What is Nature? Sceneries of Nature

Sceneries of Nature

Everything that happened and which happens without any human intervention is ‘Sceneries of Nature’.

What is the first thought we get when we hear the word Nature?

When we hear the word ‘Nature’, there are certain things which are subconscious to our mind. Beautiful waterfalls, huge mountains, wild forests, serene beaches, flowing rivers, valleys, plateaus, etc. From gigantic Himalayas to Thar Desert, from Amazon forests to Australian Great Barrier Reef, from Niagara to Jog Falls, from Atlantic Ocean to Indian Ocean are formed naturally. And, all the things in between form Nature. There is a certain awe attached to the beauty of this Mother Earth which has so much diversity to offer that we might have to take many births to experience it. Mostly, many living organisms coexist in various parts of this planet each having their own space for survival and procreation. Nature has its own way of surprising mankind by its sheer magnitude and pattern it operates with almost no change in its schedule. Different seasons such as rainy, winter, spring, autumn, summer usher in every year at the same time. And the changes in nature based on these seasons are one of the sights to behold. One need to experience to feel the beauty of it. We also have the colors, smell or fragrances of fruits and flowers, sounds of birds, rivers and oceans that add charm to the Nature. The smell of the Earth after a rain, fragrance of a jasmine flower, a cuckoo from a Nightingale, a Peacock that spreads its feathers to show its beautiful mixture of colors, an ocean that can be heard through its water splashing rocks are all something which is inherently formed in Nature.

This beauty of Nature is a source of inspiration for many artists, creators, poets and photographers around the world. They try to capture the essence and charm of this beauty on their canvas, images and in poems. Most of the beautiful artwork or photography is inspired by the sceneries of Nature. The metaphors used in poems elevate the feeling of being one with Nature. It is said that when one feels lost, depressed or aimless, spending time with Nature makes you appreciate little things in life. You feel recharged and rejuvenated to move forward. You also realize that in the bigger scheme of things, we are just a speck in this universe. When we talk about universe, sky is not the limit. Well, if you look at the night sky, you will be amazed to see the never ending splash of starts that are constantly in motion. It’s a scenery of nature that is far beyond our reach yet adds beauty and charm to the universe.

Countries blessed with sceneries of nature or natural landscapes use this opportunity to boost tourism which supports their economy. It also creates employment and income for many countries with tourism industry flourishing. People would prefer a beach to a swimming pool, a forest to an artificially created garden, and waterfalls to a fountain which makes natural places a favorite destination any day.

There are various travel blogs, vlogs where people visit different places and post pictures on social media, write extensively about their experience in visiting these places that explain the culture, food and natural landscapes, so on and so forth.

We always don’t have to look at exotic locations in far off places as sceneries of nature. If we look around and observe, nature has always been a great artist in creating an art that can be found everywhere if we have the curiosity to understand it’s working. A beautiful rose in our backyard, a small bird that visits our balcony, a cloud that manifests into different forms and shapes, sunrays trying to find their way through huge trees, a rainbow with seven colors, smell of mangoes during its ripe season, a farmland that is happily holding the crops, a small stream flowing across the road and the list goes on where Nature never ceases to surprise us.

World is a beautiful canvas and Nature is its portrait with Mother Earth being an art of God. Nature is at its best when we don’t interfere with its creation and disturb its ecology. Just like human beings every flora and fauna of every species has a right to live and continue its lineage. God has blessed us with abundant natural sceneries which also teach us to co-adapt and co-exist.