Christina Snyder: Simplifying the Complexities of Financial Advice

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At Jacob William Advisory, Associate Partner & Wealth Advisor Christina Snyder is dedicated to helping her clients by alleviating their financial fears through education and planning that goes far beyond investments.

Success: A Choice

Christina’s definition of success is knowing and accepting who you are as a person. For her, success means reaching your full potential, taking risks, and never giving up. Over the years, she has learned that any type of personal and/or professional success starts with a choice: the choice to proceed forward with a courageous spirit and embrace the unknown with genuine curiosity. It is believing in yourself and not allowing fear to hold you back. She quotes Neal Walsch, “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”.

Importance of Finance Management

Christina grew up in two different countries with two different views about money. Her mom is Greek and responsible with money, whereas her father was the exact opposite. She reminisces, at age 14, she decided to live with her father in the U.S. against her mother’s wishes. She experienced first-hand the effects of bad financial decisions and the stress they can have on a family. She moved six times and went to three different high schools. At age 18, she moved out of her father’s home and became financially independent. She was driven to have financial stability. At age 20, she started working in the financial services industry. That enabled her to learn money management and develop discipline toward financial independence.

Regardless of Obstacles

English is Christina’s second language as a result, she struggled a great deal trying to learn the language and the subject matter at the same time. In her early 20s, she worked full-time and attended evening college. During that time of her life, she had no social life. Yet, through all these roadblocks she learned a lot about herself and the person she wanted to become. The struggles she went through helped her become stronger. They gave her confidence to succeed. She developed a driven mindset that she would figure things out regardless of the obstacles. They also helped her to let go of her limiting beliefs and become exceptional at what she does.

Financial Advice Made Simple

At Jacob William Advisory, they believe money does not have to be complicated. Their advisors strive to be the best at explaining and making investments. They focus on helping clients understand what is happening with their money at every stage of their financial journey. They strive to create effective game plans, speak in a common language and be straightforward about fees.

They make the complex simple. Their team is knowledgeable and strives to guide their clients in sorting through the significant life decisions they will inevitably face and provide the tools to enable them to make the right decisions. They are a Registered Investment Advisor with fiduciary responsibility toward its clients.

Integrity in Leadership

Over the past 25 years, Christina has shouldered various leadership roles. Each opportunity has allowed her to grow as a servant leader, become more comfortable with uncertainty and make shifts continually. It taught her that integrity guides leaders when making decisions. Integrity influences their interactions and communications with others. She strongly believes that it is now part of her DNA. She is always looking for ways to help others become better.

Superior Service

The financial industry continues to evolve and there are a lot of opinions to build wealth. Christina affirms that it is important to integrate all the areas of our lives into the decisions we make about money. When meeting clients, Christina helps to design a personalized game plan that is tailored based on what is important to them and their unique circumstances. At Jacob William Advisory, they design strategies to help maximize savings, improve cash flow efficiency, promote healthy habits and help clients stay on track. They focus on the here and now. As a firm, they believe in the client experience and delivering superior service. They leverage data aggregation technologies and onboarding tools to elevate the client experience and their conversations go deeper than money. They strive to make sure their clients feel understood, informed and cared for.

Growth-oriented Culture

Jacob William Advisory exists to create clarity and understanding for their client’s financial lives. They exist to help their clients to be independent and pursue the life they desire. They promote a growth-oriented culture, which fuels their team to a higher level of achievement. It requires everyone to stretch, give their best and grow together as a team. This inspires them to have a common purpose and a forward-thinking philosophy. It encourages them to continue to redefine the client experience and increase customer expectations.

Experience In The Financial Sector

Christina considers her last 25 years as an incredible ride and extremely fulfilling. She has enjoyed all the twists and turns of her journey. She has worked for a financial institution for over twenty years, followed by an affiliation with an insurance broker-dealer. She has had the opportunity to serve in a variety of roles proffering her a diverse understanding of the many aspects of financial, retirement and estate planning, as well as portfolio and risk management. She has worked with other professionals like attorneys and CPAs to create specialized plans providing clarity for each of her client’s unique needs. Every experience has been a stepping-stone that has led her to where she is now.

Helping Align Financial Decisions

Christina has realized that, in the financial services industry, there is no perfect investment or financial plan. Twenty-five years of experience has taught her that the more we understand our vision – the ‘why’ behind our objectives – the more intentional and less scary the planning process becomes. Most of her days are spent creating a ‘lifestyle – game plan’, where they design strategies driven by the client’s personal understanding of their meaning and purpose. This approach excites people because it helps them align their financial decisions with what matters most in their lives and to be mindful about spending and investing. We work so hard to earn it, so it is important to be intentional about our use of money. By doing so, our financial decisions and how we grow our wealth can be coordinated to accomplish our purpose more efficiently.

A Driven Wealth Advisor

Christina is always looking for ways to become better as a person and to continue to improve her skill set as a professional. She looks for ways to simplify her communication, empower clients financially and change our perspective of money for the better.

She quotes Oprah who once said, “If you want to be an empowered woman, empower other women”. She finds these words impactful because they remind her of the importance of being intentional with her growth and the value she wants to add to others. She encourages women who lead to continue to take risks, remain teachable, listen to many different voices and perspectives and never stop improving.

She shares one of her favorite quotes from T. Harve Eker, “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

Jacob William Advisory is located at 9515 Deereco Rd in Timonium, MD 21093.

Disclosure: Investment advisory services offered through CWM, LLC, an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.