Women Redefining the Entrepreneurial Industry

Entrepreneurial Industry

Women and Men and the age old analogy of hunters and gatherers only remains an analogy today. The men hunted, women gathered cooked, served and stayed at home taking care of the young. Today women are equally ‘out there’ both hunting and gathering, simultaneously taking care of their young.

That said, women have come to and are still in the process of taking up this role, therefore it is said that start-up businesses coming up today especially in the developed countries are mostly led by men. But women have had an exceptionally long history of “managing” everything and therefore statistics suggest women are much better entrepreneurs.

According to head of research at the Centre of Entrepreneurs, Sarah Fink, in order for more businesses to become long term, avoid volatility and create more jobs female entrepreneurship must be prioritized.

Let us understand what makes women better at being entrepreneurs:

1) Better at taking calculated risks

When it comes to taking financial risks, data from the Centre of Entrepreneurship’s research backs women’s risk taking capabilities. Women stand at 87% in taking financial risks, while men are at 73%. About 80% women see more opportunities in risks when compared 67% of the men.

2) Less over-confidence means more balance

Women because of their history, have very little sense of entitlement, thereby lesser over-confidence. Unlike when who dream and see business possibilities only from their perspective.

3) Soaring ambitions

Surviving in today’s world is a huge challenge. Dealing with male chauvinism, and dominance and still making a mark is an achievement in itself. Today women are not just managing but strongly climbing the corporate ladder due to their grit and determination.

4) Go getters: Women more likely to succeed despite barriers

Data reveals women entrepreneurs have had to work harder, put in more hours and over all efforts to build their businesses. When compared to 20 men, only 1 woman had the technical know-how to get around the business. About a quarter of women admitted they lacked the networking skills or the network needed to get ahead, while 1 in 10 men admitted to having faced this problem.

5) Horizon on their minds

Women as it shows, focus more on the future outcomes of their present actions when it comes to running a business.

6) Emotional intelligence

Today Intelligent Quotient (IQ) is rapidly taking a back seat and while Emotional Quotient is being given more importance in many strands of society. Businesses and humanity are greatly integrating. Women seem to have a natural knack for this making them more successful.

7) Honesty is the only policy

Ever see a woman negotiating? Women do not enter a negotiation to win. They enter with a win/win attitude – you win and so do I. Both parties benefit when a woman negotiates.

8) Intuitive

Blessed with a natural intuition and sixth sense, women always seem to know when something is not right or has fallen out of place. This allows them a cutting edge over men.

9) Multi-tasking

A woman as multi-tasking hard workers is no news. Whether it comes to handling large teams, taking calls, delegating work, being conversation starters happens all by these wizards.

10) Relationship nurturers

Everyone loves mothers. Women take these natural motherly instincts with them to work. Who wouldn’t want a caring, motherly nurturer to win, instead of their of their tyrannical counterparts?