Visibility – Something that provides clarity


Let us first understand the term visibility as it has different meanings depending on the context the word is used. Visibility is a state of being able to see or be seen under certain conditions of light, distance, atmosphere, etc. or the degree to which something has attracted general attention or prominence. It can be something which is seen clearly even from a certain distance and say the visibility is clear. It can also be that there is some work that is done and it has gained importance where people can recognize its importance.

In this case, we are talking about the visibility that acquires some prominence for the work that is done.

How do we know that a certain work is done by the government for the betterment of people? How will a company project its profits/losses or policy changes to its employees? How can a monthly budget at home be made known to family members? This is where visibility comes into picture. If something has to be seen then it needs to be made visible. Governments publish their work on their websites or through news channels and social media for the larger general public to avail the benefits and also for them to be aware of the policies. If there is visibility there will be accountability in the activities carried out. It creates transparency which leads to trust and assurance. There are less chances of corruption as one is answerable for the misses and negligence. This will enable different departments to work on the pending works so as to provide the status of the completion. Governments across the world should work on making their actions visible so that there will be a connect between the public and public servants.

Companies declare their earnings to ensure their employees have a glimpse on what is happening in terms of their jobs and growth. This also provides the insight into company’s functioning that directly impacts employee’s job prospects and career advancements. Any company that is transparent of its decisions, policies, and changes is more trusted as it creates a sense of belongingness. It takes everyone along its growth trajectory. In a way, it also enables the management to take constructive decisions and also introspect its policies. It is important for the management to make its presence felt in global markets for attracting investors. This can only happen if its achievements are made visible in the global platforms.

It is also important for employees in the teams to make their work visible so that they are recognized for their contribution. Thiswill encourage others to take initiatives and come up with ideas and solutions for any problem.

However, it does not mean that the companies make all the financial and confidential information visible to whom it may not concern. This will have negative consequences which might affect the credibility of the institution. It would be better to categorize what needs to go out in public and what needs to in the boardrooms.

In any case whether it is a government institution, a company, an employee, it is important that the work done is published or made visible so that people recognize the efforts behind the work. It ensures that informed and conscious decisions are made to have a positive impact.