Top Companies in Utility and Energy Analytics Market

Companies in Utility and Energy

With the advancement of technology and many other vital components, Utility and Energy Analytics Market has seen a large number of ups and downs. There are many companies that have jumped up to reach the zenith of success while others have bogged down to the level of closing up.

Right now, the industry has many top Companies in Utility and Energy that operate at a global level and are responsible to bring a large number of changes without any issues.

  1. Building IQ

The company has to place America and Australia as its bases where you can find them. They provide a solution for big building complexes. Predictive Energy Optimization solutions are given to them. The software does weather forecast every five minutes and collects the thermodynamics information of the building. The building with help of this reduces its own energy consumption and therefore resulting in a reduction of energy cost and carbon footprints.

  1. Siemens

Their services are very industry specific and they perform the function of installing the data acquisition system into the prevailing system and the installed system can also be personalized. Their energy service center provides intelligence reports and analyzed information on the bases of previously maintained data in the system. They provide power management services to buildings and industries etc. through their totally integrated power service.

  1. Enlighted

They try to make commercial buildings very smart and impressive. They have automated buildings for AT and T along with California State University and many others. The sensors they use analyze various factors around them such as human activity, they look at lighting and air conditioning so that the spaces can be made comfortable along with a reduction in energy usage.

  1. BIdgely

Unlike other organizations and software, Bidgely uses meter data for disaggregation, they do not use sensors.  It makes the use of machine learning algorithms to produce bills and insights after reading the fingerprint data from analog and smart meter. Therefore there is no need to install costly equipment for the process. They are considered the best when it comes to usage elimination and appliance detection.

  1. OPower

It makes use of data analytics and helps the gas and oil utilities to analyze household energy pattern, eliminating the requirement to install extra hardware. It is referred to as a smart grid software and is a subsidiary for Oracle.

They supply various products and services to manage the utility chain from beginning to the end.

  1. Ecova

It would surprise some that Ecova has twenty-six percent of fortune five hundred companies as their customers. Ecova no doubt is a very impressive and leading energy platform that makes use of electricity, water, waste, and carbon data to achieve their goals. It also mentions the consumption trends, areas where there is inefficiency in operation and tells ways for cost reduction.

There are many more companies that can be included in this list but we have only mentioned the top market players in the Utility and Energy Analytics Market.