Top 7 Must-Visit Sites For all VFX Artists

VFX Artists

Do you need inspiration for any VFX effect and want to create a magical and unique experience? Well, there are numerous sites that showcase the work of VFX artists in detail. The list given below explains all the miraculous journey and works of VFX artists to show us how their work has become best in time and if there are any new upcoming trends in this industry:


The Art of VFX centers mostly around the excellence found in the top of the line VFX work. The specialty of VFX highlights interviews with craftsmen from around the greatest studios in the business, you won’t locate any little time work here.

Their site likewise includes an incredible rundown of all the significant players in the VFX world. In case you’re a VFX darling and designer this is the site for you.

Blog List in VFX World Magazine

VFX blog rundown would be finished without referencing VFX World Magazine. With numerous news and industry related articles every day VFX World Magazine is a standout amongst the most dynamic web journals on the planet. In case you’re into the ‘world’ of 3D activity you’ll additionally discover their sister blog Animation World to be an incredible asset for everything from demonstrating to rendering.

Some Interesting Things about Vimeo

We cannot say Vimeo a blog, yet you’d be unable to locate a superior wellspring of VFX motivation on the planet. With many curated channels devoted to VFX work, you’ll never come up short on unbelievable showreels to watch.

After you locate a couple of recordings you like to check the portrayal. Numerous VFX craftsmen cheerfully share data about how they made their unfathomable work.

Lester Banks

Lester Banks is a way for VFX Artists, 3D Artists, Motion Designers and peoples who have a great interest in craft and like to share tips and techniques. Here you’ll discover truly several instructional exercises for each VFX programming from After Effects to Houdini. As a VFX craftsman, it’s crucial that you gain proficiency with the most recent tips and systems and this is the ideal site to do it.

VFX Action

VFX site rundown would be finished without in any event referencing the group here at ActionVFX? Here on the webpage, our blog fills in as a device for specialists to figure out how to make astounding Hollywood-level VFX work from the solaces of their own home.

From altering tips to compositing instructional exercises, you’ll locate a predictable stream of important articles and instructional exercises. We likewise give away free stock components to enable you to turn into the best VFX craftsman you can be.

Interesting Things about VFX City

VFX City is an incredible spot to gain proficiency with the methods you have to make marvelous stuff. The site has a curated gathering of instructional exercises with free undertaking documents.

As though that wasn’t sufficient you’ll likewise discover free instruments and assets from around the business situated in the ‘assets’ area. On the off chance that you’ve at any point longed for making something magnificent in After Effects you can’t stand to skip VFX City.