Customer Centric Approach at Global Scale

Top 10 Customer Centric Insurance Companies 2021

As per research, livelihood in the US mark over 328.46 million whereas 5,954 intact in the insurance sector owning agencies. Widespread COVID- 19 harms various businesses in variant ways. All firm banged on due to the breakdown of novel coronavirus. Fetching new norms to the business, various sectors take revenue high. Insurance agency is no longer behind the trend. It has implemented business continuity plans to maintain the delivery of essential insurance functions with a focus on digital service delivery. Many challenges faced by the insurance companies have resulted in satisfactory policies. Some of the companies that announced new functions and services are discussed below.


Metlife Inc. approaches applicants who are suffering the most in this crucial period. It set in motion, committing to protect the health and well-being of clients. MetLife subjects to the customers that they receive what they expect. This is being done on a local level to observe all regulations, adhere to insurance policy terms, and ensure customers can easily and quickly engage with us as necessary. There are no policy limitations that would lead to pay-out claims resulting from COVID-19. Death due to COVID-19 excluded in AD&D policies, hospital indemnities such as admission and confinement would be payable, Some plans of critical illness or cancer insurance may include COVID-19 as a covered condition in the Infectious Disease category. In accident insurance and disability insurance, there is no such policy apply for covid infection.

In process the company monitors all documentation through digital access and amendment with the customer’s willingness.

United Health Group

United Health Group introduced new services like covid vaccine locator and covid testing locator that would help clients to find in optimum time. It hurdle situations and secure plan by the minute. It provides virtual visit benefits 24/7 to the clients and are the information hubs for the latest details on care, support, and resources, including access to a health plan, accounts for personalized digital care.

  • Supporting members in home isolation through a navigation support program.
  • Offering support for high-risk Medicare and Medicaid members with a home-based management platform.
  • Offering access to early prescription refills, as needed, through June 30, 2020.
  • Offering an on-demand emotional support mobile app, called Sanvello, that is available to many members to help them cope with stress, anxiety, and depression. Eligible United Healthcare members must register using their United Healthcare member card.

Prudential Financial

Prudential Financial Inc. seeking to clear rustle echoing due to covid infection by promising clients certain terms. Health insurance plans can help cover the costs of treatment while term insurance plans can act as a backup and help the insured’s family cope with the financial implications in case of an unfortunate death due to COVID-19. Generally, term plans only provide death benefits due to illness if the insured succumbs to critical ailments such as cancer, stroke, and heart disease, amongst others. For instance, It provides a term insurance plan that covers COVID-19 -related deaths. It made the available digital systematic process to make claims for COVID-19 term insurance.

To support the continuity of insurance operations, many supervisors are encouraging the use of digital channels. Many have mentioned their policy in an easier and acceptable way so that needy one can acquire at low. Still, for the safe side of the agencies, they keep limitations for certain clients so that loss incurred would be bearable by the agencies. Holding on too long term plan proposal diminishes in such a situation, customers likely to have instant recovery for the claims.