Surajit Roy: A Trailblazer Leading with Innovative Digital Transformation Services

The Most Successful Business Leaders to Follow in 2021

Success is not a destination but a collection of all the moments, in the journey, leading to success. For successful leaders, the journey  is as important as the final outcome as it defines the quality of the outcome.

One such leader is Surajit Roy, who is the MD and CEO of IDBI Intech Ltd. , India whose leadership style has defined how the company has progressed and has been able to mitigate the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. A leader who has taken the bold moves yet balanced the collective employee sentiments & aspirations, he has been able to take the company to a position where it has delivered best financial results and acquired marquee logos in 2 decades.

For him, success is a handcrafted fabric2 of trust, collaboration, confidence, conviction, and intent that together help in attaining the zenith of your goals consistently. He also states, “As a Leader, I believe success is to create enablers for others to grow.”

With this exclusive article, CIO Views magazine brings forth the success journey of Surajit Roy, who stayed committed to giving his best at his job and curate a growing , evolving and adapting company with strong ethics and a motivated cohesive team.

Stepping stones to success

Surajit has always been his own competitor- outdoing himself with every milestone. Owing to this, he has been able to embrace all the opportunities on his way, however, tough they may have been. As businesses are currently switching to a new approach in which they shall value customer needs and stay ahead of their competition, he found an opportunity to lead a Global IT institution with his out-of-the-box thinking and innovation. Thus, he kept faith in his conviction and thought leadership to follow agile methodology to execute all the operations easily.

He happily shares that working at IDBI has been a unique experience owing to their strong foundation, which stands high on prioritizing the customer and making him WIN through three robust pillars of innovation , agility, strong work Culture & Cohesiveness.

He adds, “My ability to proactively assess business environment and leverage inherent knowledge led to Strategic outcomes that paved the way for a strong foundation early in my career to achieve a consistent and sustained profitable business growth.” Surajit takes challenges to be doors that open to greater opportunities. He says , “ Applying the right Thought, Intent & Direction ensures Disruptive Business Growth. This has become even more relevant & important in the present Pandemic which has accelerated the businesses to adopt Digital and enhanced emphasis on Customer Journeys & Experience.  “

Not just this, he adds, “Rapid digitalization has, indeed, helped in the creation of marketplaces and Fintech products with vast reach across geographies at the fastest speed.”

Further, he also learned that diversity is crucial to have a more heterogenous mix of opinions. Thus, he expresses that there must be room for having different perceptions to understand customers and introduce new ideas for business growth. From all the impediments that he faced over his journey, he has learned three Valuable lessons that have kept their firm on top, namely, implementing the agile approach, adding consistent innovation as well as being ready to adapt as and when required.

Propelling Digital Business Transformation with IDBI Intech Ltd.

Founded in 2000, IDBI Intech Ltd is a renowned Technology-led digital business transformation organization in the Banking & Financial Services sector. Serving clients with a treasure of wide-ranging Financial Services across Customer Journeys, Customer Experience, Financial Crime, Payments & Regulatory Compliance, their products are a delight for their customers backed by digital innovations using AI & ML.

Surajit says, “Our products complemented by our Integrated digital transformation services portfolio helps organizations transform into a digital enterprise leveraging disruptive technologies and ensuring consistent relevance and remain ahead of the competition curve.”

Some of their leading and established solutions are Anti-Money Laundering, Payment Reconciliation and Settlement (PA DSS Certified), Corporate Liquidity, Customer Sentiment Analytics – for enhancement of offerings, Enterprise Risk Management and payments middleware.

Sharing his vision for the company’s growth, he states, “ I envision IDBI Intech as a leading global hi-tech company catalyzing business transformation of clients leading to their customer delight and profitable growth.  This is my plan in the next three-year horizon. We are truly ahead in this journey, which is going to be the beginning of our next phase of transformation.”

Surajit’s contribution in attaining remarkable business growth

At IDBI Intech Ltd., Surajit has carved out the path to revamp innovative solutions by blending diverse disruptive technologies into business growth. Through his company efforts, he understands that he can create an environment where they can resolve different issues via their innovative Digital products for the Banking & Financial Service domain. For instance, they can identify real-time suspicious fund transfer in Banking and Insurance transactions, highly reliable and accurate reconciliation of transactions from multiple input sources using open-source platforms capable of handling billions of transactions annually all this being made possible by use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technologies to address regulatory compliances.

Innovation and Integrity are the core pointers to drive business growth and pave the way to becoming a Blue-Chip company. He says, “We promote these values through every decision and action and recognize & reward employees who promote the culture – we constantly encourage employees to embrace the culture of Collaboration, Intent, Innovation and Value led Outcomes. We encourage & mentor our people in this regard which ensures that they individually are able to build value for themselves. This fosters a relationship of mutual trust and value with the organization & its customers.”

A company’s values are the main determinants of its future growth, and IDBI Intech Ltd. encompasses its culture of three traits, namely, Integrity, Ingenuity, and Intelligence, to win customer’s trust in all processes.

Driving the company with the help of innovative millennial mindset, agile and seamless execution, and making the customers win so that they can gain an edge over their competitors is helping them stay on top of the high-end competition. Surajit says, “Regular ideations, collaboration, identifying and empowering the high performers to take on outcome-led responsibilities is helping in fulfilling the organizational objectives and consistently establish a perfect culture that incorporates both engagement & encouragement.”

Under Surajit’s leadership, IDBI Intech Ltd has always elucidated a consistent and profitable business growth every quarter, even during the global pandemic. He acknowledges that keeping agility and adaptability in the business model have played their magic and helped them evolve the market dynamics so that they can always lead in the market.

He proudly shares, “FY 21 has been the best and highest Profitable Business Growth for IDBI Intech Ltd since inception as we surpassed all business parameters of growth.”

Not just this, IDBI Intech Ltd has achieved numerous eminent Industry Awards in FY 2021. Some of these have been provided by top Indian Business Platforms such as the Best Tech Brand 2021, Prestigious Brand 2021, Most Trusted Brand of India 2021, I MoBOT (WhatsApp Banking) for Social Media, I Quick for instant Bank Account Opening Application, etc. The company’s Flagship Product iAML©, which is popular as a top Financial Crime & Compliance Solution, is considered a noteworthy innovation and regarded well in the market.

Surajit feels gratified to share his achievement as well. He says, “I have been recognized as one of the “MOST PROMISING BUSINESS LEADERS of ASIA 2020 21 for Demonstrating Exemplary Leadership Qualities” by one of India’s Leading Business Platform.” It is truly the biggest honor for him to date.

Life before and after IDBI Intech Ltd.

Surajit graduated from Pune University with Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Electronics and has worked with leading IT companies with P&L responsibility throughout his career.

He has climbed the ladder of success by dint of hard work and had the privilege to work for 25+ years with Industry Leaders in the Technology Services space such as Wipro and HCL. Gaining enriching professional experience, delivering supreme technology-led Business Outcomes to customers across Industries & Geographies and establishing good business relationships became a part of his job.

Just before being a part of IDBI Intech Ltd, he had the opportunity to work with the Executive leadership at Wipro consisting of Ex-Chairman and the current Chairman of Wipro Limited. He had the distinction of rendering brilliant digital transformation services in their Banking & Financial Services vertical  and accelerated the business growth ahead. Owing to his exceptional services, he emerged as a definitive Business Leader for their Financial Services Business for India.

Owing to his different and unique approach to working, he received a plethora of rewards and recognition throughout his professional experience.

Being the MD and CEO of IDBI Intech Ltd. comes with a gamut of responsibilities. However, he states, “Achieving Profitable Business Growth Year on Year is the main responsibility that I handle. I am working towards creating the right positioning & identity for IDBI Intech in the marketplace, ensuring that we continue to build and evolve as an organization that delivers top-notch business outcomes.”

His work comprises everyday challenges, and he pushes to accomplish all of them with flying colors. Be it different employee challenges in the pandemic, brainstorming on addressing ever-changing customer needs, adding unique layers of innovation, building strong organizational culture, solidifying the company’s foundation, or focused engagement with all Stakeholders, Surajit handles everything with panache.

Surajit’s Top Qualities 

His passion and determination to improving and adding a dash of innovation in each new product are keeping him quite forward in the banking and financial services domain. Being a firm believer of the notion, “Pursue your dreams with passion, and the path will unfold,” his persistent efforts never fail to steer the company in the fast-track growth direction.

Surajit exhibits strong qualities in thoughtful leadership that make him an excellent leader to move and attain different growth plans on a stipulated time frame. Owing to his proficiency in Strategic Planning, he is able to emerge as a self-motivated Change Driver who is witnessing growth in all the two domains be it, imparting Digital Transformation Services & designing a solid Eco-system.

His ability to bring out the best in the worst situations makes him deliver an exemplary performance in surging profitability, gaining more strategic deals, and powerful leadership. His effective communication has also proven to be his strength and resulted in articulating his knowledge into bringing strong collaborations in different teams and solve all the problems in a jiffy. Over the course of his professional experience, he has demonstrated the most creative solutions in each stratum of leadership, from mentoring teams to working in a structured manner to showcasing knowledge-based consulting and building strategic alliances that further result in making profitable business growth consistently.

Motivating employees for thriving business growth

Further, Surajit realizes that the power of the company lies in the hands of employees. Thus, he always ensures that all the teams are happy, satisfied, and motivated to drive more company growth. He strongly adheres to the quote, “Appreciation resonates confidence and conviction.” Thus, he has applied the method of appreciating employees, giving feedback periodically, leading from the front, and solving all their problems as a way to instill a passion for their journey of developing innovative solutions.

Moreover, he believes in designing new benchmarks of deriving best performance results by channelizing inherent competencies and nurturing all experienced employees.

He always tries to ensure that they feel a sense of pride in the work that they deliver for making the customer WIN. In this way, not only will the employees remain motivated to impart their ultimate services at all times, but they will also meet all organizational objectives if all employees stay in a collaborative environment.

Charting the future Roadmap of IDBI Intech Ltd.

With an ambition to make IDBI Intech Ltd one of the top Digital Technology-led Leading Global Business Transformation organizations powered by integrating the latest disruptive technologies, Surajit is working arduously to strive for satisfactory customer experience in the Banking Financial Services & Insurance sector.

He further states, “Our business expansion to global customers is an integral part of our strategy – have planned a three-year milestone-based business growth initiative. We are addressing these markets leveraging our strong portfolio of Information Technology Products, Services, and Solutions.” He feels that keeping everything on Cloud proffers their world-class industry solutions to be utilized by their customers all over the world and achieve the desired business transformation.