Comparison between Microsoft Office 2019 vs. Office 365: What should you choose?

Microsoft has produced many benchmark products which are used by people from all over the world. Two of these most important inventions in this field have been Microsoft Office 2019 and Office 365. Although both have their own user advantages and are suitable to meet the demands of the people, there are huge differences that need to be addressed so that people can make a wise decision while purchasing a specific product to use. Let’s have a quick look at these top differences given below for your convenience:


  1. What we have got:

Office 365 provides you access to all the apps available under it. The account can be used by various people on different devices of their choice. Upgradations for the apps can be done for free. You will get full customer support. It supports Windows 10,8x,7 and macOS.

Microsoft office would allow access to only popular apps for rest you need to pay. Although there is the concept of yearly payment that reduces the tension of paying bills monthly. Microsoft office provides you with security updates. It gives you a traditional experience of working. It supports Windows 10 and macOS.

  1. What we can’t do:

Despite so many features of office 365, the problem with it is that it has both monthly and yearly subscription and you would have to pay even for the apps you don’t require. If there are any kind of service issues it would work in a very limited way. Its system might not support new changes positively.

Under Microsoft as well we have some issues as you will get only one license per device and there a very limited set of features available. As is supports only Windows 10 and macOS it limited to these two only. You can make no upgrades. Customer support is not available.

  1. Which is best for you:

Office 2019 is fit for those customers who are not yet ready to shift on to a cloud-based version of office and it is specifically designed for commercial customers

The plus point is that if you are dependent on a number of office apps then you get in under one roof of Office 365.

  1. Tools and upgradations:

If you want tools on a single device and upgradations do not bother you than Microsoft office is fit for you.

If you are looking for regular updates at a low cost then you should go for Office 365 as it is the one that would facilitate you in doing the same.

  1. Subscription plans:

If you are planning to go for Office 365 then you will have two options one is Office 365 personal for single person use at $70 a year whereas if you want it to use with family and friends you require to take Offcie365 Home for $100 year.

There is no such provision in Microsoft office and it provides the facilities on a yearly package.