Laszlo Dellei: A Highly Motivated Professional Revolutionizing Cyber Security

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IT, information security, and data protection and security have all become increasingly intertwined in recent decades. Effective, lawful, and secure information management is a critical factor for businesses in today’s data-driven culture and economy. As a result, experts and professionals began to collaborate on all levels in order to give greater help and answers. As new opportunities – as well as new types of risks – arose (for example, new technologies inundated the market and our daily lives), these concerns grew in importance, and standard-setting and regulatory measures, like the GDPR in Europe, were quickly implemented. Compliance with global and/or regional norms and regulations necessitates a thorough understanding of a number of domains. Thus, in 2017, Laszlo Dellei decided to establish Kerubiel with the goal of merging expertise from the afore-mentioned fields.

As adaptability is a crucial asset in this industry, Laszlo always tries to find new solutions and applications that best suit the firm’s clients. He emphasizes, “Gathering information necessary for our work, discussing new ideas, utilizing new knowledge, thus enables a culture of innovation and, at the same time, supports integrity in the workplace as well.”

Kerubiel is a traditional consulting firm that specializes in IT and information security, as well as data protection. Kerubiel specializes in IT audits and information security counseling (e.g., IT risk assessment, IT security counseling), designing sophisticated cybersecurity systems based on ITIL and AI applications, and counseling on business continuity and disaster recovery plans in its first field of specialization. Kerubiel does this by employing IT standards such as ISO 27000 and the NIST 800-53 controls assessment.

Stepping into Entrepreneurship

Laszlo has always been fascinated by modern technology, particularly the rapid advancement of information technology and computer science. He found it intriguing at the start of his work how technology and technical solutions are used to combat the misuse of such technologies as well as other crimes. After becoming familiar with IT and information security, he realized that the continually expanding nature of these sectors offers a unique chance to learn specialized knowledge that will affect people’s daily lives, business operations, and the digital economy’s future.

When Laszlo founded Kerubiel in 2017, he already had a two-decade professional career. He has specialized in IT and information security challenges since the beginning of his career. From a professional standpoint, he strove to approach each assignment in such a manner that the customers felt confident that their issues were also his, and that he would try to help them discover the most appropriate, tailor-made solutions. Furthermore, he attempted to set new challenges for himself on a daily basis, intentionally expanding his professional experience and understanding in these areas. This is why, during his career, he has chosen to take several professional training courses and certificates. He managed to successfully bring this client-centered approach and the problem-solving orientation into Kerubiel as well.

A Leader’s Way

According to Laszlo, a business leader should constantly identify his or her goals in conjunction with the organization in which he or she works. Laszlo’s objective in this regard is to ensure that Kerubiel remains a well-established, well-known, and successful corporation. He goes on to say that this is not always a simple undertaking, and that success takes time. As a result, anyone aspiring to be a corporate leader must be patient and open-minded.

Kerubiel’s leadership and professional contributions are inextricably interwoven. As a result, the CEO’s responsibilities are split between traditional leadership functions and day-to-day tasks. The CEO’s major tasks as a leader, according to Laszlo, are to organize the company’s workload, define strategy, and search out new business possibilities and alliances. On the other hand, he attempts to participate in as many of the company’s initiatives as possible, contributing his own skills, experience, and knowledge, as well as heading his own projects.

According to Laszlo, the greatest achievement a CEO can achieve is success and acknowledgement of the company’s efforts. In this regard, the year 2020 marks the release of Kerubiel’s award-winning Cyber Intel Matrix Platform, which provides dynamic security capabilities against cyber-attacks. This has been the Kerubiel team’s success and acknowledgement.

An Encouraging Work Environment

Kerubiel has been working remotely since the outbreak began. Thus, a typical day begins with an online meeting in which the current agenda is reviewed, project reports are provided, and the day’s assignment is determined. Following the daily kick-off meeting, the team gets to work on their own projects as well as those with which they are associated. This entails both contacting clients and carrying out the agenda’s responsibilities. It’s critical to remember which initiatives require attention in this regard. Kerubiel’s multi-project approach necessitates careful time and resource management. Finally, towards the end of the day, the team conducts any necessary follow-up meetings and reports.

This word would probably be “open-mindedness.” Laszlo is continuously looking for new challenges, new methods to expand his and his colleagues’ expertise, and to experiment with new ideas, experiences, and technologies that will help Kerubiel and its clients. Laszlo’s driving concept has always been a commitment to lifelong learning.

Laszlo seeks to include work-life balance into Kerubiel’s working technique. This implies that employees are made aware of the value of their personal lives, extracurricular activities, and other personal interests, and are encouraged to pursue them.

Life-long learning, on the other hand, is one of the most effective strategies to encourage a team. Participation in training and gaining certifications is actively encouraged, even if they are not “closely” connected to the firm’s areas of competence, because a diverse set of skills and perspectives can only help the organization (as well as the individual). Laszlo also attempts to set an example in this area; for example, he returned to the Eötvös Lorand University Faculty of Law for specialist data protection and data security training. He also joins his colleagues for specialist information security training as an ISACA member.

Making a Contribution to Success

Laszlo’s responsibilities as CEO include establishing Kerubiel’s business strategies. In this regard, he gives special attention to the evaluation of consumer feedback, which assists the team in improving the company’s services and working methods. The CEO, on the other hand, identifies several methods in which the firm should explore possibilities to expand its operations. Since 2017, Kerubiel has been expanding its competence as well as its clients as it has supplied services in a number of industries (private and government, healthcare, insurance and financial, etc.). Despite this, Laszlo continues to enjoy participating in the company’s everyday work routine. His coworkers may always seek his guidance and share ideas with him, in addition to his own tasks.

To Laszlo, the true meaning of success is constant change. He realizes, in a time where social, economic, and technological changes may and do occur daily, one can only succeed with openness towards novelties, innovation, and the ability to adapt to new realities. He opines, “Success is not a point-like state but rather a process through which the person as well as the company may find its place in our time.” He further adds, “Being a process, success can be time- and resource-consuming, yet persistence and patience may help to overcome such burdens, to transform efforts into a completed goal.”  

International Expansion

Kerubiel chose to expand its operations in 2019 and launched its R & D section. In this regard, the firm is involved in a number of scientific and professional research initiatives in sectors such as AI and virtual reality. One of the key research projects seeks to create a virtual and augmented reality application that will be evaluated with rehabilitation patients who have upper body motor dysfunction, especially in the hands, fingers, wrists, and forearms. These projects’ outcomes will be realized in the next few years.

Kerubiel was founded with the objective of creating a think-tank, a pool of contributing experts, scientists, and researchers that not only provides consulting services to its clients in a variety of fields, but also participates in professional and scientific research projects and undertakes its own initiatives. In recent years, the firm has been able to participate in national and international initiatives that have helped it establish itself as a research center, in addition to providing services. As a result, Kerubiel has become a trendsetter who influences not only the present but also the future.

In addition, the firm is a member of the Hungarian AI Coalition and contributed to the country’s AI strategy, which was established in 2020. Kerubiel will also continue to work on initiatives connected to the strategy. As Laszlo noted, the firm uses AI mostly for cyber threat intelligence, but it is also looking for new applications for the technology.

 “Kerubiel will keep on working on its regional and international networks, providing our services worldwide,” says Laszlo.

Laszlo shares the above-mentioned vision of professionalism and a scientific approach. He adds, “It is particular luck and an honor that my colleagues share this view as well and accompany me on this interesting and challenging road.”