Handwriting analysis an incredible tool to understand people without them saying a word

Handwriting analysis

There are signs and symbols and hidden codes all around us, waiting to be deciphered. The universe has left secret messages for us human being all over only wanting to be revealed. One such secret lies in our handwritings. Handwriting analysis the process of figuring out personality traits, psychological state of the mind of the writer at the time of him/her writing the text being analyzed and many more aspects of human behavior and patterns.

Although considered a pseudoscience, handwriting analysis or graphology has made a substantial mark in the world with a number of studies claiming the results are astoundingly accurate. The art of studying handwriting and finding out secrets behind a person is called Graphology. The year 1575 saw the first book published on handwriting analysis. It is since then that human beings have come step closer to understanding other humans.

What is handwriting analysis?

Experts believe we are all analyzing and decoding everything we see and hear on a sub conscious level. The same goes with handwriting. Remember back in school when teachers insisted on cursive writing? Those were the days when bad handwriting was punished and good handwriting could earn you a golden star. It not just describes the neatness and discipline required by students in their notebooks, but how you write conveys a message to the teacher who is reviewing your work.

A badly scribbled word with too much pressure shows a person is angry and aggressive. A light weighted writing with a laid back slant speaks at least a few words about the person writing it. We don’t have to be experts to know that. Sometimes it’s common sense which tells us a few traits of the person and we are right. This understanding of the written word created by putting pen to paper which shows a deep connection with the thoughts and feelings that the person is going through is the study of graphology. Handwritings change as we grow older and so does our personality. This should tell us how interrelated the two (personality and writing) are with each other.

How is handwriting analysis done?

Graphologists have studied thousands and thousands of sample handwritings over the past several years and drawn their conclusions. They have published books with their results and graphology is something that can be learned today from an expert and put into practice in our everyday lives. So how is it done:

  • The handwriting analyst asks for a sample of your writing.
  • This sample is usually taken on a place sheet of paper.
  • The expert asks you not to be conscious while writing, but to just go with the flow and write a small piece.
  • Make sure to write enough to allow a proper analysis of your handwriting
  • Once you have submitted the sample, the analyst gets to work.
  • Every stroke of your pen, the pressure you have placed while writing, the dots on the i’s and j’s, the slant of your words, their angle and tilt, how you have crossed your t’s, what does the spacing between the words look like? What does the spacing between the letters look like? Is all analyzed to reveal a mirror image of your inner self with you.
  • Personality traits such as being optimist or pessimist or realist, anger issues, emotional damage, suicidal tendencies, high achievers or low achievers, low self esteem or high is all revealed.
  • The analysis can also tell you how many friends you have, how emotionally dependent are you, what’s your sexual appetite, are you an honest or dishonest person or a sociopath or a dangerous person can be told using an understanding of your handwriting.
  • Ideally, the sample should be written in a comfortable environment on a piece of paper using a pen or pencil.

What are the uses of handwriting analysis in the real world?

Expert graphologists are like mind readers and psychics. Their revelations are enough to blow anyone’s mind and spike their interests. Graphologists can help identify and correct personalities of various people. If someone is depressed or suicidal it can be revealed through their hand written work. Therefore forensics sometimes makes use of graphologists with good reputations to help crack cases for them. A written sample like letters or suicide notes may be analyzed to understand whether the person was truly suicidal or if there is foul play involved. The results of the investigations can be crossed checked and a conclusion can be drawn.

Graphology also helps students. Many parents approach experts to help them with their child’s behavior patterns or lack of interest in studies. The first step is to understand what is bothering the child. Is it the environment at home or school that is the problem? Is he or she being bullied and is unable to confide in anyone about it? Or is there truly an issue with the child. In order to understand such cases, several samples are collected and an analysis is done to reach the conclusion. Often times adjusting the outward situation automatically heals the inner trauma and the handwriting fixes itself as well. It’s like clockwork. Other times in case the child has gone through some mental trauma like the divorce of his/her parents while being young, the child’s handwriting is consciously corrected to correct the trauma going inside. Which one is the best option to be followed is best left to the experts. Handwriting analysis might just be the solution you have been searching for.


Handwriting analysis can help save lives. You will never want to hire a baby sitter for your child who is potentially capable of doing harm, although he/she looks calm and composed from the outside. The same goes with getting into business relationships. However, word to the wise, handwriting should not be analyzed based on a single stroke or the slip of one’s pen. It is a careful and serious study that can make or break someone. Just like with any other potential make or break sciences, there must be enough caution exerted before making such judgments. And like all things that are done well, professionals and experts should be the ones doing serious analysis of other people’s handwritings.