SGN Digital Marketing and Creative Service. – Live NOW – The Professional Marketing Go-to Channel for the Logistics Companies!

Wonderful news! & A great benefit to all Logistics Industry folks, Exporters, or Importers who want to improve their business strategies and future.

SGN with its motto ‘In Lifting Others, We Rise’ has recently developed two amazing add-value products for its members. Upon the request and demand of many of their existing members, they have again put big ideas to reality.

SGN has been a pioneer in the networking marketing and branding part. Its audiences have increased every single day. It has been reaching out to millions of people through its media supporters and their featured news across the world. They are featured in the logistics media such as ITJ, the Maritime Executive, the loadstar, and other channels such as FORBES, CIOVIEWS, WORLD LEADERS, and AUMumpreneur.

SGN Digital Marketing and Creative Service. – Live NOW. It is going to benefit all members and non-members in the logistics industry, freight forwarders, supply chain companies, and their direct clients too. Whoever needs improvement and assistance on marketing or branding, SGN will be able to offer professional support and help.


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  • To share your burden about worrying about being out of date with the current marketing channels and strategies etc. 
  • To save you so much money taking care of your website, logo, social media, digital marketing, company videos, and all designs. etc.
  • SGN team has a great sense of increasing marketing and branding, particularly in the different industries. We can give you professional answers to any questions you have.

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