The Importance Of The Index Finger In Various Cultures

Index Finger

The index finger is known to be the second digit of the human hand. It has referred to several other names like a forefinger, first finger (if thumb not counted), pointer finger, trigger finger, etc.

As we all know, each finger on our hand relates to a planet in the solar system. It is sometimes noticed that zodiac signs have a lucky finger on which they wear the gemstone ring. So to make the ones who relate to this index finger, we are here to tell you some interesting facts about it.

Here In This Post, We Will Talk About The Astrological Significance Of This Finger,

Index Finger Planet

The index finger is believed to have a connection with the planet Jupiter. In astrology, Jupiter is considered as the planet who teaches. Jupiter shows the path and that is the reason we use the index finger to point towards anything or to tell the direction. When this finger and thumb come together then it becomes the Jupiter Mars bond showing wisdom as well as power.

This finger points to the social self of an individual. That shows how one can find the capacity for leadership and significant relations with people around you. Those people who have a long, strong articulated Jupiter finger are called a Jupiterian. All such Jupiterians are extrovert and make proper eye contact rather than avoiding it.

It Is Also Used In Islam To Talk About The Superpower Allah

Qualities Possessed By Individuals Having The Long Index Finger

Such people are called Jupiterian. This finger is considered as long when it rises above the middle finger. The primary behavior traits that are common among most of the Jupiterians are:

  • They are not shy to talk but they make small talks.
  • They express their emotions very clearly.
  • They have a priest or politician kind of personality.
  • The length shows the leadership quality in them.
  • They can activate people’s desire for direction as well as guidance.
  • They are comfortable when it comes to transference.
  • Better at showing directions but not at following it themselves.
  • Those that argue on some mistakes or delays are the ones having a long Jupiter finger.
  • They usually indulge in a battle of wills to see who can rise above them. For them, they are the most superior ones.

Qualities possessed by the individuals with short Jupiter Finger

To know whether Jupiter’s finger is short one should notice the nail of Saturn finger or middle finger should be above Jupiter’s finger. Few traits are mentioned below:

  • It indicates a self-effacing.
  • They are compliant individuals.
  • They strive to please others and hard work alone in isolation.
  • They have the quality of accepting decisions that others have taken.
  • They are more willing to relinquish the other person’s authority rather than being a leader.

Index finger significance with Islam

In Islam, if one raises this finger then it is referred to signify Tawhid which shows the indivisible oneness, which means God is one. It is used to define the unity of God.

Other Finger’s Relation With Planets

As told earlier, all the fingers are connected with a planet. So if we talk about other fingers in the human hand, they are the thumb, middle finger, ring finger, and the little finger. Their planet connection is stated as follows:

  • The thumb is connected to mars and indicates power.
  • The middle finger is connected to Saturn which is said to be a servant. It is open to interpretations.
  • The ring finger is connected to Sun who is the king.
  • The little finger, at last, connects with Mercury.

Ring On Each Finger Symbolism

People tend to wear rings regularly therefore the significance of the ring on each finger must be clear. Let us see the facts on it.

  • When one wears a ring on the index finger, then it signifies confidence, leadership, self-esteem, and authority.
  • When one wears a ring on the thumb, it shows hesitation and inner conflict within an individual.
  • When one wears a ring on the middle finger, it signifies self-analysis, beauty, and responsibility.
  • When the ring is worn on the ring finger it signifies love, relationship, and creativity.
  • Wearing a ring on a little finger talks about intuition, quick intelligence, and good communication.