Sparking Change: The Electric Cowgirl’s Trailblazing Approach to Energy Consultancy

Top 10 Empowering Women Leaders to Watch in 2024

“If I were to define myself in one word, it would be Multifaceted,” Holly Scott declares, her eyes sparkling with contagious energy. It embodies “determination, empathy, and an unwavering commitment to positive change.” But one word resonates even stronger for those who know her well: UNSTOPPABLE.

Like Sia’s anthem, Holly’s spirit refuses to be confined. She charges forward, powered by a burning desire to make a difference. Deterrents become stepping stones, challenges incite her fire, and perceived setbacks only strengthen her resolve.

This isn’t just about personal ambition. Holly’s “unstoppable” nature is woven into every characteristic of her professional being. She empowers others, endorses the underdog, and fights for what’s right with a resolute belief in the power of positive action.

Meet Holly Scott, Senior Vice President of Large Commercial and Industrial Sales, at APC Consulting, recognized among the “Top 10 Empowering Women Leaders to Watch in 2024.” With over two decades of experience in the energy industry with a certification as a Certified Energy Consultant, she prioritizes integrity, honesty, and expertise in fostering strong client relationships and delivering exceptional customer service. Holly’s background spans prominent roles at Reliant, Direct Energy, and TXU Energy before joining APC Consulting.

At APC, Holly and her team collaborate closely with manufacturers, municipalities, and businesses to assess energy needs and negotiate favorable contracts across multiple suppliers. This ensures competitive rates and favorable terms in deregulated markets like Texas. Her dedication to surpassing expectations stems from a commitment to truth, transparency, and providing tangible solutions for her clientele. Holly’s ethos revolves around delivering more than just a transaction; she strives for delivering a measurable transformation that offer APC Consulting’s clientele true value and peace of mind.

Definition of Success

On success, Holly shares one famous quote that resonates with her is by Winston Churchill: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” To her, it emphasizes resilience and perseverance in the face of both success and struggles of life and speaks to overcoming challenges and staying true to oneself.

Success, to Holly, is a continuous journey of self and professional improvement fueled by passion for advocacy, achievement, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. APC Consulting fosters a collaborative spirit under Executive Management’s leadership through positivity, empowerment, and a shared drive for excellence. Authenticity and impactful solutions are championed, creating an atmosphere filled with the joyous “electricity” where everyone thrives on finding and staying in the solution. True success, akin to the law of attraction, stems from genuine joy and a client-centric approach, nurturing a familial bond. Holly’s energetic investment in her work, far from depleting her, fuels vibrant interactions and a “can-do-make-it-happen” attitude. It transcends mere service, delivering a ray of sunshine, a positive frequency, and nurturing a shared environment that benefits all stakeholders. According to Holly, the health and wealth of APC Consulting reflect the success derived from solid leadership, creative teamwork, continuous best practices, and a collective sense of celebration within the work family, extending to clientele and partners.

This adept professional says, “Success, ultimately, is the satisfaction of doing meaningful work without exhausting the body, mind, and spirit—a rewarding journey toward something beautiful, an internal reward for the soul, with the external aspects naturally falling into place through mindful awareness.”  For Holly, true success goes beyond money; it’s about doing business fairly and helpfully and seeing her customers reap benefits as a result.

APC Consulting: A Quick Overview

APC Consulting stands as a comprehensive electricity consultancy and brokerage firm affiliated with a subsidiary REP that was the 5th to enter Texas’s deregulated market. With nearly 25 years of industry presence since the deregulation of Texas’ electricity market, the firm has gained extensive expertise, relationships, and experience within the energy sector. By collaborating with top-tier retail electric providers statewide, APC Consulting customizes price and contract solutions to suit the diverse needs of its clients. Within APC Consulting, clients are esteemed members of its extended family. The entire team prioritizes utilizing its network and expertise to navigate clients through the intricacies of the energy market, ultimately reducing costs and fostering their success.

Journey in Leadership: A Dance of Synergy and Values

Holly describes her journey in leadership as a ‘synergistic dance’ between guiding an organization toward success and cultivating a positive and fulfilling experience for everyone involved. She underlines that while challenges are inevitable, the path to triumph needn’t be painful. The core of her approach lies in harmonious collaboration, where leaders and colleagues work together in perfect alignment. This alliance is fueled by embracing key daily virtues like courage, discipline, fidelity, honor, hospitality, industriousness, perseverance, and self-reliance. Holly firmly believes that success and growth become natural outcomes when these values are upheld. Her two-decade experience in the dynamic energy industry, particularly witnessing its evolution since Texas deregulation, has served as a wise teacher. This journey has provided her with invaluable industry insights and gifted her with a cherished network of friends and respected experts.

Holly’s leadership philosophy stems from core values instilled early on: humility, compassion, and authenticity. Learned alongside her parents, these principles define her approach – leadership is an art, blending humility with empathy and authenticity to empower others.

True leadership, for this seasoned executive, transcends titles and hierarchies. APC Consulting is a united family, teaming up for individual and collective growth, aiming for win-win outcomes. It’s not about control or narratives but problem-solving, promoting open communication, and leading by example. It’s about self-reflection, being accountable, and delivering exceptional value – not just because it’s successful, but because it’s right.

Every member at APC Consulting is a leader, contributing uniquely to shared success. Their cornerstones are placing the right people in key roles, providing resources, and exceeding expectations to those with whom they engage. Kindness, helpfulness, and trust aren’t just principles. They’re the foundation of their success. Holly believes positive energy breeds positive outcomes, and healthy leadership cultivates thriving success at APC Consulting.

Professional Roadblocks

Whatever Holly perceived as roadblocks in her earlier years are now important checkpoints on her way to success in her career. As she puts it, she has realized that the toughest challenges frequently lead to the most significant growth.

The Greatest Achievement as a Leader

Her leadership story takes a thrilling detour when she meets with Michael Mauceli, CEO of Reef Oil and Gas. After drilling down on business, their discussion was about to get interesting as Mr. Mauceli threw a curveball. He stated, “No seller has ever explained it that way” and he extended an invitation to join his podcast, “The Energy Show,” on the The Rich Dad Channel! As the podcast aired, Mr. Mauceli introduced her as the “Electric Cowgirl.” A nickname inspired by her signature Kemo Sabe cowgirl hats and electrifying energy. Mr. Mauceli’s recognition of her “taking him to church on energy” lauded Holly’s passion and skill and is a testament to her credibility and empowerment as a leader.

Leading with Heart and Humility: Leaving a Legacy of Empowerment

While navigating the energy industry was no easy feat, Holly chose to see challenges as steppingstones, not roadblocks. Driven by faith over fear and guided by her spiritual compass, she persisted as a champion for positive change, trusting her gut instincts honed from years of experience.

She advocates a mindset shift for the next generation: embrace openness, make considered choices, and transform perceived negatives into positive fuel. Her own journey serves as a testament to the power of humility, self-awareness, and continuous learning.

Instead of chasing an elusive state of perpetual happiness, she encourages younger generations to value simplicity, cherish joyful moments, and define success by inner peace and purpose.

Her final call to action? Remain humble, honest, bold, and brave. Seek support from available resources, and face life’s complexities with resilience and without losing courage.

Life Before APC Consulting

Before landing at APC Consulting, Holly navigated the vast energy landscape, working at Texas’ three biggest retail electric providers. This tour taught her industry intelligence, corporate methodologies, and the incredible diversity of being around good humans. But her true calling pulsed through connecting with customers, understanding their lives, and championing their needs. Her intrinsic style of embracing every individual with authenticity and helpfulness sparked a mission – to build genuine relationships and empower others no matter what.

Holly embraced challenges as she navigated the ever-changing industry of the energy sector. Every hurdle helped shape her into the “Electric Cowgirl” we know today. Each lesson, a blessing in disguise, energized her purpose: using her knowledge to create a positive impact.

“I am driven by a vision of empowerment and collaboration within the industry, transcending mere financial gains to prioritize the holistic well-being of individuals, and that includes my customers,” Holly declares. “At the core of my mission is the belief that workplaces should be spaces where hearts, minds, and souls are nurtured which naturally breeds success and health of any business.” Today, this veteran leader is profoundly grateful to operate in the spirit of a firm that’s solution oriented with a value driven approach.

A Typical Workday

The sun barely cracks over the horizon when Holly bursts into the office, her infectious energy radiating like a jolt of electricity. Fists bump, and greetings fly as her colleagues gear up for another day, each charged by the palpable enthusiasm in the air.

The typical workday for Holly consists of interacting with clients, collaborating with operations, and having strategic discussions with upper management. Her focus? Always enhancing customer value! Whether forging connections, addressing energy procurement needs, or advocating for worthy causes like the Hold Fast Foundation, she ventures into the field with a passion that illuminates her every step. The foundation, close to her heart, supports athletes facing traumatic brain injuries, offering vital resources often overlooked by insurance companies.

But Holly’s dedication extends beyond the boardroom. Throughout the day, while she stays committed to expanding their business, she nurtures personal growth. It ensures that her journey of self-discovery flourishes alongside business expansion.

The Holly-stic Balancing Act

This experienced professional expresses: “Achieving a balance between my personal and professional life comes naturally when I’m empowered by executive management to leverage my expertise and trusted to operate autonomously.”  This trust isn’t blind faith; it’s built on her proven track record, credibility, and consistent positive client feedback regarding her character and proven capabilities.

Knowing she has the freedom to excel fuels Holly’s motivation to deliver top-notch service every time. Her commitment to excellence in all that she does is further fueled by intent for business to be done the REAL right way, motivating her in all her endeavors. This intrinsic drive, nurtured by trust and autonomy, translates into both personal fulfillment and professional success.

Personal Goals as a Businesswoman

As a businesswoman, Holly’s personal goals revolve around being a beacon of best practices, integrity, and compassion. She aims to contribute to sustainable growth at APC Consulting, ensuring the delivery of excellence to their clientele. This driven leader seeks to leave a lasting mark, not just in numbers, but in the impact she makes. Each day is a quest for positive change, ignited by her passion for empathy, ethics, and fairness in all dealings. Whether navigating professional endeavors or personal interactions, Holly aspires to leave a legacy etched in integrity and kindness – a testament to the leader she strives to be.

Message to Aspiring Businesswomen

“Your life, you will be faced with a choice. You can choose love or hate…I choose love.”

“Aspiring businesswomen,” Holly’s voice rings out,” the obstacle is not a roadblock but a pathway to growth.” Her message is a call to relentless pursuit, urging them never to let their dreams dim. But her guidance extends beyond ambition. She emphasizes the importance of self-compassion and kindness, reminding them to nurture their souls by helping those less fortunate.

The key, she believes, lies in making a positive difference every day. Uplift every entity within your professional realm and stay focused on what you can control. These budding leaders can attract abundant blessings by fueling their inner drive through acts of kindness and support for the greater good of humankind.

Holly’s parting words are a powerful call to action: “Stay focused, stay grounded, and let your actions be a force for good in the world.”