Ricardo Sengo: Creating Transformative Impact as an Entrepreneur, Leader, and Philanthropist in Mozambique

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Ricardo Sengo, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of MECTS

With an entrepreneurial mindset, Ricardo Sengo, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of MECTS (Mozambique Electronic Cargo Tracking Services), SA, embodies leadership excellence and is dedicated to shaping a philanthropic legacy. Over a distinguished tenure spanning two decades, he has positioned himself as an influential figure in the Mozambican corporate landscape, successfully navigating the intersections of finance, innovation, and strategic leadership.

A Journey of Entrepreneurial Vision, Leadership Excellence, and Philanthropic Impact in Mozambique

Ricardo’s credentials are highlighted by a legacy of pioneering entrepreneurial ventures, astute strategic management, and transformative leadership across diverse industries. As a seasoned executive, he adeptly navigates the complexities of sectors from technology innovation to logistics, consistently driving profitability and growth.

Currently serving as the Executive Chairman of MECTS – Mozambique Electronic Cargo Tracking Services, SA, Ricardo’s leadership has positioned the company as the exclusive provider of electronic tracking solutions for tracking and tracing in-transit cargo within Mozambique.

Beyond MECTS, Ricardo’s portfolio includes pivotal roles as the Executive Chairman at SPL Procurement and Logistics, Stratum Sociedade Mineira Lda, and Chairman of the Policy & Financial Services Portfolio of the Mozambique Confederation of Private Sector. His directorial acumen is evident in his role as a Non-Executive Director and Board Member of UBA Mozambique, a distinguished subsidiary of one of Africa’s foremost Nigerian financial institutions.

Academically accomplished, Ricardo holds Master’s degrees from Queensland University and Stellenbosch University, providing a robust theoretical foundation for his practical endeavors. Currently pursuing an Executive MBA at the prestigious Said Business School, Oxford University, he continues to augment his knowledge.

Having strategically worked and managed businesses across key African markets such as Angola and South Africa, Ricardo brings to the table an unmatched confluence of regional expertise, visionary leadership, and entrepreneurial agility, establishing himself as an invaluable asset to any boardroom.

A Holistic Approach to Success Guided by Leadership, Entrepreneurial Mindset, and Philanthropy

Ricardo reflects on success, stating, “True success, in my view, is rooted in the ability to effectively lead, embrace an entrepreneurial mindset, and contribute to the betterment of society through philanthropy. This combination allows for personal growth, professional achievement, and the creation of a positive impact in the lives of others, ultimately shaping a lasting legacy.”

Firstly, leadership assumes a pivotal role in Ricardo’s definition of success. He asserts, “Leadership enables me to utilize my skills, knowledge, and passion to influence and inspire others. A successful leader is someone who not only achieves their own goals but also helps others reach their full potential, fostering a collaborative and supportive environment. Leadership allows for the creation of positive change and the realization of shared visions.”

Secondly, an entrepreneurial mindset aligns seamlessly with Ricardo’s concept of success. He emphasizes, “An entrepreneurial mindset encourages innovation, calculated risks, and constant growth. The ability to identify opportunities, think outside the box, and adapt to changes enables personal and professional development. It allows me to continuously explore new paths and challenges, embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship to create meaningful ventures or projects.”

Lastly, philanthropy stands as an integral aspect of Ricardo’s definition of success. He highlights, “Philanthropy involves actively contributing to the betterment of society. It goes beyond personal success and focuses on using one’s resources, skills, and influence to address social issues, support important causes, and contribute to the betterment of humanity.”

A Career Journey from Agronomy to Corporate Leadership

In reflecting on his life before MECTS, Ricardo shares, “My early career was both exciting and filled with challenges. I embarked on my professional journey as a young Agronomist deployed to the central region of the country in the aftermath of the civil war. My primary responsibility was to implement humanitarian recovery and development projects. Working directly with farmers, I guided them in adopting improved and enhanced agricultural practices to increase their agricultural production. This experience has greatly shaped my perspective, making me a strong advocate for businesses that give back to the community.”

After his time in the humanitarian sector, Ricardo transitioned into the corporate sphere, joining esteemed organizations such as KPMG and later Standard Bank. These experiences provided him with valuable insights into the corporate world and honed his skills in the financial and banking disciplines. It was during this period that he developed a deep understanding of entrepreneurship and business management, which ultimately led him to venture into entrepreneurship himself.

Overall, the diverse experiences and challenges encountered during Ricardo’s early career have played a significant role in shaping his values, passion for community engagement, and entrepreneurial spirit. They provided him with a strong foundation and prepared him for the fulfilling journey of establishing and leading MECTS.

Pioneering Technological Innovation in Cargo Tracking for a Thriving Economy

MECTS (Mozambique Electronic Cargo Tracking Services, S.A.) founded in 2018, stands at the forefront of technological innovation in Mozambique. The company is dedicated to crafting sophisticated IT solutions, with a particular emphasis on its Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS). The groundbreaking system is an embodiment of MECTS’s commitment to excellence, offering unparalleled capabilities in tracing and tracking a diverse range of cargo, from containerized goods to liquid and bulk cargo, in real-time.

The core of MECTS’s ECTS comprises a robust IT infrastructure, a 24/7 monitoring center, dedicated customs rapid response teams, and the pioneering use of electronic seals or e-seals. These e-seals, a testament to MECTS’s technological prowess, are adept at securing cargo while providing real-time monitoring capabilities.

Strengthening its position within Mozambique, MECTS has fostered a significant public-private partnership with the national government, underscoring the mutual objective to bolster the nation’s economic infrastructure and combat tax evasion.

Notable Milestones include:

  • Human Capital: MECTS is a thriving community of over 600 dedicated professionals.
  • Leadership Dynamics: The team, led by the managing director, oversees daily operations, reporting directly to the executive chairman. This seamless synergy is further enhanced by nine distinguished heads of business units, each contributing to MECTS’s multifaceted operations.

Operational Footprint:

  • MECTS has established a dominant presence with 50 operational sites across all borders and pivotal ports of Mozambique.
  • The centralized command center stands as a beacon of round-the-clock cargo monitoring.
  • With rapid response teams positioned strategically, MECTS ensures that cargo integrity is maintained throughout its transit.
  • A cutting-edge data center further empowers MECTS’s digital capabilities.

An Entrepreneurial Journey of Guiding Growth and Fostering a Culture of Integrity and Innovation

In reflecting on the decision to co-found MECTS, Ricardo shares, “My major motivation for co-founding MECTS was my strong desire to contribute to solving real-life challenges and problems through an entrepreneurial and problem-solving mindset. In this case, I wanted to assist the government of Mozambique in addressing a huge problem they were facing, which was a high level of tax evasion. Obviously, by aggregating value to the customer, a strong business case would emerge, from which the idea of establishing MECTS as the sole provider of services to the government of Mozambique emerged.”

The growth and success of MECTS have been facilitated by Ricardo’s deep expertise as a financial and banking professional. Drawing from experiences at KPMG and Standard Bank, he gained valuable insights from Africa’s business leaders and entrepreneurs, allowing him to effectively translate ideas into practice. Ricardo’s strong vision, commitment, and desire to succeed have guided MECTS towards sustainable growth.

As a leader, Ricardo firmly believes in the concept of “walking the talk” and leading by example. He ensures a culture of integrity and innovation within his team by embodying these values himself and setting the standard for others to follow. By demonstrating integrity in all actions and promoting a shared vision, he cultivates an environment where integrity is valued and celebrated. Simultaneously, Ricardo instills a culture of innovation by encouraging his team to constantly seek excellence and embrace innovative solutions. With a strong commitment to both integrity and innovation, he propels his team towards success.

“Harness the power of entrepreneurship, let the beacon of leadership guide you, and find purpose and passion in your Ikigai to truly make a difference.”

Providing Leadership and Oversight with Astuteness and Optimism

When describing his regular day at work, in his role as Co-Founder and Executive Chairman at MECTS, Ricardo states, “My fundamental role lies in providing leadership and oversight to the management team, led by our Managing Director, and responsible for day-to-day operations. I preside over regular board meetings, providing strategic guidance and oversight.”

He defines himself as embodying the essence of an “Astute” leader in steering the organization toward its mission, and presides over regular board meetings, offering strategic guidance and decision-making authority. Regarding the future of MECTS, Ricardo expresses an exceptionally optimistic view.

As a pioneering technology company in Mozambique, the organization is presented with immense opportunities for regional expansion and continual innovation. Ricardo’s vision is clear: “Our goal is to consistently deploy value-added solutions for our local and international customers.”

Nurturing Growth, Inspiring Future Leaders, and Embracing the Path to Tomorrow’s Leadership Excellence

As a leader, Ricardo reflects, “It has been profoundly rewarding to witness the growth of my team and their successful assumption of full accountability in daily business management.” Sharing his views on making an influential impact on the next generation of leaders, Ricardo affirms, “I firmly believe that my capacity to influence the next generation relies on nurturing future leaders within our organization and beyond.”

His mission involves embodying a role model that demonstrates leadership by example, inspiring the emergence of the next generation of leaders. Ricardo acknowledges that these leaders will need to harness advancements such as AI to ascend to the leadership of tomorrow. He outlines his approach, stating, “The best path towards this goal is to persistently strive to improve, glean lessons from my mistakes, and embrace a culture of continuous learning.”

“As an entrepreneurial leader, find your Ikigai and inspire passion, purpose, and performance, transforming visions into actionable reality.”

Triumph over Trials: The Transformative Power of Challenges in Professional Growth

Ricardo wholeheartedly agrees that challenges make an individual stronger. In his personal journey, he has encountered numerous roadblocks that have taught him valuable lessons in his professional development. His upbringing in a rural village in Mozambique presented him with significant challenges from the very beginning.

Ricardo shares, “Walking more than 10 kilometers daily to attend school instilled in me a sense of resilience and determination.” Additionally, being deployed to remote areas of the country to support rural households recovering from the aftermath of a protracted civil war, as well as natural disasters such as floods and droughts, further tested and strengthened his ability to overcome obstacles.

More recently, Ricardo’s transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur was not without its share of hurdles. He reflects, “Starting my own business from scratch proved to be a daunting task, requiring dedication, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from failures.” However, he expresses gratitude for this journey as it has contributed significantly to his personal growth and achievements.

Each challenge Ricardo has faced along the way has taught him valuable lessons about adaptability, problem-solving, and resilience. He notes, “They have shaped me into a stronger individual and have equipped me with the skills and experience necessary to overcome future obstacles.” Ricardo firmly believes that challenges are not obstacles to fear but rather opportunities for growth and self-improvement.

Embracing the Ikigai Philosophy as a Blueprint for Life Harmony and Leadership Triumph

In maintaining a balance between his personal and professional life, Ricardo shares, “I strike a balance in my professional and personal life by meticulously delineating and adhering to my goals and objectives. This involves ensuring a mindful equilibrium among key aspects such as mental and physical health necessities. It’s a process that evolves with time, continually allowing room for improvement and refinement.”

Ricardo possesses excellent balance and demonstrates a commendable dedication to family, skillfully managing his time to fulfill both personal and professional responsibilities with admirable equilibrium. His ability to maintain a harmonious lifestyle showcases his commitment to fostering meaningful connections within his familial sphere.

When discussing his personal goals, Ricardo expresses, “My personal ambition is grounded in becoming an exemplary business leader and philanthropist, reflecting the ideals of entrepreneurship while being a role model for others to emulate.”

Offering guidance to aspiring executive leaders, Ricardo’s message is clear: “Cultivate leadership beyond power; it’s about purpose and influence. Let entrepreneurship and the philosophy of Ikigai be your compass to find your unique intersection of passion, skills, and societal needs. Embrace challenges as growth catalysts and see obstacles as stepping stones. Kindling your entrepreneurial spirit will turn limitations into opportunities.”

He emphasizes the broader impact of leadership, stating, “Serving as a leader promotes not only personal progress but also shapes communities. Your leadership journey intertwines with the principles of Ikigai, elevating success beyond just personal achievement.”

“Leadership is the transcendent act of turning vision into reality, ignited by the spark of entrepreneurship and guided by the compass of Ikigai.”


In conclusion, Ricardo Sengo’s journey is an inspiring narrative of entrepreneurial vision, leadership excellence, and unwavering commitment to philanthropy in the Mozambican corporate landscape. From his early days as an agronomist navigating challenges in rural Mozambique to founding and leading MECTS, Ricardo’s resilience, strategic acumen, and dedication to community engagement have left an indelible mark.

Through pioneering technological innovation at MECTS, fostering a culture of integrity and innovation, and championing philanthropy, Ricardo epitomizes the transformative power of leadership. His holistic approach to success, guided by an entrepreneurial mindset, leadership excellence, and a commitment to philanthropy, not only shapes his legacy but also serves as an inspirational blueprint for future leaders in Mozambique and beyond.