Flávio Stanzani Tozetto: Orchestrating Tomorrow’s HR Landscape with Visionary Finesse

The 10 Most Influential HR Executives to Watch in 2024

In the fast-paced world of HR leadership, where the intersection of people, technology, and business strategy is paramount, Flávio Stanzani Tozetto stands out as a visionary force. Named one of “The 10 Most Influential HR Executives to Watch in 2024,” Flávio’s journey from a psychology enthusiast to the Head of HR – branding content at Omoda & Jaecoo Brazil is nothing short of inspiring.

As a trilingual HR leader with more than 10 years of experience, Flávio is a specialist in driving digital transformations. He is highly skilled in various areas, including Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Culture, Branding, Learning & Development, and Labor Relations.

Describing himself in one word – DISCIPLINED – Flávio advocates for a structured and systematic approach in his personal and professional endeavors. His commitment to discipline is echoed in his meticulous attention to detail and organized strategies, ensuring effective leadership and goal attainment.

Motivated by Floyd Mayweather’s wisdom — “You have good days; you have bad days. But the main thing is to grow mentally.” — Flávio’s narrative exemplifies the power of resilience, hard work, and a staunch dedication to overcome challenges. With steadfast leadership and consistent advocacy, he has driven significant change in the Human Resource field, inspiring those aspiring to emulate his success.

Defining Success: A Personal Quest

As we have read many times, there are no one-size-fits-all definitions for success. It means differently to different people. So, what is success to Flávio? His perspective on success reflects a profound understanding of individuality. “Success is very relative. It depends on the goals of each person,” he shares. For this seasoned executive, making a difference in the world, especially within his immediate community, is the true measure of success. “Reconciling these learnings and applying them for the individual good and the common good is when you are succeeding,” he affirms, emphasizing the importance of personal and collective growth.

A Leap of Faith into HR

Flávio’s HR journey, rooted in a passion for understanding the human mind, evolved through Organizational Psychology studies. His professional calling centers on

creating a positive impact and bringing about tangible transformations in the workplace. Recognizing the power of HR as catalysts for change, he embraces a dynamic role focused on motivation and purpose. Motivated to help talents find purpose and leverage diversity for team performance, Flávio sees HR’s evolution beyond traditional tasks. His passion lies in guiding others to realize their strength in diversity and harnessing it for the betterment of team performance.

Navigating Challenges in a BANI World

We are living in a world where everything changes all the time, especially after the advent of technology,” says this adroit professional. He stresses that for an organization to uphold its growth and performance, employees must remain engaged and aligned with the overarching purpose, even amid the unpredictability of the business realm. Flávio recognizes the value of being a flexible professional, ready to take action when required. In this BANI (Brittle, Anxious, Nonlinear, and Incomprehensible) world – a concept aptly characterizing the present global state – HR leaders are challenged to embrace these dynamics and formulate innovative strategies that align with both business objectives and employee needs. While acknowledging the complexity of the process, he affirms that they possess the capacity to make a difference.

Omoda | Jaecoo Brazil: Driving Innovation in the Automotive Industry

Omoda | Jaecoo, a Chinese automotive company currently undergoing global expansion, is set to extend its presence to over 40 countries under the Omoda brand and 25 under the Jaecoo brand by 2024. The brands debuted in April 2023 at the Shanghai Auto Show and have achieved impressive sales of approximately 150,000 vehicles worldwide (excluding the Chinese market). As part of its strategic focus, three different models in various versions will be launched in Brazil in 2024, marking a crucial milestone in the company’s global operations. The Brazilian market holds significant importance, and Mr. Shawn XU, CEO of O&J, has confirmed the company’s intention to explore local vehicle production.

O&J products have successfully entered the global market, featuring an innovative design crafted by the brand’s talented designers and engineers. Flávio shares that their vehicles are poised to make a significant impact and are tailored for individuals with a young spirit who seek innovation and modernity. He remarks: “We are super excited for what’s about to come in 2024!”

A Day in the Life of Flávio, Head of HR at Omoda | Jaecoo Brazil!

As Head of HR at Oмoda | Jaеcoo Brazil, Flávio leads strategic planning aligned with global objectives. Focused on people and culture, he navigates daily challenges while considering local nuances. Actively expanding the Brazilian team, Flávio selects headquarters strategically and fosters engagement through career plans and benchmarks with local organizations. His organized workday starts at 7 AM and encompassing meeting with global headquarters in China and coordination sessions with Brazilian counterparts to ensure synchronicity. Flávio concludes the day by prioritizing tasks for the next day and occasionally engaging with Chinese counterparts in the evening on essential matters.

Shaping the Future: Flávio’s Vision for Omoda | Jaecoo Brazil

“Our plan is to be successful in the segments we cover,” this senior HR leader of Omoda | Jaecoo Brazil shares. The company, guided by a commitment to sustainability, safety, and innovative technology, aspires to provide consumers with vehicles that meet high standards and enhance daily life through intelligent solutions. Recognizing Brazil’s economic prowess and clean energy potential, the company sees the country as a strategic partner, envisioning it as a beacon for the future of sustainable mobility and an integral part of its global operations.

Reinventing HR: Flávio’s Contribution

Flávio has emerged as a visionary leader, playing a pivotal role in reshaping the HR industry amid the dynamic changes witnessed in recent years. From the traditional back-office function, HR has evolved into a crucial cornerstone of business, and Flávio has been at the forefront of this transformation. Embracing the words of computer scientist Alan Kay, Flávio firmly believes that “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” This philosophy has driven him to constantly question and redefine the role of HR professionals in today’s rapidly evolving corporate world.

He firmly believes that HR leaders must actively promote employee engagement by initiating programs fostering a sense of belonging. Recognizing the importance of alignment with the company’s values, offerings, and mission, he celebrates progress in key areas such as stronger collaboration between HR and company executives, adaptable work arrangements, and heightened attention to employee needs. Dedicating himself to a dynamic approach, driven by adaptability, flexibility, and data analysis, this astute expert prioritizes aligning HR strategies with company objectives and accommodating the ever-evolving desires of employees in our era of rapid growth and technological advancement.

Technology’s Impact on HR: A Paradigm Shift

HR industry mastermind Flávio shares how technology is revolutionizing HR. Automation handles tasks and improves productivity, freeing up the room for initiatives that bring real value. Tech gadgets deliver numerical insight into commercial verdicts – note their effectiveness when evaluating employee performance! Observing an ever-changing job market loop around us like a whirlwind, we need full awareness of cutting-edge practices, multiple work models, fringe benefits, and transparent two-way communication. Flavio gives kudos to those smart cookie-developing tools aimed at making recruitment smooth sailing – platforms such as Glassdoor et al. are holding the reins and influencing career seekers’ decisions after all!

Cultivating Integrity at Omoda | Jaecoo Brazil

Building an eco-system of integrity is a priority for Flávio at Omoda | Jaecoo. The focus is on creating an environment where individuals feel respected and authentic. He implements various measures, such as using guided scorecards to eliminate interview bias and ensuring technical and soft skills are the basis for selection. An employee handbook is distributed to every new hire, with consistent reinforcement by company leaders throughout the year. Flávio also provides support to business leaders navigating cultural differences, especially in collaborations with global entities. In aligning with Tom Ford’s ethos, “I probably do have an obsessive personality, but striving for perfection has served me well,” Flávio’s meticulous efforts reflect his commitment to perfection in cultivating a professional setting where employees feel respected and truly understood.

The Beginnings and Recognitions

Flávio holds dear the appreciation for his first job, a significant stepping stone in his career that brought advancement, recognition and enduring bonds over three years. Regarding leadership, he underscores “small” day-to-day acknowledgements from coworkers as essential for boosting self-assurance and harmony with long-standing objectives. As an employment catalyst at Omoda | Jaecoo’s Brazilian division, Flávio prioritizes fostering corporate prosperity while aiding comrades in cultivating conducive team environments.

Balancing Act: Flávio’s Approach to Work-Life Harmony and Employee Motivation

This well-versed top-tier leader skillfully adapts to both remote and hybrid work systems using tech-savviness. For balancing work and personal life, he transforms routine days into “weekends” and extends leisure as needed. To motivating his team, Flávio implements effective strategies that are in sync with business operations, nurturing sustainability and agility. These initiatives not only connect employees with the company’s values, products, and services but also serve as a source of enduring motivation.

A Message for Aspiring HR Professionals

Flávio’s message to aspiring HR professionals and leaders is a call to reimagine, adapt, and embrace the transformative potential within their roles. He urges HR leaders to challenge existing notions, break the stereotypical patterns and be open to knowledge, recognizing the constant evolution taking place in this and allied industries. He aptly articulates, “My invitation is for HR leaders to know that they can review concepts, change paradigms, and unlearn some things to learn new ones.” This experienced industry expert nudges people to reflect on their role as agents of transformation within their organizational environments, building engaged and purposeful teams. His advice extends beyond professional realms. He reminds everyone that sans a healthy and content life, career achievements are neither sustainable nor advisable. Flávio signs off with a profound message, “Take care of yourself, don’t neglect your health and well-being, and look for a job that fulfills you. If you can do this, your success will only be a consequence.”