Santiago Rua: Fitness Coach at ManTheFup

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“Level up your mind, and your body will follow”

Santiago Rua works at ManTheFup as a Lifestyle Coach and Online Exercise Trainer. He has a strong desire to help others improve their quality of life via fitness and nutrition.

Santiago Rua was born in the Colombian city of Medellin. Santiago’s fitness has always been a big part of his life since he moved to Canada at a young age; from performing 100 sit-ups every day as a youngster to playing soccer, he was always quite active. His objectives appeared so far away after roughly three years of hard effort in the gym that he was left in denial that he would ever be able to shed weight and develop muscle.

Rua saw a photo of Billy Pope, a hammer fitness trainer, on social media and instantly messaged him, and they began training. Rua’s physique and, more significantly, his mentality had already been altered by the trainer in a short period of time.

Rua says, “Fitness is far more than physical, I learned that in order to push your body somewhere it has never been, your mind must go there first.”

Starting as a Fitness Coach

Working throughout covid 19 notably helped Rua improve and offer the finest coaching service possible only through online contact after being a coach for numerous years. Online coaching allows students and teachers to interact one-on-one in a way that is only possible in a high-end training studio. He says, “The absence of other students, individuality and personal accountability leaves room for no distraction or comparison.”

Online coaching, according to Rua, has the most flexible hours and ultimately provides customers the flexibility to make progress regardless of their circumstances. He also adds, “Online Personal Training empowers you to build the best exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle and mind-set habits for your needs, at a pace that works for you. I believe online coaching is one of the best attributes of our generation as many people are already using technology to enhance many other aspects of their lives.”

Seeing Fitness as a Way of Living

Rua wanted people to be able to feel as strong, powerful, and in control of their lives as he did when his trainer and mentor Billy’s approach totally transformed his life. He says, “I saw my coach changing people, not only physical but their attitudes towards life. It was as if people came into that gym as one person and, after six months, were a completely new, better version of themselves. “

This is what inspired Rua to pursue a career as a coach. There was no greater profession, in his opinion, than waking up every day knowing that he was able to assist individuals in becoming the greatest versions of themselves.

Coaching individuals, according to Rua, is more than just a process of analysing their bodies and getting in shape. Every individual or customer, he has discovered, contributes something to the table. Every client has a lesson or a circumstance from which both of us may benefit. He says, “The way I grow as a coach is by taking each experience from client to client and building a portfolio of experiences that will always help me service new clients that much better.”

Steps to Becoming the Best Version of Yourself

Rua works with customers as a personal trainer to help them become the greatest versions of themselves. According to him, it all starts with a commitment to organisation; if you can arrange your eating and exercise habits, it will help you organise everything else you do on a daily basis.

The second stage is to have faith in the process. Rua continually encourages his customers to keep going forward, to trust the process, and to not give up when things become difficult.

Finally, when it comes to sustainability, most trainers are merciless and don’t give a damn about what their customers have to go through in order to finish their programme. Rua thinks that in order to adhere to something, it must be adaptable to one’s lifestyle; else, it will never become a genuine habit.

Consistency is the Key

Rua claims that there are many fallacies in the dieting business, such as “eat minimal carbohydrates to lose fat,” but in truth, one may eat whatever meals one wants in moderation and consistency. He claims that consistency is the key to success, and that without it, there would be very little success in both fitness and life. He states, “What I expect from my clients is that they give me the same energy that I give to them, in order to get the best results possible.”