Some Famous Artworks Of All Time

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Beauty attracts people, and for over several years some famous paintings attracting attention. If you are an aesthete or an art enthusiast, you must be aware of the few pieces of art that have slated their place in art history, transcending time and culture. Billions of dollars’ worth of famous artwork pass through international auction houses every year.

Even in this modern era, paintings have remained a mode of expression, sharing feelings. Of course, everyone has their own opinion regarding artworks and here we have listed the famous paintings of all time below.

  • The Mona Lisa

Without mentioning the Mona Lisa, listing artworks or paintings is incomplete. This masterpiece was painted by Leonardo Da Vinci, between 1503 and 1519. Since the day this painting was made, it has been dogged by two questions: who’s the subject and why is she smiling? Mona Lisa, the famous artwork is actually an infamous portrait of Lisa del Giocondo. Over the years, a number of theories have been proffered, many said that she might be the wife of Florentine merchant di Bartolomeo del Giocondo; others said she is Caterina, Leonard’s mother. Also, the enigmatic quality of the famous smile of the MonaLisa has been in the hearts of millions for several years. Moreover, Leonard has perfectly created the look of preternatural calm in Mona Lisa with the idealized landscape dissolved into the distance behind her. This painting is currently on display at Musee du Louvre in Paris.

  • Starry Night

This masterpiece is by Vincent van Gogh, was painted in 1889. Also, this famous artwork reflects the turbulent state of his mind at the time, as the night sky comes alive with swirls. He has painted countless well-known paintings, but Starry Night has captured more attention of people, which is also considered to be his magnum opus. Actually, this painting was done from his memory and the view from the room he resided in at the time.

  • Girl with a Pearl Earring

“Girl with a Pearl Earring”, the famous artwork was painted by the Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer in 1665. Also, he made his work of painting a woman that looks so real and modern that many claimed it to be a photograph. Moreover, the girl in the painting is unknown, though many people said she might be Vermeer’s maid.  This beautiful piece can now be found in Mauritshuis Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands. As considered by some it is “Mona Lisa of the North”. This famous artwork isn’t actually a portrait, but a “tronie”, which is a Dutch word for a painting of an imaginary figure with exaggerated features.

With the back backdrop behind her, the girl wearing a blue and gold turban and the entire focus on an oversized pearl earring. The famous artwork creates a dynamic purity, the innocence of childhood, and the inevitable changes of growing into a woman.

  • The Scream

This painting has become a famous artwork of modern times. “The Scream” by Edvard Munch is not a single work of art. Also, this painting symbolizes the anguish and pain of modern life. There are actually two paintings as mentioned in a British Museum’s blog, two pastels, and then an unspecified number of prints. You will be able to see the painting in the National Museum. As per the news, in 2012, one of the pastels was sold for an amount of approximately $120 million at auction.

  • The Birth of Venus

If we talk about the first full-length, non-religious nude since antiquity, it’s “The Birth of Venus”, a famous artwork by Sandro Botticelli. It is one of the oldest paintings competing with “The Kiss”. It was daring, as nudity was rare at that time and Venus is completely exposed if we minus her long, flowing hair and a slightly seen hand. It was made for Lorenzo de Medici, a member of the wealthy and art-loving Medici family. The estimated date on which this painting was made in 1485, and you can see it in Le Gallerie Degli Iffizi in Florence, Italy.

Some other famous artworks

  • The Kiss, 1907-1908: This famous artwork was completed in 1908 in Vienna, Austria. The painting looks realistic yet geometric depicting a couple kissing.
  • Guernica, 1937
  • Creation of Adam, 1508 to 1512
  • American Gothic