Cisco’s Webex Platform: An Answer To all the Meeting Woes

Cisco’s Webex Platform

Cisco has been on the rage of providing a quality set of solutions to all the people. From attending to all the problems that are a hindrance in handling all the processes that occur in remote meetings. The Webex platform by Cisco resolves these issues by providing the best solutions that will end all the meeting woes in fingertips. If you are interested in knowing more about this powerpack solution, read further as all the important points about this mind-blowing product are shared below.

Features of Cisco’s Webex Platform

The different essential features of Cisco’s Webex Platform are: –

  • AUTOMATICALLY PUT A FACE TO A NAME– When you meet so many different people in a cluttered room, it is extremely difficult to remember that who’s who. Not just this, along with remembering, traditional roundtable introductions can also drain precious time from packed agendas. Cisco cognitive collaboration can solve these challenges by posing an authority on the in-room sensors and facial recognition technology to identify meeting attendees automatically. When you will be in front of the screen, a bubble-like thing will appear underneath each person containing his or her name title.
  • GO BEYOND JUST A FACE AND NAME- Sometimes you may seem to spend much of time in preparing for a meeting. In a recent study, it was found out that almost 30% of the respondents are said to devote 5 hours a week to researching people and companies before meeting with them. Its people insights tool when intermingled with the public internet can be helpful in finding information on the attendees and displays its findings in an onscreen window. In addition to these, it also provides a creamy layer of familiarity without the need for time-consuming pre-meeting research.
  • A HANDS-FREE WAY TO GET THINGS DONE– Digital assistants have become a boon in many personal lives and are becoming an expectation in the workplace. Cisco is just different. Its cognitive collaboration brings the hand-free, voice-activated convenience of digital assistants to Webex meetings. What you need to do is just say a simple “Hey Webex” or “OK, Webex”, and the attendees can launch the meetings asap, reach out to the relevant contacts and even gain insights into the status of a resource, like the room availability.
  • GET UP AND RUNNING FASTER– There’s more than this to most of the meetings these days, than just walking stealthily down to your conference room. In the same above study, it was found out that 43% of the employees have struggled at some point in life to join a meeting online. Cisco’s cognitive collaboration feature can prevent start-up delays by employing different methods for this. Furthermore, a feature called Proactive join can personalize a person’s calendar and automatically ask them if they would like to join the online meeting at that same moment. Thus, there is no doubt that the performance of this quality software is as high as Cisco’s brand name.