Adam Kidan – An entrepreneur dedicated to making a difference with his leadership

Top 10 Most Influential People in Staffing & Recruiting, 2022

Adam Kidan is an American business leader, entrepreneur, attorney, and philanthropist who has campaigned for critical elections, served on a number of nonprofits boards, and remains an active participant in his community. He is currently serving as the President of Empire Workforce Solutions.

Adam believes in the fact that success means something different to everyone. Money, power, and influence are what most people associate with “success.” For Adam, being successful is being able to help people – to lead them to and help them pursue great opportunities and make their quality of life better.

“I’ve made mistakes in the past; and have encountered many roadblocks in getting to where I am. But when it comes to my goals and the success I have found as a job creator, I identified a need and developed a solution, while keeping in mind the people I was doing it for: those in need of a second chance. I was given a second chance when I needed one, and I wanted to pass that gift to others. That is when I feel truly successful,” he says.

Empire Workforce Solutions – Its services and growth under Adam’s leadership.

Empire Workforce Solutions, helps you land the temp job you want or hire the right employee for your business. They are a recognized workforce temp agency of choice for both candidates and clients. They believe in forming lasting relationships between employers and job seekers. As a staffing agency, they help these two parties overcome the demands and difficulties associated with getting a job and filling vacant roles.

“I am proud of Empire’s growth for many reasons,” states Adam. One of the most important is their unification under one common goal: helping people. He believes that if you keep serving others at the soul of all you do, your work takes on new meaning and better gratification than you would have thought possible. “I have really seen that to be true through Empire’s legacy. We have a team of like-minded, good-hearted individuals who have created a community of kindness, support, and encouragement among themselves and they, in turn, pass along to those we work with,” he says.

Adam’s goal is to keep growing and refining Empire. Their goal is not to be largest in their industry, but certainly the best. To always have a company they can be proud of and where they all enjoy working.

Challenges help you grow

There are always hurdles and challenges in business. Some you can plan for and see them coming and others come out and just hit you head on without any notice or planning. Adam says that the key is to always be prepared. Never become complacent in looking at all of your options. Always plan for ups and downs and the unexpected. “The pandemic is a great example of this. Being an agile organization with keeping your leadership team ready to respond is the key to success in good times or bad,” he states.

The beginning of Adam’s career and responsibilities as a leader

Adam started out his career as a practicing attorney in New York City. “While I value my legal education, practicing was not my desire,” he admits. Being exposed to business with various clients made him change his focus and become an entrepreneur. “Being able to build and create great teams of leaders has been my greatest recognition,” Adam states.

All Adam dreamed of in creating his company was helping people and making a positive difference. As long as he’s doing that every day, even in small ways, he believes he is achieving my goals. He likes to look at himself as a facilitator. Once he assembles a great team, he says it is his job to give them the tools to succeed at their jobs. “Seeing their success is my greatest satisfaction,” he exclaims.

Motivation to maintain a work-life balance

Maintaining a work/life balance is an ongoing effort, but Adam says he knows it is essential and reflects positively in his work when he sets aside time for himself to do things he enjoy. Spending time with his daughter is his favorite and most grounding pastime. “She is a constant reminder to me of what really matters,” he says.

As far as motivation, Adam thinks they are all constantly propelled by the positive feedback they receive from job seekers and employers. “We know we are making a difference in people’s lives and helping them reach their goals, and that’s enough for us,” he states. He also thinks it’s imperative to maintain a positive, uplifting company culture that values people first, not quotas or not dollar signs.

Adam advises aspiring entrepreneurs to just never give up. Always be realistic but never lose that drive to reach your goals and succeed.