Fashion designers: the trendsetters

Fashion designer

Fashion designers use their technical perspective to design a new type of clothes. They have all the knowledge about the current or old fashion trend. They update themselves about what will be popular with consumers and take inspiration from the world around them to create fresh and original designs. There are different areas of work for Fashion designers. So you choose it according to your choice.

High-street fashion: 

The palace where the manufacturing of garments is too high and the majority of designers work in this place. It is a commercial work that is surrounded by media. Celebrity catwalk, seasonal trends play a vital role in high-street fashion.

Ready-to-wear: It is also known as pret-a-porter. As the name suggests in this type of work, the Fashion designers design the ready-to-wear collection in small quantities.

Haute couture:

In this type of work, it requires a lot of time to design a one-off garment for the catwalk. The garments designed at the time are often impractical to wear because they are designed to promote either a brand or a specific look.

Responsibilities of a Fashion designer:

The responsibility of a Fashion designer depends on the market type.

  1. To create a design using your hands or CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.
  2. Create mood boards for your clients.
  3. Stay updated with emerging fashion trends, and as well as with trends relating to colors and style.
  4. Plan theme-based ranges.
  5. To improve product work with a team of buyers, forecasters.
  6. Connect with sales, buying, and production teams to ensure that goods are in line with customer, market, and price points.
  7. There should be a technical approach to understanding the design that means production patterns and technical specifications for the formation of any garment.
  8. To select and buy fabrics, visit trade shows, and manufacturers.
  9. Accommodate the existing designs for mass production.
  10. Creating a pattern for applying to samples and inspecting its fitting, detailing, etc.
  11. Negotiation with customers and buyers is crucial.
  12. Display your designed clothes at trade shows and fashion shows.
  13. To try out your designed outfits, work with models, and try them on the catwalk at fashion shows.
  14. If you are working on a self-employed basis, then you have to manage marketing, finance, and other business-related activities.

The design of clothes is benignant for big companies designing or experienced designers. And in smaller companies, it is the only part of the designer’s role.

Salary of Fashion designers:

  • Starting salaries in this industry are often low. So if you are planning your career in this industry, then you can start with a design assistant. The starting salary of a design assistant is $18959 to $20959 annually.
  • A junior designer can earn approximately $29,623 per year.
  • Salaries of senior designer and creative director started from $49767 to $100720 per year.

The salary of a Fashion designer depends on the level of experience a Fashion designer has. Geographical location and type of employer also affect the salary of a Fashion designer.