Aziza Abed: Make smile your signature accessory – Pure Health Dental Partners!

The Most Successful Businesswomen to watch, 2021 Vol I

In the fast-pacing business environment which is swarming with competitors readily attempting to intensify the economies of scale, there is yet no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will of executing them before anyone else lays their foundation stone. Such is a momentous journey of Aziza Abed who is the founder and CEO of Pure Health Dental Partners who believes that there is as many fashion definitions of success as much as different colors of light visibly scattered when white light is passed through the prism. She claims that any individual in this universe can achieve the taste of success with anything you desire. These dedicated individuals are often those who have blinded the literal definition of quit from their life or might have abolished it so as to not be a boulder in front of deterring. Aziza believes that the key to success is investing time, energy, dedication, passion, and hard work into your pathway. Success is often achieved by those who believe that failure is inevitable even if they sit on the right track without getting run over. The fortune of being surrounded by solidly good people that believed in Aziza’s vision and bought into a solid business plan laid the foundation of her commencement of success story. People that had complete faith in my abilities stood by. – she added.

The worth of a smile:

Every startup requires yellow pages of thick preparation, the building of the business model, forecasting of management plans, and building prototype to just realize, we were not as much good as we thought before commencing but we could be better if we accept the feedback and re-invest to rolling out the better version. Aziza had been in the Dental Service Organization world for more than 20 years and this never-ending experience has had given her a back-end vision to build her own start-up. However, whatever expertise you hold, even the subject matter expert encounters several pins on the road less taken but Aziza believes that challenges are healthy in multitudes of respects as she was always surrounded by like-minded leaders who have had enlightened her to pursue several methodologies. Aziza has always found her source of valuable lessons through trial and error. Upon reminiscing, she claims that once in the past, she had invested in a practice whose research was backdated and she eventually lost a pile of bucks on it. This gave her a lesson to check and recheck the current data anywhere before investing yourself or your hard-earned money.

The priceless innovation with regulation:

Every business success requires business preparation on a large scale. You don’t have to be a master tactician per se, but you do need to have a plan in place and sometimes back-ups too. This plan will act as a foundation for everything you want to achieve even if you tend to fail on the pathway and feel like giving up. Pure Health Dental offers patients an array of services at reasonable prices. As stated by Aziza, our dentists have a scope of cosmetic, restorative, oral surgery, endodontics, dentures, partials, and crowns. We have a traveling specialty team that performs Implants, periodontal services, and oral surgery services. Our hygienists are all educated on the ADA and AAP Non-Surgical Periodontal Guidelines. They also are skilled with in-office whitening procedures and preventative therapies. This reflects the dedication of resolution to be someone who was going to amount to something without turning back. The array of practices and services, no hours, nor the number of laborers, nor the monetary consideration could deter Aziza from delivering the best she could and yet turning back on it.

Make every detail perfect to the extent of crystal clear water and limit the number of details to perfect just like the foggy pollution in the air. Pure Health Dental Partners takes pride in the standard operating procedures that are installed in place to ensure every office member follows the Dental Board, CDC, OSHA, HIPAA, and all other regulatory compliance factors. My vision is to continue growing Pure Health Dental to be the leading community dental group in Ohio. – Aziza added.

The Facevalue of vision:

If you have contemplated the vision of your goal, you must have to revisit it in your mind first before you actually stand on the commencing line. As mentioned by Aziza, her vision with her institution is to continue to grow in Pure Health Dental and flag it to be one of the leading community dental groups in Ohio. Prior to commencing her own venture, she has had gained the expertise as a subject matter expert in two other institutions falling in a similar niche. She had served in DentalOne partners for more than fourteen years as a Regional Clinical Advisor and Senior Leader of Operations. Later on, she was recruited by North American Dental Group and had served for more than three years as a Clinical Director of Operations and Senior Director of Operations wherein her assistance and contributions invited growth from 36 locations to over 100 locations in a flow. In a couple of organizations, her area of implementation was in the nature of clinical and operational foundation that allowed for streamlined processes and scalability.

Oral health = Overall health!

Any form of vision is the art of seeing intangible dreams transforming into an empire whose impact is felt for generations to come and beyond. Upon inquiring about the future goals, Aziza responded that she is looking forward to incorporating digital scanners in every location of her institute and beyond and also create a central in-house lab that will allow for faster delivery of custom lab work for our patients. She is also looking forward to acquiring 3-5 more locations in the near future. Anything beyond this year would be to potentially entertain a merger with a similar group practice to help leverage buying power and team collaboration. Upon reflecting her views as a businesswoman, she exclaims that, personally, as a businesswoman, I would like to continue doing education seminars, group training, community service events, educating myself on areas of the business that need further development such as recruiting and marketing and leverage the growth opportunities wherever applicable and possible. In her last pearl of wisdom, she quotes – “Find your passion, make it work for you by listening and learning from others who have done it, never believe you know it all, break down any barriers, work hard and stay focused!”