Sara Abbas – A Purpose-Driven Leader, Passionately Creating Safe Spaces For Women In The Talent Industry

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Success is derived when you have a goal that sets you out on a major journey to grow and achieve it. Most of us have goals as kids and for some of us, they change as we grow up. “I was always sure I wanted to create, solve big problems, and lead people,” says Sara Abbas, Founder of Ev0lver, Inc. She was forever fascinated by music, fashion, entertainment, learning, traveling, exploring, and leadership in general. Growing up in a sometimes-war zone opened her eyes to large-scale leadership at a very young age and she would spend a big portion of her time problem solving for the world, even if only in her mind at the time.

“I would fantasize about utopian societies, joyous occasions, and peaceful resolutions for chaotic situations. I was also globally-minded as a child because I traveled often with my family, and I always knew my long-term plans would be somewhat borderless,” explains Sara. However, no one could know exactly how things would unfold. Sara says that she was fortunate enough to have some incredibly courageous female role models along the way, her phenomenal mother being one of them, and she paid close attention to the different ways women were treated in different parts of the world. Her sensitivity to women’s issues as a child grew into a healthy sense of wanting to protect her peers in the entertainment industry when she made her way to California in her 20s. The entertainment industry was a dark place, especially for women, and a number of her beautiful friends had their dreams crushed by an industry that was often unkind to women, at best. Sara knew there had to be a better way.

Ev0lver grew from a need to create a safe space for young women in the Southern California entertainment industry and blossomed into a supremely innovative agency that now solves sales and marketing problems for some amazing clients across the planet. Ev0lver is part of Sara’s portfolio of brands which also encompasses her innovative designer fashion label, and a non-profit organization, where each entity is focused on solving problems.

Success Provides Confidence, Security, A Sense Of Well-Being

Success is monumentally important, and Sara thinks one needs to have the self-awareness to understand what their unique idea of success looks like so that the target is clear. Sometimes we can get carried away by someone else’s idea of success. “I see others chasing dreams that aren’t theirs, they check all the boxes, then they end up miserable,” she says.

Sara likes to encourage everyone to make the most of the life they have. Getting clear on your idea of success and using that to create your game plan for life is a winning strategy. “When I encounter a problem, my mind automatically wants to solve it, and this compulsion has been a very powerful force in terms of my career and overall values. Solving my problems is one thing, but solving problems for others can do a world of good, so that’s where things get interesting en route to success!” she exclaims.

Setbacks Are A Vital Part Of Growth And Personal Development

It’s how you handle things and react to life that will determine your destiny… are you waiting for things to happen or are you creating your future? Sara believes that getting real with yourself on this matter will help you overcome setbacks with grace. If you are living your life and are dedicated to growth, then you’ll see “setbacks” as an opportunity for improvement and necessary evolution. Setbacks, such as a global pandemic, for a business that previously focused heavily on live events or human interactions, really add fuel to the creative fire. It forces you to think of other ways to serve and create value.

Ev0lver And Its Services

Ev0lver, Inc., is a unique talent agency with a built-in sales and marketing hub, catering to diverse talent and non-traditional “live” campaigns. While they do feature traditional talent (models, actors, musicians, etc.) across the globe, what sets them apart is creating customized campaigns to serve evolving markets and industries. They have become well-known for their proprietary methods of employing models, actors, and influencers to sell products and promote brands via live experiential events (like festivals, in-store demos, VIP functions, and conventions) as well as on social media.

Ev0lver also has a dedicated sales team of beautiful, well-trained salespeople to support their clients in specific industries, particularly luxury brands, and the global beverage industry. Today, consumers crave an ‘experience’ – they deliver just that!

They were one of the first in the industry to emphasize diversity and help clients/brands see that if they want to reach a more diverse audience (more customers), they need more diverse talent and offerings. “We pioneered some things that made us stand out from the very beginning of our days as a company,” states Sara.

What makes Ev0lver Different From Its Competitors?

Sara doesn’t think of anything or anyone as “competition” – there’s a niche for everyone. It’s like relationships, there’s someone out there for everyone, no matter what you are into! There are a handful of other agencies that do some things similar to Ev0lver, but what sets them apart is Sara’s background in sales, problem-solving, and value creation, and how that is ingrained in the company’s offerings and culture. Also, their relationships are unique, expansive, and cover much of the planet, so that opens doors for them that others simply cannot access.

She foresees expanding Ev0lver’s global presence shortly and growing to encompass different avenues of offerings to their clients, partners, and talent – unlike anything the industry has seen before. Sara is confident that everyone will love what they have in store!

Sara’s Achievements As A Leader

“Every day I’m humbled and grateful for each of the talented people who make Ev0lver great,” exclaims Sara. She further states that they were fortunate to be named “Most Progressive Talent Agency” at the Global Hospitality Awards, and they have hit some marvelous milestones in terms of press, recognition, client acquisition, and talent/client retention, all while making a difference for their clients and empowering their talent to live their best lives. Proud moments for Sara also take place when they get referrals from their clients or partners, as they often do, and she hears strangers tell her what a difference they have made for their friend’s brand or product. “All of that being said, success for me is also defined by giving back and Ev0lvers philanthropic endeavors inspire me in ways pride never could,” she asserts.

Work-Life Balance As A Leader

Ev0lver was created with balance in mind from inception. It has always been a female-owned entity with everyone operating remotely, keeping their schedules. They have a supportive team, so when people need family time, vacations, or just help with work, others can step in to help. It’s a beautiful team effort and their clients love the hands-off approach for them as well, so it helps clients improve their work-life balance within their organizations. Sara claims that they have a calm, organized, nurturing energy as an organization and they serve many male-dominated industries, so it creates a nice balance on an organizational level as well. The structure was inspired by her values, and her inner peace, which helped shape the format of how and when they serve. “While I have much to learn, I am grateful for this harmonious entity that continues to evolve and inspire me daily,” she says.

Sara’s message to aspiring business leaders is – Partnerships equal progress! She strongly believes that building solid alliances and partnerships will enable you to outshine the stars because the power of more energy towards similar goals can compound exponentially. She further states, “At the core of this is love and gratitude for those around you; when you can be good to yourself and others, leaving everyone better off than before, then you’ll go far no matter what life throws your way!”