When is the next full moon?

Full Moon

Whether it is a horror movie or a romantic one, or an urban fantasy like Harry Potter, everyone surely makes a reference to the full moon. Forget movies, take science, history, astronomy or astrology or even psychic healing and the many rituals and remedies you will find online, everyone, it seems, is obsessed with the moon especially when it is full in all its glory.

Religious festivals across various cultures are celebrated depending on the position of the moon. What is it then about the moon that is so mesmerizing and enchanting that humans are not able to get over it even though they have landed on the moon and have (sort of) conquered it? Let’s try and figure out this mystery.

The moon has been every human’s obsession from times immemorial. A moonlit night is every lovers delight. There are innumerable poems, quotes and folklore written on this beautiful bright object set against the dark background of the sky, serenading the earth.

When is the next full moon?

The year 2020 will witness 13 of these great celestial bodies in their fullness this year. The next one will be visible on Thursday, 1 October, followed by 31 October. October is a special month blessed with two of these this year! This means an opportunity to gather more blessings. The full moon on November will fall on 30th November and December will see one on 29th.

Some other “moon” facts

  • The word ‘lunacy’ is derived from the Roman Goddess of the moon, Luna, who is said to have driven her silver chariot across the sky each night. The father of modern medicine Hippocrates believed in a strong connection between the fullness of the moon and the insanity of a person. He is believed to have said that anyone who is seized by madness, terror and fright is visited by the Goddess of the moon at night.
  • In the 18th Century in England, if a crime was committed during a night when the moon shone in full, people could use this as a valid argument claiming insanity of the accused and ask for a lighter sentence.

Full moon meaning

The truth is, about 71% of the earth’s surface is covered in water and about 60% to 70% of an adult human body is filled with water. Going with the logic that the moon’s gravitational force causes tides in the oceans and seas all over the world, it is not hard to believe that the moon may have some kind of influence on the human body which is three fifths water. The gravity of the moon is strongest during the when the moon is fully visible from earth.

Swiss researchers recently conducted a study between sleep patterns and the activity of the moon. It was noted that during full moon the participants had a 30% decrease in their sleep, the sleep quality depreciated and melatonin – the hormone released during sleep was also reduced. Astrology has been raging about the connection between sleep and the moon cycles for eons. They believe, just as the moon has it’s affects on the tidal waves, a similar affect is created on the body during these nights causing a visible change in the behavior and sleep patterns of a person.

Popular moon rituals

Believers are said to believe and receive. Here are some of the popular rituals practiced during the full moon to increase one’s luck and good fortune:

1) Wallet remedy – It appears once, rarely twice in a month. During this time, an easy, simple remedy would be to shake your wallet towards the moon and give thanks when you are done. Make sure to remove any items that have a negative/reverse effect on this remedy such as having a receipt or a bill inside your wallet when you do this ritual.

2) The release ritual – a number of people “cleanse” their lives using the releasing ritual. This simple ritual requires you to write down on a piece of paper anything that no longer serves you. You could also list things that are draining your energy and are serving a negative purpose in your life. Once the list is ready, under the full moon, burn this paper and believe that those negative things have been removed from your life.

3) Charging semi precious and precious stones – there is no denying how calming the moon’s light is. Chakra healers and those who believe in gemstones use this time to charge their stones under the purifying light of the moon. Large and small stones such as various quartz, aquamarines, topaz, amethysts etc are washed in running water and are simply placed overnight under the light of the full moon. This ritual seems to add more energy to the existing stone and also purifies it.


Whether you are a believer in science and facts or you believe in celestials Gods the reign the skies, there is no denying that the moon is and will always be a symbol for human beings – one that can be interpreted in his or her own ways -a guiding light in the pitch dark night, a companion to lonely traveler, a poet’s muse or lovers delight.