Small Elements Affecting a Big Business

The 10 Business Megacorps by CIO Views


Sometimes it is easy to make a company grow and reach the top with the right resources, but what seems difficult is maintaining the top position despite the external factors. In huge companies there are many factors that affect the growth that need to be in sync. Department coordination, employee in sync with the leaders, healthy work environment, optimistic approach and many other factors play a significant role in the making or breaking of a company. Megacorps are the elephants of the business world who have acquired a strong market presence as a brand. Considering the growth strategy of these giants let us focus on some of the important aspects that make them the leaders:


The initial step is planning which defines the success journey. This part of the process might seem easy but consumes the maximum energy when you get down to it. Planning is the first step of every new idea or project in order to have a defined, well-structured path to follow before venturing out. Planning gives companies a tentative idea of the outcome. Setting a vision of the company and laying a proper plan of action acts like a guide through the execution.

Cash Management

Cash Management is not the calculation of the money but a it is the proper understanding of numbers. To acquire a sustainable growth, a company needs maintain a tab on their numbers in short keeping an accurate track of data that boosts the profitable growth of the company. Financial as well as non-financial data is reviewed on regular basis to know the loopholes and work on relevant strategies to improve the profit.

Team Management

We tend to ignore this aspect at times in the flow on focusing highly on planning, execution and building business strategies. However, teamwork is one of the most important elements in business development. The employees of a company are the ones who represent the company, in other words they are the face of the company. Happy employees are an asset to a company fostering a happy and successful company. Hence, maintaining a good work environment and keeping the employees motivated is one of the most important factors every company must incorporate.

Sales and Marketing

What keeps the numbers up? Yes, marketing contributes to maintaining the sales count and bringing in the leads to sustain the growth. Brand marketing grabs the attention of potential clients which is the driving factor of a business. Planning proper and effective marketing strategies taking into consideration all important factors is what a defines the growth of a business. It demands an active and equal participation from every employee at every level and ensures that the targets are met.

Customer Service

They say the customer is the king; well, if they are the ones who catapult the business then we might as well agree that they are they are the very important in business growth. Not only fulfilling but exceeding the expectations of the customers retain them and eliminate the risk of losing loyal customers. Customers market the business in case they have had a good experience inviting the collaborations of new clients and customers. Being open to customer feedback and actively working on it to rectify the error is a part of good customer service that reaps a good name in the market.

Change is Constant

The world is changing, technology is changing, new methods and techniques are being introduced; with so many transformations around it is imperative that businesses also adapt to the changing world. Strategies and methods that once reaped a hundred-fold profit may not work now since the methods are obsolete and no more adaptive in the current market. Hence, accommodating new techniques that are trending reduces the risk of falling out of the race.

We often read the journey of a successful company and get inspired and start building hopes of achieving more than they have; however, we tend to neglect the few unseen factors that have largely contributed in their success and that is hard work, passion and perseverance. With accurate knowledge about the important elements of a business you are equipped to venture out in search of your business dream, just ensure you blend in some passion, hard work and an enduring spirit.