Jase Stevens: Changing the stereotype for men in the fitness industry

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Tapping into his vast experience of 10 years in the fitness industry, Jase Stevens, Owner of Man the F Up, aids his clients in bringing a dramatic change in physical appearance and lifestyle. His history as a competitive bodybuilder fuels his passion for helping everyday people achieve extraordinary results. Backing up his superior communication skills, he manages to deliver effective online sessions for clients living in remote areas and help them transform their bodies as well as minds.

In this exclusive interview with CIO Views, Jase Stevens has shared his remarkable journey from beginning his career to making an influence on thousands of people’s lives.

Diving into the fitness industry

Jase was raised by a single mother for many years of his adolescent life. His mother instilled a relentless work ethic in him at a young age just by leading by example. He emphasizes this by mentioning, “I have always had a desire to do my absolute best and be the best at whatever I do. That possibly stems from something subconscious growing up without my father in my life. I got to high school, and from the age of 14, I got a job and have always had one or many. I always strived to be the best I could be, no matter what menial task or low-level position. It didn’t matter if it was bagging groceries or building houses. I always put in 100% and wanted to excel.”

His rationale was to complete the job with the best of his abilities without differentiating on its nature and status. Even today, he remains true to this notion in every aspect of life, whether it is his hobbies, relationships, or business.

Watching superheroes in his young life and seeing Arnold Schwarzenegger in action movies sparked a flame to gain a muscular and fit body as he grew. He adds, “I always had a desire to be muscular and fit my whole life. I always lifted weights here and there.”

In his 20’s, he became serious and decided to pursue his further career in the industry. At that time, he was working for CN railway traveling around northern Canada, living out of hotels and motels. However, he was adamant about his decision and started his preparations. “I prepared for my first fitness competition under these conditions, and from that point forward, I was hooked by fitness and the feeling it gave me. Nothing would hold me back from pursuing a career in the fitness industry,” he states.

He feels success is to take a course of action in the right direction, control the aspects of life on his terms and enjoy the freedom of choice. Backing up his notion, he started climbing the ladder of success, accomplishing different milestones on the way and expanding his skills and expertise in the industry. He completed countless training programs from the biggest and brightest minds of the industry to expand his arsenal and provide superb services to his clients to make them happy and satisfied.

Laying the foundation of Man the F Up

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the landscape of everything around the globe. During this time, Jase and his partner Amer Kamra, realized that something was missing in the fitness industry, a place for men to be part of something more substantial, a place to call home, a community devoted just to them, their needs, wants, and interests. Men have lacked this sense of community, they have lacked someone speaking just to them, they have lacked direct messaging, and they have lacked the support they need!

Both the partners decided to bring a change in the industry and brewed the idea of Man the F Up in reality. The aim was to provide men with a service and a community to teach them how to be better men and reinforce what being a MAN is all about. Jase adds, “We help men. In fact, we ONLY work with men! When we are strong and feel good, we are happier, more productive, mentally and emotionally stronger. We can work toward our purpose! Fitness and fat loss go far beyond just the body, it changes who you are. The best men are the most disciplined, make great decisions each day, and are in complete control of being centered! We help men reclaim.”

Evolving into a better leader

Jase believes that failures and setbacks play a vital part in developing the resilience a person needs to move on the road of success and aim for the top level. While starting his business, he faced the challenge of leading, managing several employees, and shifting the gears of the company according to certain circumstances. He realized that there are different levels of being a good leader, and he has to evolve as he moves further and take the company to a new level of heights. He has to change the way he thinks, behaves, and manages things. He states, “It is a challenge that I take on with great responsibility and great pride and look forward to developing into a great leader as we move forward with the growth of our business.”

Revamping the fitness services for men

75% of suicides are male. Men aged 40-49 have the highest rate of suicide. Moreover, men are 3x more likely to become dependent on alcohol than women. Men are weaker in today’s world, not because there is something wrong with the body, but due to a soft society. These shocking numbers indicate that it is time to change and become more productive mentally and emotionally stronger.

Under the leadership of Jase Stevens, Man the F Up is providing a way to work towards this purpose. Man The F Up is a coaching service that provides the best body recomposition results in the world. Recomposition means to lower the amount of body fat a man has on his body and increase the amount of muscle mass, producing the ideal physique in varying degrees. Through habit forming, nutrition coaching, and resistance training education, the in-house team provides their clients all the necessary tools to be able to take full control of their body composition for the rest of their lives.

Jase expresses, “On a much deeper level that resonates with why we started the business, the fitness aspect is just the vehicle that allows us to transform men and teach men how to live better lives.” Teaching these men how to achieve their fitness goals carries over into every aspect of their lives, allowing them to be successful in everything from business to personal relationships and beyond.

He states, “This is more than just changing body composition. We are changing the lives of men around the world and creating better men who benefit everyone, their spouses, their children, their families, and the public. If there are better men in the world, the world will be a better place, and we are doing that one man at a time.”

Staying Ahead of Curve

Since the fitness industry has stiff competition already, it all comes down to the high level of service provision that makes all the difference. Even after being in this unregulated sector, their excellent services have made them earn a good reputation since their inception. Man The F Up offers a superlative service level that is unmatchable to any other fitness provider. Owing to this, they have really been able to keep their A-game on and taste success quite early.

Explaining his strategic working tactics, Jase shares, “From day one, we have set ourselves apart by doing things right and being a legitimate business, investing in our foundation and infrastructure. We have set roles for employees, HR, managers, and owners; we do things by the book because we are invested in the long-term growth and success of our business.” All this can be witnessed via their unwavering branding quality and their exceptional practices to cater to their customers’ needs upfront.

Not only this, everyone at Man The F Up opines in the fact that ‘Change is the only constant.’ Therefore, they are striving hard to evolve and adapt according to the ever-changing world as it is the only way to survive and flourish at a steady pace. He says, “One piece of innovation that we have implanted is using a private client application to communicate and coach our clients. It is a full-service application where all of their data is stored and neatly compiled, and ready at a moment’s notice. They can communicate with their coach in just one click. A real valuable part of this is our library of exercise videos filmed specifically by our coaches for our clients.” This will act as a guiding light for them whenever they go to do a workout in the future. They can easily get a video demonstration to learn the precise method of doing that exercise correctly and gathering good education at the same time.

Incredible industry Transformations with Man the F Up

Jase’s vision for Man The F Up is to become a household name when it comes to men’s fitness. He adds, “The place where men know they need to go in order to develop into better men from the inside out. I want to be able to help as many men on earth to become better men not only for themselves but for their families and the world.”

Man The F Up is uplifting from all the superficial transformations of changing a man’s entire lifestyle. He knows that tapping on the inner upliftment first will automatically make men focus on their outer fitness and diet changes.

Jase states, “We are all about creating better men, not just their bodies but their minds, morals, character and their lives. No one else is doing this, everyone focuses on the outer features, the abs, the meal plans, the cardio, we focus less on those tangible things and focus more on the intangible parts of coaching, which is where the real value is. What matters at the core of a man and we build from the inside out, which no one else is doing.” This life and mindset shift is truly uncommon and has helped them create an edge over others with their mind-boggling results.

CEO’s Role of Relentless Sweat Shedding

As the owner of Man The F Up, Jase has the same routine all day, night, weekends as well as holidays. Since the business is still in its initial growth stages, he pays attention to every intricate detail, and thus, there is more sweat shedding. However, he loves handling everything and aims to keep his customers a priority at all times. He further adds, “Apart from all this, communicating with our employees multiple times daily, coaching them on every aspect of the business and how to be better coaches takes up a big chunk of my day.” Additionally, this has paved the way to synchronous communication with an emphasis on maintaining the same standard with all clients. He believes that effective communication has also kept them all focused so that they can make efforts towards the same goal.

For Jase, helping his coaches and employees to create a better life for themselves is really the most gratification that he could get. Watching that all the work being done is making an outstanding impact, and is able to help his men to provide for their families and, in turn, ameliorate their lives. He is overjoyed to proffer them a better life than most, and he refers to this as his biggest achievement.

For him, life and work have become synonymous these days. However, he always tries to do his best in all the life aspects even which means making sure that he is putting ample time aside to spend quality time with his significant other and family. This may also mean that he has to work more efficiently and smartly to maintain a sweet balance in all his life phases.

Golden Words For Past and Future

Jase has some words of wisdom to convey to his past self and all future budding leaders. Over the years, he would have loved to share the following message with his younger self which is to never shy away from different uncomfortable situations as it is going out of the comfort zone that has significantly contributed to his growth and development in adulthood.

For all aspiring business leaders, her special message is to lead by example. Nothing sets the tone and makes men want to follow you more than being a glowing example of success and accomplishment.