Venkat Yerubandi: Delivering futuristic solutions for today’s problems

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Having expertise in Saas, Nearshore Delivery, and Supply Chain Management, Venkat Yerubandi, Founder and CEO of Noblesoft Technologies, is tapping into his vast experience to change the world by harnessing the power of technology. Being a firm believer in teamwork, he aims to build exceptional teams and foster a fantastic work culture for everyone to work. He expresses that better employees can bring wonders and play a crucial role in taking the company to the next level.

Seeds of entreprenseurship

Venkat has always wanted to be an entrepreneur right from elementary school. He comes from a village where everyone was into small local businesses and farming. Growing in this environment sparked the kindling of entrepreneurship in Venkat’s mind and soul. Initially he dreamt of starting his own small business of selling fruits. After completing his graduation, he upgraded his dreams to starting a fruit processing factory. As he expanded his knowledge base and acquired his masters, he got involved with the software industry and realized the power of the technology. Prior to Noblesoft, he founded Indova Capital Management and Vedicsoft Solutions. In 2019, he laid the foundation of Noblesoft Technologies.

Learning valuable lessons along the way

Immediately after Venkat and his team started their first company in 2000, their business stopped growing. Being naïve and not realizing they were in the middle of a dot com bubble, they changed gears and worked extra hard. Subsequently, they doubled their business even during the same year. He learned a valuable lesson as he quotes, “Focus on what you can control. Let go of everything else”

After growing every single year, they entered 2008 with grandiose plans. They hired many new employees that were to start in 2009. However, destiny had different plans as the housing market, and the economy crashed. They had a choice to either save money or save careers. They chose to save careers and took a loss of $1.5M. However, by working smartly, they hit the growth phase the next year. Going through this experience, Venkat realized the true value of human capital. He states, “People are more important than money in business. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of your business”.

In 2019, Venkat started Noblesoft Technologies in the middle of the pandemic. They acquired a company and shifted to remote working to tackle the restrictions of the pandemic. By deploying smart strategies and working together, they tunneled through the challenging phase. Venkat expresses that there is always a hidden opportunity behind every challenge. See the opportunity in every obstacle.

Unlocking new possibilities with Noblesoft Technologies

Noblesoft Technologies Inc. is a Texas-USA headquartered provider of custom software in supply chain management. They offer end-to-end SaaS solutions in SCM, including Order to Procure, Inventory Control, Pick & Pack, Labeling, Transportation, and Warehouse Management. Winner of the prestigious Inc500 award, Noblesoft is one of the fastest-growing 500 private companies in the USA.  Venkat adds, “As an employee-centric company, we engage, empower and enrich our employees. Great employees create great products, great employees provide great solutions and great employees build great client relationships, not the other way around.”

Adapt to Win

Utilizing the power of Supply Chain Management, Venkat is currently working on using A.I. models to ameliorate the entire process flow and prediction algorithms within SCM.

Sharing his journey of overcoming COVID-19 with flying colors, he expresses, “COVID-19 forced not only our customers but us also to innovate and adapt to work-from-home conditions. Being a digital company, we were quick to adapt and work seamlessly. However, our customers were not so lucky. Some of the warehouses controlled by our customers were shut down for many weeks disrupting their distribution chain. We had to work around the clock to bring some of their offline systems into the cloud thereby enabling work-from-home conditions to their employees”.

Emerging Servant Leader

As the CEO of Noblesoft Technologies, Venkat manages everything from strategy building to necessary collaborating within the company. For him, no day is the same as he has to manage new responsibilities every day. Keeping an employee-first policy, he is able to manage all the teams working under him efficiently, and employees tend to love working with him for a long time.

Owing to his consistent efforts in building the company from scratch, he has received a plethora of honors and accolades over the years. One among them was being recognized as the #1 Best Places to Work in the State of New Jersey for the year 2011 among the large employer category in which they competed against the likes of Novo Nordisk, Johnson & Johnson, etc.

Sharing his views about striving for a perfect work-life balance, he follows Sadhguru’s ideology and states, “When it comes to entrepreneurs, there is no such thing as work life balance. The balance has to be within self. Similarly, there is no distinction between professional life and personal life. Both need to coexist. It’s all one life and it’s our life.”

On the edge of a promising future

Being a passion-driven entrepreneur, Venkat is thriving to break all barriers that hinder the path to success and unlock the true potential. He firmly believes in the fact that being an entrepreneur, he is able to transform both his own as well as the lives of around him including, his family, employees, clients as well as society in general. At Noblesoft Technologies, he is further streamlining the supply chain to yield higher profits and more refined production and delivery processes.

For all aspiring business leaders and disruptive entrepreneurs, he has a special message. He shares, “Be proud to be an entrepreneur. As an an entrepreneur, you change not only your own life but the lives of those around you, your family, your employees, your clients and the society in general. God willing, you may even change the course of history or make a dent in the world, as Steve Jobs said.”