The Evolution of Women

The Most Successful Businesswomen to watch, 2021

We have seen the position of women in the conservative society we live in and have also witnessed the patriarchy of the society over the years. Actively or even passively we have all tried to contribute towards a change in the position of women. However, nothing really changed until women themselves decided to take a stand and recognize their potential. And when they did, they started a wave of revolution that surpassed every conventional method of business and introduced a reformed system that worked better and faster.

Women Empowerment is Trending

Today we see women in every industry, outshining and outperforming themselves as leaders, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Directors. However, it wasn’t quite so, a few decades ago. Leading may not have been one of the core responsibilities of women as they were undermined and underappreciated. Visualizing them in the kitchen cooking dinner, doing the laundry, taking care of children, and carrying out all household chores, was a regular thing. Women in the 80s couldn’t apply for a business loan without a co-signature from a male relative. Women were unable to achieve their full economic potential as many gender biases dot their path. Well, all these facts are now taking a new shape that is recognizing women as powerful and passionate personalities.

Perhaps, this is where women’s empowerment plays an important role. Women empowerment isn’t about reigning over men. It is only stating the obvious that women are capable of doing a great job as doting mothers at the same time run a company as responsible and successful business leaders.

Women are not just independent business owners, but they are surpassing their male equivalates. According to statistics, there are 9.9 million women-owned businesses in the United States and 252 million around the world. This whopping number has increased only because of the power and intellect of women. Smashing the patriarchy, breaking the glass ceilings, paving their way through sexist workplace policies, women have soared higher as “women” entrepreneurs in male-dominated industries.

Industries like manufacturing, technology, and franchising have always seen a huge population of male leaders. But women have proved that they can take over every industry with intellect and the power of innovation. There were times when women were not allowed to think beyond their limits. Underpaid, passed for promotions, every day, sexism is a few of the many things women have to face in the industry. However, major industries are democratizing the resources needed for women to excel as successful businesswomen.

More and more women today are entering the business world than ever before; the number of global female entrepreneurs has increased more than 10 percent each year. The evolution of women over the years has just inspired more and more women to step out of their comfort zone and break free to recognize their potential. Women epitomize the true qualities of leadership, success, and power.

Every woman has her own success story to tell, and each story is an inspiring one. Well, it is only a matter of time when women will no more need to prove their potential because their works will do tell the tale of their success.