Vishal Patel Creates a World with The True Greatness of Care

The 10 Most Empowering Business Leaders to Watch in 2024

Up to now, we’ve shared numerous success stories of individuals reaching remarkable heights. Today, let us introduce you to Vishal Patel, the Chief Executive Officer and Franchise Owner of Right at Home in Highland Falls, NY, recognized as one of “The 10 Most Empowering Business Leaders to Watch in 2024.” True to his name, which signifies greatness, grandeur, and magnificence, this seasoned executive has left an indelible mark on the hospitality industry through his decisive leadership, effective communication, strategic acumen, adaptability, empathetic approach, delegation skills, and ability to inspire and motivate others.

Leia and Vishal Patel, residents of Highland Falls and fresh proprietors of a Right at Home franchise, are seen in their workplace. The youthful pair eagerly anticipates aiding local families in need. As the CEO/Co-Owner of the Right at Home franchise, Vishal actively manages the business’s behind-the-scenes operations, hiring, and gaining new clients. Alongside his team in the office and caregivers, they provide excellent in-home care and support to seniors and their families.

Maintaining a hands-on approach, they engage with clients, striving to be supportive both inside and outside of work. “In line with Right at Home’s mission, “To improve the quality of life for those that we serve,” we see that as a full circle,” remarks the experienced executive. He further elaborates, “Our team and caregivers apply the mission to our clients, we as owners apply the mission to our staff and caregivers, the Franchisor applies the mission to us, as franchisees. It’s a full circle.”

In a recent development at the end of October 2023, Vishal stepped into the role of a professional travel agent. He founded Travel Somewhere, a travel agency dedicated to all aspects of travel. They’ve secured the domain  and partnered with affiliate Archer Travel Services to provide fully bonded and insured travel agent services to the public. Drawing on his passion for travel and over two decades of experience in the hospitality industry, Vishal eagerly anticipates sharing his expertise with individuals, groups, businesses, teams, and families seeking to streamline the logistics of various travel experiences.

Beyond serving as the CEO/Co-Owner of the Right at Home franchise and a Professional Travel Agent at Travel Somewhere, Vishal plays diverse roles in his professional and personal life. These include being an exemplary leader, mentor, caring husband, devoted parent, and loving grandparent.

Summing up his essence in one powerful word, Vishal defines himself as SOMEBODY. This intentionally selected term mirrors his deep voyage of self-exploration over the years. He has discovered strength and empowerment in fully embracing his authentic self, a commitment that now serves as the foundation of his daily life. He expresses: “I am Somebody who Works, I am Somebody who Leads, I am Somebody who Cares.”

Within the pages of this cover story, we delve into the enduring impact Vishal Patel has left on the hospitality industry. Leveraging a wealth of experience, his insightful observations serve as a valuable resource for those with aspirations of leadership and forging distinctive pathways to success. Embark on a journey with us as we explore the profound wisdom and visionary outlook of a trailblazer who has indelibly reshaped the hospitality landscape, consistently inspiring change and fostering innovation.

Perspective on Success

To Vishal Patel, success embodies waking up each morning to the promise of vast opportunities and finding contentment and fulfillment in pursuing those opportunities by the day’s end. According to him, “Success is a word that we use to measure one’s happiness.” He emphasizes that genuine success cannot be accurately measured by financial standards, as there will always be individuals with more or less wealth. Vishal acknowledges the common understanding that increased wealth often brings more challenges. Therefore, when he contemplates success, it’s not seen as a measure of financial stability but rather as a mindset.

Embarking on a Hospitality Journey: The Roots and Motivation

Growing up in a family deeply entrenched in hotel operations and ownership, Vishal gained insights into various facets of this captivating industry from an early age. The intrigue lies in the diversity of tasks—from assisting in fixing p-traps and installing light fixtures at the tender age of 6, engaging in maintenance work, and manning the front desk to overseeing renovations, handling bookkeeping, managing procurement, and more. Hospitality work encompasses a broad spectrum of responsibilities, all aimed at creating an exceptional experience for consumers and communities.

Some hotels and resorts serve as destinations, providing complete vacation experiences with on-site food and entertainment, eliminating the need for guests to venture beyond the resort confines. Vishal poses a thought-provoking question: “Why do people work all year long to be able to afford a vacation getaway?” According to him, it’s the universal desire to unwind, rejuvenate, and invest their hard-earned money in an unforgettable experience. Pursuing the perfect balance between life, work, and pleasure is a common thread that weaves through everyone’s aspirations.

For Vishal, the allure of the hospitality industry lies in actively contributing to this essential aspect of people’s lives, making it a truly exhilarating field to be a part of.

Navigating Roadblocks for Valuable Professional Lessons

During a professional journey, obstacles often serve as profound educators. According to Vishal, challenges, when faced head-on, offer a chance for personal and professional growth. Recognizing that most impediments are surmountable through a systematic approach, there is a common hesitation to take the initial step. Adopting a ‘success mindset’ is crucial in realizing that obstacles, in fact, present opportunities.

“I am not immune to this, as I have had challenges throughout my career and personal life,” Vishal articulates. From facing a divorce at the age of 30 to navigating business foreclosures and unsuccessful project attempts, he has faced his share of adversities. The key lesson learned, he emphasizes, is to avoid taking these unpleasant encounters personally. It is all too easy to attribute all hardships and issues to oneself, a tendency Vishal recognizes.

Understanding emotional intelligence and maturity involves acknowledging setbacks as opportunities for learning and personal growth. Vishal emphasizes that it is crucial to realize that not all challenges are solely one’s responsibility; some are beyond one’s control. The path to emotional acumen and personal growth necessitates navigating difficulties with resilience and identifying them as pivotal developmental milestones.

Caring for Seniors: Right at Home Initiative

Somebody Cares NY Inc. came into existence in 2021 to offer in-home assistance and care to seniors in their community, the very place where Vishal grew up. Motivated by dissatisfaction with nursing home conditions and fueled by the shared experience of aging parents and the passing of grandparents in their own homes, Vishal and his wife aimed to address the unmet health crisis prevalent in the country. This vision led them to partner with Right at Home, whose mission succinctly stated: “To improve the quality of life for those that we serve!”

Vishal Patel’s Leadership Approach for Integrity and Innovation

A proficient veteran, Vishal ensures a culture of integrity and innovation within his team by avoiding micromanagement and embracing a holistic management style. By prioritizing a focus on learning and genuine care for his staff, he recognizes the significance of employment in their lives. This shift allows for a thoughtful evaluation of individuals who align well with the company’s values. Vishal believes that genuine leadership extends beyond personal and organizational goals; “true leaders are focused on the people they lead and helping them achieve their goals while aligning their growth with that of the organization or company.”   This approach creates a conducive environment for integrity and innovation to thrive within his team.

Embarking on Aspirations: Vishal Patel’s Evolution in the Hospitality Industry

“Where there is a will, there is a way,” a proverb that outlines the beginning of Vishal’s career journey. After completing his undergraduate studies, he dove into hospitality, contributing his skills to Krushiker Hospitality Group LLC in Northwest Arkansas. His roles encompassed various facets, from fieldwork to procurement, back-office management, overseeing two renovations, and even contributing to a new build. During his formative years, Vishal harbored dreams of becoming a Hotel Tycoon by age 40. While that specific goal remained unfulfilled, his dreams have taken on new and fulfilling dimensions.

Steering Leadership Challenges

Leading in the industry may pose challenges, but for Vishal, the belief is that “thriving as a leader does not necessarily need to be difficult.” He feels the difficulty lies in the leader’s mindset and determination. In challenging situations, Vishal underscores the importance of teams and societies responding with resolution, adopting a solution-driven approach, and maintaining emotional intelligence. The key is to avoid self-blame or mental roadblocks that could impede progress and opportunities. This accomplished practitioner advocates for addressing issues externally through specific steps rather than internalizing them and letting them restrict one’s actions.

Perspectives on Shaping Future Leaders and Aspirations for Impact

Vishal Patel envisions a future of leadership characterized by collaborative perspectives and shared overarching objectives. If there’s a meaningful way he can contribute to instilling these values in both established professionals and emerging talents, it would be a gratifying endeavor. This seasoned veteran aims to disseminate these insights through public speaking and potentially in writing, envisaging the possibility of sharing his views on leadership and motivation with companies and groups seeking a compelling public speaker. This venture is something Vishal anticipates exploring in the upcoming years.

Harmony in Life and Work: Vishal’s Motivational Approach

Maintaining a harmonious relationship between off-duty and job duties is an ongoing effort. Vishal highlights the integration of his personal and work life, stating, “I am me all the time.” This seamless blend involves adapting to a professional demeanor when required and being personal in appropriate contexts. He finds it a blessing to have an intertwined professional and personal relationship with his wife. It stems from having a shared or common interests and delight in joint accomplishments. Similarly, with his teams, Vishal establishes genuine connections. Whether working collaboratively or celebrating at a Christmas party, the authenticity in their bond with employees is a cornerstone. He conveys, “That’s the value I can offer my employees. That’s how I make it work.”

Pursuing Holistic Achievement: Vishal’s Personal Goals

For Vishal, achieving personal goals extends beyond individual accomplishments. He visualizes success as reaching a point in both his life and businesses where their overarching missions are actively practiced. The measure of achievement lies in the ability to make a meaningful impact, assisting as many people as possible while upholding high-quality standards. Financial stability is significant for sustaining his growing family, comprising five children and two grandchildren, and supporting the well-being of the dedicated teams within their companies and their respective families.