Taking a Closer Look at Web Design ROI


At GoingClear Interactive, we have spent a lot of time talking (and writing) about the return on investment clients should expect from a website. After all, what’s the point of hiring a firm like ours to develop your web app in the first place if you aren’t going to earn your money back in the future?

From time to time, business owners who are thinking about working with us want to know more about this process. Specifically, they want to find out how that ROI actually happens.

If you’re wondering what kind of profits you could generate from your website or concept specifically, we invite you to meet with our team for a free consultation. In general, though, here are some of the most common ways you can use a new or upgraded web presence to help the bottom line…

Direct Online Sales

Naturally, you could earn money from having customers buy products directly from your website. And, with the proliferation of merchant accounts and e-commerce features, it’s never been easier to add products to your online store (or even add a shopping cart to your existing website if you need one).

Inquiries From Qualified Prospects

If you sell it to B2B market, or have a high-value item that needs to be demonstrated in person, then you probably aren’t going to generate online sales. But, you can direct interested prospects to your sales funnel and eventually get them to contact you directly when they’re ready to take the next step.

Phone Calls and New Appointments

Some marketing environments require a personal touch. In those cases, you could profit from your website by having potential buyers call you on the phone and set appointments when they get serious about investing in your product or service.

Walk-In Traffic

Google, Yelp, and other real-time Internet portals have replaced the Yellow Pages as the main source of information on local businesses and vendors. Optimize your website for your neighborhood and business type, and you could see a big influx of walk-in traffic at your retail location.

Better Hiring Candidates

A lot of business owners and executives overlook the recruiting power of a strong website. In many types of businesses, though, the people you hire are the strength of your company. So, if you rely on a flow of fresh talent to keep your organization moving, this could be a big benefit.

Improved Industry and Press Coverage

Both industry bloggers and those employed in the traditional media are likely to take a bigger interest in your company if they see you have a professional, informative, and well-designed website. In that way, an upgraded online presence could help you gain more visibility and improve the bottom line.

A Stronger Reputation in Your Community

Online reputation is a hot buzzword, and for good reason. One of the first things any buyer will do – whether they hear about you online or off-line – is visit your website. If they like what they see, they’ll probably be persuaded to take the next step.

We’ve become a leader in Boston web design because our focus is on finding ways to help your business run more smoothly and profitably. Why not reach out today to schedule a meeting and see what we can do for you?