Brett Henyon: Helping others with RSTMM®

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Achieving success in life has a different meaning for everyone. Some people just focus on their own goals, and some aim to help others grow and find their true selves. Brett Henyon, CEO of Corporate Consulting, Inc., also believes in assisting others in finding their true self so that they can structure their career in the right direction.

He gets inspiration from the famous adage, “You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” and aims at helping the aspiring leaders and businessperson to find the right community to flourish in their lives.

Climbing the ladder of success

Before leading Corporate Consulting Inc., Brett worked full-time as a Critical Care Flight Paramedic.

From the very start, a spark to help other progress and prosper was hardwired in his mind and soul. He nurtured the kindling by expanding his academic base. He studied biology and sociology at the University of Virginia. This allowed him to learn about living systems, and human behavior and network. Expanding his knowledge base filled him with confidence and backed up his determination to pursue a career in helping others.

He volunteered as a paramedic and firefighter with Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad, Inc. in 1989 and is still a part of the team. At that time, he took the onus of Duty Officer and was part of the Water Rescue Team and Technical Rescue Team. He also handled the responsibilities of Assistant Chief, Board Member, and Membership Coordinator and was a line officer for 12 years.

In 1997, he became a member of the National Ski Patrol in Wintergreen Resort, Virginia and is part of the National Safety Team which is comprised of eight leaders who focus on mountain safety awareness education and hazard reduction through educational and marketing initiatives. On top of being a Certified Patroller and Mountain Manager at Wintergreen Resort, he has served on local and regional leadership committees for Outdoor Emergency Care and Emergency Management.

In 2000, he accepted the responsilbity of Flight Paramedic University of Virginia Health System. He was responsible for aiding patients involved in traumatic events and inter-hospital transfers for critical care. Being a lead site surveyor for The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, he performs flight program site surveys worldwide and is a voting member of the CAMTS standards review board.

Before returning to The University of Virginia Flight Program in 2010, he led a community-based MedEvac program to financial success. Several times a month he still puts on his Nomex flight suit and helps critically ill/injured patients with The University of Virginia Pegasus Network.

Helping the ill and injured patients provides him a window where he can collect all his thoughts. He likes to call this his ‘me’ time as it allows him to stay focused on work, family, and himself.

Even having helped other people for so long, the desire to help others spread in Brett’s mind and soul. He became the President of Henyon Consulting to help others achieve success so that they can help others to do the same. In 2016, he purchased and became the CEO of Corporate Consulting, Inc. which developed a process to help others find their true self and achieve their goals both personally and professionally.

Helping others with Corporate Consulting Inc.

Success is about inspiring others to find their better self. Brett believes that people are the sum of the five people closest to them. So, helping others surround themselves with like-minded individuals and continuing to search for their better self, always learning and growing, plays a crucial role in taking a business from one level to another. Backing up his belief, he laid the foundation of the company, making it the core principle.

He states, “We have a unique system. The success of the company is about following the process. The foundation of Corporate Consulting is starting from the top, The C-Suite, installing systems and processes that address critical issues and having high-level accountability for the next level of success.  Our model of getting leadership to move from the entrepreneur leadership team (or CEO) to the ‘Organizational’ Leadership – or as we say – E to P to Organizational.”

A successful leader has some specific traits, and the team at Corporate Consulting believes that there are six traits that define a successful leader.

  1. The person should be highly focused on goals. The person should have the vision to set the goals and take a specific course of action to achieve them. He/She takes the goals seriously and keeps an eye on opportunities within the challenges of life.
  2. The person has knowledge about the MIS Systems (Management Information Systems and Dashboards) to manage the goals and other things without creating any chaos.
  3. The person should have a stronghold in the marketing domain and possess a marketing mentality to understand the nature of the erratic market and adapt to the flow.
  4. He/She should be well versed in human behavior. He should be able to lead his team in the right direction and create the best results.
  5. He/She should know how build generational wealth – to make money and know where to give money.
  6. The most important trait is to understand the big why and have the vision to see the bigger picture.

While being the CEO of a company or being at the top management level leading the firm upfront, leaders have to take charge of several responsibilities to fuel the growth of their companies. As the responsibilities keep on rising, the burden to handle everything also rises exponentially, and this is the main cause where top CEOs and management teams fail to get their specifics right. Getting the right people and training them to do the right job is a herculean task.

Human capital is a crucial resource in deciding the fate of any company in the market. Handling it in a certain way decides whether the company will rise to the next level or fall. So, it becomes vital to plan and plot a strategy to use it in a way to fuel the growth of the company as a bad hire can be quite disastrous.

The biggest mistake of the top leaders and CEOs of corporate companies is that they like to do everything on their own without having full knowledge about the domain.  So, to help them avoid the pitfall and get the right people to do the right job for the company, Corporate Consulting teaches them the right way.

Bayne Henyon, Brett’s father, and founder of Corporate Consulting developed the RSTMM® process over 40 years ago. The RSTMM® process is based on the key principles that are vital for business success through people. The principals are:

    • Recruit a pool of top candidates
    • Select the right person for the right job
    • Train them to do “the job” and raise production
    • Manage them efficiently and respectfully through humanistic approaches
    • Motivate them to reach performance goals personally and professionally

The team commits to providing superior leadership development to the founders, leaders, CEOs, and management teams by teaching them to Recruit, Select, Train, Lead, Manage, Motivate, and Market their team to the next level of success. They implement their processes to elevate the morale of the team, minimize burnout and maximize output.

Brett states, “We teach CEOS, Executive Leadership, and their leadership teams how to recruit and select high-level talent that is behaviorally matched for their job.  We teach them how to find the right person for the right job.  The Winning Through Selection® process is about creating an intimate business relationship.  We then teach leaders to develop these new hires through Winning Through Action Training® and develop a self-managed individual. The next process is about getting staff into production and creating leverage through others by leading, managing, and motivating to the next level of success during our Winning through Motivation® conference.  Finally, we teach leaders to continue building their business by having culturally installed Mission, Vision, and Values inspired from within taught in our Winning Through Marketing® conference.”

They teach CEOs and their management teams to be better leaders and lead more balanced lives both professionally and personally. They provide educational services, lectures, seminars, and workshops in the field of business management. On top of that, the team offers books, course materials, and case studies to understand everything. They also offer executive-level coaching services.

Brett believes that integrity is about choosing thoughts and actions based on the foundation of personal values rather than personal gain.

At Corporate Consulting, confidentiality is paramount to fostering effective communication and teamwork.  They practice these values through respectful accountability to their clients and their leadership teams.

Revamping the consulting industry with Corporate Consulting

Brett teaches the CEOs and other leading entrepreneurs to be more successful leaders. He nurtures their skills and allows them to know their strengths and weaknesses.  Most CEOs work their way to the top through their drive or talents, and they never really get trained to be a CEO. They are often very good in certain areas and don’t even understand what they are supposed to do in others. So, he works with them and trains them (as well as their leaders) to help them build a productive team and address critical issues. He helps them mold their personality to match their behavoir so they know when to sit in the driver’s seat and when to hold back and let others play their part.

Another thing Brett and his team noticed since COVID was the globalization of business and adapting to the changing work methodology.

He states, “The opportunity for many industries to focus on growth globally has presented leadership challenges that our process helps resolve.  The business development is quite seamless – because what we do simply ‘makes sense for growth.  The systems also help prevent the ‘Cost of Errors’ with a bad hire – meaning the right person in the wrong job.”

With the COVID-19 pandemic, everything was disrupted. Things needed to be done in a different way to stay in the right direction with the limitations of the pandemic. Brett and his team held their nerve and tunneled through the issues, and adapted to the new way of working.

Brett states that the consulting industry has a broad scope, and now there are several other companies in the market that offer different services. However, the team at Corporate Consulting focuses on their experience and skills rather than outer noise.

Brett adds, “With the massive Consulting industry, we are fortunate to have systems and processes with over 40 years of history.  We own the intellectual property of the RSTMM® Systems, focusing on Recruiting and Selecting, Training, Leadership / Management, and Motivation while Marketing your business. Very few (if any) Consulting companies focus on all these aspects.  Only a select few high level Consulting companies have access to the RSTMM® Systems and have proven success. Our process of going through deep analysis and Organizational Assessments uncovers critical issues, allowing the transition of education through our systems like Winning Through Selection®, Winning Through Action Training®, Winning Through Motivation®, and Winning Through Marketing®.”

Life as the CEO of the company

Having a humble personality, Brett works directly with the CEOs and leadership teams of the firm’s past and present clients. He is the Executive Leadership Coach of every CEO until the systems and processes are installed. After that, he goes to the sidelines and monitors the progress. He actively takes part in the development of the systems and processes to help organizations mark their unique presence in the global market.

Achieving work-life balance

Balancing both the professional and personal front is a little challenging for Brett. Being the CEO, he has to oversee several aspects to fuel the growth of the company. However, he still manages to give time to his family.

He has his own theory at managing both his professional and personal front, which goes like, “pay on the front end or pay on the back end.” He comforts his family before supporting the business at the need of the hour.

He likes to stay in the present without worrying about the future or the path. He gets inspiration from the Buddhist saying, “Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift, which is why it is called the present.”

While staying in the present, he focuses on the five Fs of his life, namely, Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, and Fun. He has faith in God and likes to spend time with his family and friends. To fuel the growth of the company, he focuses on fitness, both mental and physical. At last, fun plays a vital role as he loves his work and loves to spend time with his family.

Future prospects of the company

The team under the leadership of Brett plans to continue the evolution of the RSTMM® Systems, focusing on the company’s most important asset, its Human Capital.

On the personal front, Brett wants to continue to lead by example, helping others achieve success in their lives and focusing on God, family, friends, and business.