says.

His growing desire to improve his business acumen and develop his personal and management skills led him to obtain an MBA International Program at Fondazione CUOA, Business School. “At the same time, I learned about myWorld,” he points out. “The company’s vision, unique business model, and ecosystem immediately caught my desire to contribute to its journey to success.”

About myWorld International and Services 

Graz, Austria-based myWorld International operates the world-leading myWorld Benefit Program, which offers a wealth of attractive benefits to shoppers, retailers, and service providers. More than 15 million customers and 400,000 points of acceptance in 56 markets already use the myWorld Benefit Program, and Gian Marco points out that thousands of new shoppers join every day.

There are over 50 myWorld subsidiaries on six continents. Through intensive, efficient cooperation between these players, the company achieves its crucial goal: to provide the best possible products and services to shoppers and partners around the world, according to Gian Marco.

He explains that shoppers can enjoy Cashback and Shopping Points following every purchase from myWorld Partners – regardless of whether they shop online or in-store. The best part about this is that when shoppers shop at myWorld Partners with an active Cashback Deal, they can turn their Shopping Points into Cashback without any additional effort.

With myWorld App, available for iOS and Android devices, shoppers can also buy digital gift cards in seconds and immediately receive Cashback and Shopping Points. myWorld also has its own browser plug-in. Gian Marco says this ensures that shoppers never miss out on the myWorld Benefits while shopping at thousands of its online partners.

And, because of the exclusive partnership between travelWorld and myWorld, myWorld shoppers get the opportunity to choose from millions of accommodations, flights, and transportation on travelWorld’s website or its mobile app; at the same time, they can also collect Cashback and Shopping Points. “This combination is unique in the travel market,” Gian Marco says. He also informs that thanks to the Scan & Go feature, shoppers can easily secure their myWorld Benefits when shopping with Local Partners, just with a few clicks directly in the myWorld App.

“All they have to do is select the myWorld Partner in the myWorld App and scan the payment receipt,” he explains. “Partners, in turn, benefit from an efficient customer loyalty program that helps them increase their brand awareness, customer retention, customer aquisition and sales.”

myWorld Partnership is the company’s loyalty program for small and medium-sized enterprises. It offers effective tools for a successful business, such as quick customer registration, deal creation to increase sales, statistics and much more! Gian Marco points out that businesses only pay a commission to myWorld if myWorld Shoppers have generated sales with them. myWorld Partnership not only offers a B2C loyalty platform but it’s also potential for B2B collaborations. myWorld Partners can earn myWorld Benefits for their B2B transactions, and this ultimately drives increased engagement and participation in the program.

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of myWorld’s philosophy. The company supports two charitable associations. One of them is the Child & Family Foundation, which helps children, youth, and families in need around the globe. The second is Greenfinity Foundation which aims to reduce the negative impact of humans on the environment. “We strive for sustainable development and preserve the integrity of the environment to protect future generations,” Gian Marco says.

“Thanks to the collaborative efforts and support functions around the globe, myWorld has been ranked #1 on Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Loyalty Programs 2023 – amazing success! We are taking the shopping with benefits experience to the next level.”

Satisfying Needs of Both Shoppers and Merchants

Flexibility and system innovations are the key elements in the loyalty industry. Gian Marco explains that customers want to be flexible in terms of reward redemption, while merchants, on the other hand, are always searching for new marketing tools to advertise their products and/or services, reward and retain their customers, and gain new customers. “myWorld is constantly offering new tools to satisfy shoppers’ and merchants’ needs,” he adds.

One of the company’s latest projects, @media box, is the first multi-media TV box designed for home entertainment, where people can watch TV, films, or TV shows from their favorite streaming providers and get paid. “Thanks to the partnership with @media, myWorld Shoppers get a commission in the form of Cashback and additional benefits for every ad they see,” Gian Marco says.

During the recent myWorld Keynote, the company announced the innovations that will make the offline and online shopping with benefits experience even more attractive in the near future.

Gian Marco reveals that AI integration will play an important role in the future. A chatbot, that supports myWorld Shoppers in all aspects of the Benefit Program, will be available soon – as well as an updated, AI-based version of the myWorld Plug-in, that helps customers to find the best Cashback Deals online.

Responsibilities and Vision for myWorld

Gian Marco is responsible for myWorld in the Americas. One of his goals is to supervise and best adapt the company’s global communications and marketing strategy to the local markets. This is to create value for their customers and partners as well as to meet their needs. Gian Marco points out that they promote “shop locally.” Under his leadership, his team constantly works to define new marketing campaigns and activities that can have an impact on the local communities. He encourages them to share ideas, best practices, and business opportunities that may help the company to explore new ways to market its services.

Gian Marco feels proud that he leads and inspires a diverse and talented team of professionals in the Americas, who share the company’s vision and passion for excellence. “And I feel grateful to work with inspiring executives and our visionary owners. Together, we are redefining the loyalty, marketing & advertising industry globally,” he says.

A business’s objective should be increasing the lifetime value of a customer. Gian Marco points out that when they create a connection between shoppers and businesses in their unique ecosystem, it becomes a win-win situation for everyone involved. He envisions myWorld to become the shopping companion for anyone, anywhere, and the companion for all the SME business owners around the globe for all their business daily needs.

“Shopping never stops, our business is unlimited,” he says.

Regular Day at Work

Gian Marco is a morning person. He wakes up early in the morning, and one of the first things he does is set daily priorities and goals for himself and his team. As he believes that communication is one of the most important components to run successful operations and set direction, he prefers to chat or call and not send emails.

Gian Marco is known for leading by example. He is an active part of the projects and uses the “tell, show, do” approach to focus on skill development and behavioral change. “My agenda is filled with business calls and online meetings, but I also travel to host and attend events,” Gian Marco says.

myWorld’s corporate headquarters is in Austria. So, Gian Marco’s colleagues, teams, and business partners are in different time zones. He says that this pushes his limits. “Business is in my mind non-stop,” he adds. “I’m working around the clock, and honestly, I like it.”

Gian Marco’s work schedule is quite demanding. He tries to maintain a work-life balance by creating a daily routine and setting up personal and professional “smart” goals. When he was climbing the career ladder, he realized that it was not easy to achieve a work-life balance. Gian Marco recalls that he came to the conclusion that there is no perfect balance. “It is essential you love your job and what you do and at the same time being able to spend quality time with your loved ones,” he says.

“Fortunately, I’m a self-motivated, adaptable, and proactive person,” he adds. “And I’m grateful to have a family that helps me to keep re-balancing my life avoiding the risk of missing out on the important moments of life.” Gian Marco and his family follow a healthy lifestyle. They like to stay outdoors in their free time. He reveals that “cooking” is one of the “family things” they love doing together.

Mindset Determines Success

Gian Marco holds the view that success doesn’t just happen. It is a consequence. It is a person’s mindset that determines their success. So, he believes in setting himself up for success every day. “Success isn’t given, must be earned and maintained,” he says. “Wake up early, set daily goals, prioritize, take action and persevere! Consistency plays an important role in a person’s success story.”

Gian Marco also constantly challenges himself to achieve greater goals, as well as he strives to keep a dynamic and stimulating work environment where success is a constant challenge and a common achievement. He points out that employees’ contribution to the success of an organization is critical. The company will suffer if they do not feel the need to carry out their work well and with commitment. So, Gian Marco makes sure to understand what will empower them to align their personal and professional goals with their role in the company, and he also creates a positive working environment for employees. For them, he is not just a leader but also a coach. He offers them the opportunity to grow when there is merit.

Gian Marco believes that his passion and dedication for what he does is “contagious,” and his team sees the way he works and represents the company. “I’m sure this keeps them motivated to make a difference,” he says.

And Gian Marco does not see challenges as obstacles to growth and success. He views them as an excellent opportunity for personal and professional growth. “By overcoming them, one can develop emotional and mental strength, become stronger, and more resilient”, he says.

He has become stronger because of the challenges of meeting the needs of internal and external customers, coordinating teams within products and services companies with international reach, and working and traveling in countries with different cultures.

“You must have a positive mindset to manage the change and effectively make a difference,” he says.

Message to Aspiring Business Leaders

In a message, Gian Marco encourages aspiring business leaders to expand their professional network and surround themselves with positive people. He also tells them to be extraordinary, think outside the box, be resilient and act, and don’t wait. “Success loves speed,” he says. “Grow yourself and inspire others to learn more, do more, become more!”