Immersive Learning with Virtual Reality from ImaginX to Transform Tulsa Public School, Nathan Hale High School

Immersive Learning

TULSA, Okla., Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — ImaginX, a Kastech Services and Solutions company, has been awarded the Tulsa Public School, Nathan Hale Virtual Reality Lab Project. ImaginX is a world-leading innovation company specializing in immersive learning with augmented and virtual reality. The initiative under the vision and leadership of Nathan Hale’s Principal, Dr. Sheila Riley will make a significant impact in the area of innovation for all K12 systems in the U.S.

Dr. Riley has envisioned a world where students can leverage the best of what teachers offer and combine it with the latest in what technology and innovation can provide. This combination is a form of blended learning that engages students at a new level. Dr. Riley’s vision is in perfect alignment with ImaginX, who believes that immersive learning does not replace human interaction; rather, it enhances human and social interaction.

Dr. Riley has invested years to create a highly engaging environment with blended learning. After visiting Oral Roberts University in 2019 and testing immersive learning capabilities with augmented and virtual reality, she knew it could meet her vision for personalizing student’s education pathways and learning. Dr. Riley states, “I am elated that technology has evolved to the point that education can be advanced to new levels of engagement while taking blended learning to a new level.” Riley stated, “Oral Roberts University created the perfect environment, where educators can see the depth and breadth of immersive learning, while helping us find the right solutions and partners to make it a reality at Nathan Hale High School.”

The ImaginX immersive learning solution for Nathan Hale includes an enterprise approach that will provide numerous solutions to allow students to use augmented and virtual reality on multiple devices. The solution will also offer a theater-style setting, numerous full immersion goggles, and hands-on tactile engagement to create almost any 3D, AR, VR, MR, and XR content. The tactile VR workbenches will integrate with Nathan Hales 3D printers, whereby students can view over 50,0000 learning objects, modify the object, and then print the object on the 3D printer.  This enterprise approach will give the teachers of Nathan Hale the world’s most advanced methods to re-enforce learning with step-by-step procedures to explore learning objects, environments, and career choices in fresh new ways.

Suresh Katamreddy, Chief Operating Officer for ImaginX has seen an explosion in education leaders embrace the incredible manner that immersive learning improves education. Suresh states, “During COVID-19, there has never been a more urgent need for every educator to have access to tools that engage students in fresh and exciting ways. ImaginX immersive learning solutions in an enterprise approach allow all educators and students to engage via every device while still enjoying traditional learning benefits.  We are pleased to offer such creative solutions that elate education leaders like Dr. Sheila Riley.”

Dr. Jerry Griffin, Tulsa Public School Board Member for District 6 states, “I would like to praise the Principal of Nathan Hale, Dr. Sheila Riley, as this is kind of program that can make Tulsa Public Schools a top-of-the-line brand, not only within Tulsa, but the entire State of Oklahoma. This is the type of program that we will be talking about in our long-range planning journey to see implemented in all the schools, not just Nathan Hale. This is a branding item and I am really excited about it.”

Suresh Katamreddy is elated with the technical Savvy of Joe Jennings, Interim CIO for Tulsa Public School system. Suresh states, “The combined technical savvy matched with Dr. Riley’s vision is what every high school needs in order to help students in the 21st century.”

About imaginX: A Kastech company that provides immersive learning solutions to education, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate. In education, imaginX offers scalable enterprise solutions to K12, higher education, corporate training, and international learning communities.  The solutions and applications extend across all devices and displays to provide the engagement across all delivery models.

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